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Why choose our dissertation writing service?

Our service will help you to learn how to write the perfect dissertation. Our highly qualified academic writers can craft engaging and interesting dissertations based on whatever title or proposal you can come up with. Just tell us if you require a full dissertation or part of one, and which chapters you need help with when placing your order.

We understand the frustration of trying to juggle work, a social life and university assessments, which is why we’re here to help you get the most out of your university experience. Our service is 100% confidential, 100% plagiarism free, always delivered on time and we have over 500 researchers ready to help you.

Reasons to choose AR writer

  • We only allow our qualified academic writers with matching qualifications to bid on your work.

  • Your order will go through rigorous quality controls and is checked against your instructions and academic standards by qualified professionals, we’ll even give you a quality report to show our findings..

  • Your order will come with a detailed plagiarism report which is compiled with our state-of-the-art plagiarism software, ensuring the work that is produced is not plagiarised.

  • You get a 7 day amendment period, so if you’re not happy with the work, let us know and we’ll resolve any concerns.

Our order process is simple Three easy steps!

  1. Start your AR writer order

    In the first stage, we simply need to know your required grade, expected word count, subject area and when you would like the work back – be sure to give yourself enough time to write your own work in accordance with our Fair Use Policy! We ask for some contact details at this point so we can get in touch with you about your order.

  2. Tell us all your requirements

    When ordering a full dissertation, we also need to know if you require an abstract or and appendices, and if you have any specific requirements for the structure of your dissertation. There’s also an opportunity to attach your course handbook and any completed work you have – the more information we have, the better your dissertation will be!

    If you’re ordering part of a dissertation, you can select which chapters you want to order, and the word count you need for them; it’s super quick!

  3. An academic expert will start your order

    Once these details have been entered, our Customer Support team will check over the details and confirm them with you. You can pay at any time, but the sooner you make your payment, the better, as we’ll be able to find a writer and start your order much faster. Our payment system is fully secure and you can pay by credit/debit card, PayPal, or make a bank transfer.

What you’ll get with our Dissertation Writing Service

When you order with us, you’re ordering from the best in the business. We have over 500 professional writers, who are experienced in a wide range of subject areas, so no subject is too small or obscure for us! All of our writers hold at least a 2:1 degree, with many holding master’s degrees or PhDs! They’re each seasoned in academic writing and know exactly what it takes to compose an insightful, well-researched and thorough dissertation which meets the grade you want! To see what we mean, check out these sample dissertations that were written by our writers!

When you use our Dissertation Writing Service, you can order the full dissertation all at once, or just the individual chapters you need. Our service includes:

The introduction chapter states the aims, purpose and objectives of the work. It should grab the reader’s attention and tell them what the work is about and why you have chosen the subject.

The literature review will identify past research on your chosen topic. It will examine published journal articles, books and other types of sources to identify key themes and determine a ‘gap’ in the existing research. Many dissertations are entirely literature-based. If you are looking for a stand-alone literature review then visit our literature review writing service.

The methodology chapter is vital to your dissertation. The purpose of this section is to say what you want to find out and how you are going to do it. It outlines the research paradigm and methods that you have chosen to use in your research, as well as decisions you have made in terms of the sampling and analysis of the data. Each of these decisions need to be properly justified so that it is clear your methods match the aims and objectives of your research.

If you haven’t yet decided what research method you would like to use, our researchers will happily look at your research topic and decide which is most suitable.

A results chapter is usually included when your dissertation involves collecting data. This chapter outlines your findings and presents your data, often using tables and figures, in relation to each question or theme. It is also where any statistical testing is done so that we can see how significant the results were. We have many writers who are familiar with statistical software such as SPSS or STATA and are ready to help with this part.

A discussion chapter compares your results with other research on the subject to work out what we have learned and what it means for the future. It talks about whether old research has been confirmed or contradicted, any new theories or explanations that might have emerged, and what the results might mean for policy and practice.

The conclusion chapter is typically around 10% of the word count. It summarises what was done, the key findings of the research, and your recommendations – it needs to be clear and to the point.

We can help with many other ‘extras’ that you may require. For example, dissertations often require an abstract, which is a short summary of the entire dissertation that is not factored into the final word count. Designing research instruments can also be very difficult, so our writers can create interview questions or sample questionnaires to assist you in conducting your research.

Frequently asked questions

How do I use your writing service correctly?

We aim to provide the best possible support services to students. Our work is designed to be used to further your own knowledge by demonstrating the writing style, content, structure, and referencing that will get you the grade you need.

Whether you order a full dissertation or an individual chapter, we’ll provide you with the ideal template for writing your own thesis. You can read our Fair Use Policy for full details of how to use the work correctly, and feel free to ask our Customer Support or Live Chat Support Teams if you feel unsure about how to use the service!

Our work will provide an exemplar for how to write your own Dissertation or Dissertation chapter. You may have a different view of what our researcher has written or want to approach the work differently, but our work offers a brilliant guideline to help you get started!

How does your service work?

Once you’ve placed your order, our team will match your requirements to a writer that’s experienced in your subject of study. We have a Researcher Recruitment Team who are passionate about only hiring the best essay writers to complete our orders! We’ll only assign you to a writer that can write to the grade or university level that you have asked for and that has ideally studied in the same country as you are in.

Before any work is made available to you, it’s always checked by our Quality Control Team. They have backgrounds in a huge range of subjects, meaning we can match your order to a Quality Control Officer that’s experienced in your area. Read all about our in-depth quality procedures here! At this stage, we review your work to ensure it will get the grade you have ordered, paying close attention to the vocabulary, presentation, referencing, level of critical analysis and evaluation of data in your dissertation. In addition, to demonstrate our commitment to quality, each piece of work comes with a free and detailed quality report!

Why do people use dissertation writing services?

A dissertation is one of the biggest assessments you will undertake during your degree, and one the most important.

University students today face more challenges than ever. Students often face the demands of other deadlines whilst doing their dissertation, but higher tuition fees mean that more students are having to undertake paid work, leaving them less time for their studies.

Dissertations require a range of different reading, writing and research skills. Many students find it tough to combine these skills and apply the knowledge to get the grade they need, no matter how hard they try. Often, international students will struggle with language barriers and will not receive the extra support that they need from their institution. A combination of these language, time and skills barriers mean that a huge number of students have found it almost impossible to complete their assessments.

We understand the frustration of trying to juggle work, a social life and university assessments, which is why we’re here to help you get the most out of your university experience.

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