Posted: November 8th, 2022


Title: Healthcare Information Systems 

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Healthcare Information Systems 

 Video Details: Informational program illustrating how healthcare systems can use technology for better patient outcomes.

 Title: Health Information Technology(HIT)


Health Information Technology (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Video details: Health Information Technology (Health IT) has become a top priority in the US. The use of technology to electronically use and exchange health information securely between healthcare stakeholders will improve the overall quality, safety, and efficiency of health care delivery. Standards and interoperability are key. NIST is conducting research to help enable a health IT network that is correct, complete, secure, usable, and testable.

 Title: National Healthcare IT Trends – The Healthcare CIO survey results are in!


Video Details: Top healthcare CIOs across the country took time out to answer an in-depth survey of questions from “What are your top concerns of moving to the cloud” to “Does the upcoming election cause concerns for you?” and the answers are in.

Listen in as our speakers Christina Kyriazi, Product and Analytics Manager along with David Kidd, Vice President of Governance, Risk and Compliance, both of Peak 10, uncover the insights that will help you understand the motivations of decision makers in the healthcare industry, what keeps them up at night, and the future of IT in healthcare.

Additional topics will include:

• A day in the life of a healthcare CIO

• Cloud adoption trends in healthcare organizations

• Keeping up with the compliance challenge

• How Internet of Things, Big Data & Analytics affect IT leaders in healthcare

• The security threat of ransomware

Course required chapter readings for discussion #1:

• Chapter 3: HIS Strategic Planning

• Chapter 4: HIS Application Systems and Technology

• Chapter 5: Managing HIS and Technology Services


 A) After reading Chapters 3- 5, and watching the videos, answer the following questions using one (1) of the presentation methods below:

•2-3 pages essay summary (Response to all of the initial discussion board questions below)

Address the following questions

1.What is the purpose of HIS and technology governance?

2.List and describe the key groups responsible for HIS and technology governance in healthcare organizations and who comprises their ranks?

3.Why is security information event management an important technology for managing the security of EHRs and other HIS applications?

4.How can ID badges and virtual desktop infrastructure technology improve the delivery of care?

5.How valuable are certifications in the HIS field, and what are some additional avenues that HIS professionals can utilize to advance their careers.

 – A minimum of one reference is required to support your response to the discussion question. You may cite the course required textbook and or other sources in which you have used content from. Make sure your references are in APA format.  

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