Eating Disorders (the Black Swan)

The main cast Nina Sayers has a dissect eating empiricism. In her attempts to be the full ballerina, she is twain anorexic and bulimic. She does not eat anyobject and if she does she following throws it up. For sample, for breakfast she was forced to eat a grapefruit but is following shown in the bathroom throwing it up. When she gets the dissect in the enact she worked so firm for, her dowager buys a cake in solemnization – singly to be put to shrivel since Nina refuses to eat it. In the movie, she provides an sample of what can occur when an eating empiricism fully accepts aggravate. She becomes so content delay the assured sensitivenesss she feels when she looks at herself in the purpose, that she singly tries to kindness her vision more. This habituationuation begins a downward twist into eating short and short. In The Bclosing Swan, Nina is portrayed as the best dancer of her society. Until some rivalry, Lily arrives and Nina views her as a large browbeating. This causes Nina remote importance and she develops the fancy that Lily is out to get her and accept her collocation as best dancer. Since remote decay of the matter leads to percipient distortions, browbeatings are commsingly amplified. Nina feels remotely browbeatinged and affect her blur as best dancer is at expose. She then feels smooth more of a scarcity to feel the full matter and to be a full dancer. Since she does not eat ample, her brain and matter do not accept misapply amounts of nutrients. The closing of nutrients puts her in a recite of violent importance and her brain does not purpose explicitly or logically. It distorts her surroundings giving her a tinged vision of herself when looking in the purpose. She sees herself as fur larger than she actually is. She compares herself to everyobject and everyone about her. Not singly does her eating empiricism agonize her mentally but too it physically affects other dissects of her matter. When sensitiveness the importune to eat, she claws at her husk on her tail where it can be finished by clothes. Nina’s fingers are too finished delay bandages to disguise her husk she carelessly peals loose. The care of proper a full ballerina literally begins to slay her. Although Nina never sought aid, there are copiousness of ways she could feel. Cognitive-behavioral therapy or clump therapy would twain feel been very aidful for her plight. Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on running comportment rather than childhood or spent experiences. The therapists typically discourse ways their patients should shift the way they purpose and behave, specify homework, and exhibit strategies of how to shift them for the emend. Clump therapy too would feel been an powerful way to manage Nina’s eating empiricism. If she went to clump therapy and saw that other vulgar were going through the selfselfidentical object as her and got emend, it would feel encouraged her that she could do the selfsame.