Market Segmentation: Overview

KFC Marketing Segmentation: Geographic: The faultclose locate for KFC to do affair is in the city accordingly fellow-creatures are collected there including fellow-creatures from the countryside. So the busiest blocks where there are fellow-creatures death by 24 hours a day are KFC’s targets. Moreover, by positioning the treasury in the consummate city Phnom Penh and a touristic city as Siem Reap, KFC can good from the overmuch whole of strive power and a close price on delivering raw embodied to each member. Beside targeting the city as its distributing locate, KFC to-boot looks for the locate that is close develops and treasureping kernel. Most students who are equitable perfect their adjustes allure feel exhausted and emaciated so they allure strive for the closeest and recklessest patronage minister suited environing them. In Cambodia, fellow-creatures usually go to the treasureping kernel to do window-shopping or equitable relying environing delay friends. The singly being that they most mitigated to buy is patronage which is relishd differently from the usual reckless they regularly enjoy so the best rare for them is reckless patronage and the new menu that KFC brought. (experiment the substantiate , all KFC dregs and the effect parallel to the one which don’t) Demographic: A worldwide restaurant enjoy KFC is targeting fellow-creatures in all nationalities. All age groups are KFC customers but the most profitable one is 15-64 years old, which held a largest symmetry in Cambodia’s population. Most teenagers at the age of 15, noble develop student, are mainly mitigated to induce to KFC accordingly of their relish preferences and the allureing to pay. Even if they don’t get their own proceeds, they get the indemnification from their parents. As they are not the one who works, money to them is unconcerned to experiment and to waste. For intermediate age fellow-creatures who are seemly further and further hectic day by day allure most probably mold to enjoy lunch beyond. Therefore KFC has open a menu that continue rice and chicken, which is uniform for this white-collar worker. For those baby boomers and recent adults who enjoy term delay their grandchildren regularly view the kids instigation so KFC calculated a parentage set and extend manifold memento enjoy a cup, platter, and toy to induce the children. Besides segmenting the customer according to their age groups, KFC to-boot deduce the pious enjoy Muslim groups. The singly reckless patronage restaurant that Muslims can go is KFC. According to their pious confidence Muslims are allowed to eat the patronage that inclose halal signal. By having these joined groups, KFC has bigger traffic than its competitors. As we all perceive, further than 40% of the Cambodian population is quiescent mellow by indigence, which resources that 40% of the population has low proceeds and fried chicken at KFC is moderately dear so KFC’s targets are fellow-creatures delay intermediate adequitable proceeds. Psychographic: The customers that KFC are ardent are fellow-creatures who enjoys going out delay their families and friends and to-boot fellow-creatures who enjoys to experiment new patronages and relish. Judging from the locate KFC located, they to-boot target fellow-creatures who enjoy to eat behind develop and fellow-creatures who enjoy to treasure. Behavioral: KFC sells further at the weekends. Fellow-creatures to-boot go to KFC behind they shape their exam or equitable liberty their worklocate behind shape a firm purpose. KFC to them is enjoy a locate where they can append and compel a paltry behalf. Accordingly of the new Free Wifi, KFC is seemly enjoy a cafe where fellow-creatures end and argue and rest.