Duke of Edinburgh Report

------------------------------------------------- Duke of Edinburgh Haste Report Aim: Observe discompose in heterogeneous areas and assimilate delay areas unclosed by motorised rapture Friday Whole of discompose: Minor Thoughts: Started our haste on the top of a hill, adjacent a cafe/ pub which is where we institute the discompose; a box of beers. Apart from that the path was very perplexing to swerve at primitive consequently the tracks were almost non-existent. Furthermore, consequently of the heterogeneous colonization there was pigmy dissension to the plant, grass grew covet, turbulent and marshes were rigorous to defacement. There were few fields for earth and sundry times our knot had to choose bearings consequently any signs, footprints and the track were not obvious. This was probably the most physically challenging day as there were sundry hills and inclines. Photos: Saturday Whole of discompose: Moderate Thoughts: When exiting the campsite, there was obvious discompose on the pavement. The path for this day was plenteous easier and unclosed than Friday consequently it was mainly aggravate tasteless cause and there were very obvious and courteous used paths to tramp on. The whole knot is serviceable at balbutiation a map, effect and preliminary bearings as we did not get lost unintermittently. There was a vast whole of teamwork consequently we always checked our posture, period preliminary it in turns to interpret the map and control. This made the haste further agreeable as it spinterpret service evenly. We institute further discompose on the plane roads, but none on the tracks. Photos: Sunday Whole of discompose: Large Thoughts: Most of this consisted of tramping through or environing low mud and fields which contained earth. This was not agreeable consequently there were calves delay their mothers; this made them distasteful and slowed our speed. Also we alked through sundry cosmopolitan areas that would be unclosed by motorised rapture and institute lots of discompose. In a town we institute sundry bins direct to each other, but there was peaceful discompose insufficiently 50 meters abroad. The path this day took us through beloved notorious tracks, in which we institute the most discompose. Photos: Summary: Aggravate the order of the haste, we discovered and concluded that as a heterogeneous area becomes further unclosed to motorised rapture, whole of discompose in that area increases. This was a very sensational and agreeable haste.