Engineering Practice Review 2 Internship Report

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I am Laura Henao, studying Bachelor of Engineering and Diploma in the field of Engineering. I am a final year student. Besides, I am focused on other subjects like environmental steams and civil, all at the University of Technology at Sydney.

In my report, I have directly related various engineering practices that I have come to complete my degree.  This is helpful to achieve a higher knowledge of attributes and different characteristics to enter in the profession of engineering. This is also useful to offer students a couple of different 24-week internship or opportunities of experiences for getting finished my suitable workplace. Here, the study, the second 24-week internship, by me from the support from different companies. The first one is the course of civil engineering Pty Ltd starting from December 2017 and upto August 2018. This is as seen as compared to the overall initial 24 weeks of internships. These are finished from Bravo Industries (NSW) Pty Ltd, which is mechanical engineering that is family owned.

Moreover, the report of “Engineering Practice Review 2 Internship”, has introduced “Diona Civil Engineering PtyLtd”.This includes the overview of the organization and the team members of the projects in which I was included. This has also involved the organizational track record of various services and products for the public sector. The study has also outlined the tools, activities and tasks that are undertaken across the duration of 24 week program of an internship. The experience with the initial 24 week internship, has helped in gaining important insights into the field of engineerings like technical and sustainability developments, social responsibilities, ethics, design, planning and management. Here, the internships have been widened beyond the knowledge and experience that is detailed in the study.

The initial week experience that ended on 2014, February at the place called Bravo Industries (NSW) Pty Ltd. It consisted of a small scale business that is family. It is owned and in with various specialized in producing and different type of manufacturing huge scale duct work of air conditioning and conventional sheet metal fabrication of projects all around. This was deployed in 1992 and then entered the liquidation during February 2015. The overall scope covered the idea of the mechanism of mechanical engineering and this was useful for me to fulfil the role of Junior Manufacturing and assistant of production. Thus they participated in the finishing of the ductwork of large scale projects that are commercial.

  • David Jones, Macquarie Centre NSW
  • Coles, Macquarie Centre NSW
  • Nan Tien Temple Wollongong, NSW
  • Hornsby Aquatic Centre, Hornsby NSW
  • Sydney Adventist Hospital
  • The Bravo Industries (NSW) Pty Ltd is a small family-owned company. This has comprised of six office employees having various roles.
  • Bookkeeper
  • Junior Manufacturing & Manufacturing Assistant – Miss Laura Henao (myself)
  • Estimator – Mr Olatunde Agunbiade
  • Production Engineer – Mr Ruben A. Bravo
  • Business Development Manager – Mr Alex Godoy
  • General Manager & Director – Mr Ruben Bravo

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They have been dependent on the demand that has consisted of about 10 factory employees to assemble duct work of air conditioning. Here, my role has included supporting the entry of various ducts to the software named PM2000. This is to manufacture and process. This must be done through machinery within the factory. It has included the assisting of quotation and estimation process to maintain the record of the manufacturing for every kind of project and records that are included with the ductwork. This has been needed to be processed. Then there has been the need to conduct the checks of quality control. This includes various assembled duct pieces in the prior before the delivery. This assures dimension, connections of duct pieces and sets that are cut correctly and installed among other liabilities.

Moreover, the second 24 internship has been finished at Diona Civil Engineering. Here in commenced in the last month of 2017 and ended my role on August at 2018. Next, I finished the overall 32 weeks. Besides, the Diona came into place by the family of 1980 and developed to the scale of over 350 staffs. This is now owned by Calibre Group which is publicly listed organization having branches around the region of Asia Pacific. Apart from this, Diona has specialized in various projects of urban infrastructure at Sydney Brisbane Adelaide and has been currently developing to Melbourne.

Further, across every city, Diona has been working with national and local national resource providers in the sectors of sewer, water, gas and electricity/ Thus roles under the organization has range from various accounts of payable and receivable, marketing of operators, human resources, supervisors of sites, plant engineering and laborers, management and design roles. Further, it is seen that at Sydney the Diona has counted their primary office at the place of Rouse Hill and the office spares of Calibre Group at North Sydney and Oran Park. Here, present active projects in the area involve the resource relocation for Sydeny CBD and the rail of South East Rail on behalf of Acciona, separation of wastewater and stormwater. This has been at Woolloomooloo on behalf of the Sydney Water and the construction of 9.5 km of potable water channels. This supports the identification and developing of SSWPLRA or South West Priority Land Release Area among various others. Around the overall 32 weeks of Diona, it was my duty to take part the team with the post of Site Engineer (Intern), supporting the projects encompassing the potable upgrades of potable water main reticulation. This is across the suburban sectors from the side of Sydney Water, updates ranging from about 80 to 250 meters of constant renewal of the overall pipe line. Moreover, I was totally dedicated to the full-time site engineering or Intern course. This is for the package of 29 south for Sydney Water Reticulation Package, including the tasks demonstrated hereafter.

  • Park Rd, Cabramatta
  • Ballandella Rd, Toongabbie
  • Willoughby St, Guildford
  • Wascoe St, Glenbrook
  • Moreton Bay Sq, Bidwill
  • Stanmore Lane, Stanmore
  • William St, Leichhardt
  • Stafford St, North Wollongong
  • Sunninghill Circuit, Mount Ousley
  • Burton St, Concord
  • Short Rd, Riverwood

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Here, had the scope in dealing with the intern site crews of Diona who have been competing with the primary upgrades of main water. This is done through the process of traditional trenching and the subcontractors who have been specializes in upgrades through the process of under boring, pipe bursting, and HDD or horizontal directional drilling. Coordination of various material orders from the plant of Diona and fitting suppliers and external pipes for every project, on the basis of drawing of idea designing.

In planning and coordinating the schedule of tasks of the crew as the kind of the projects has been quick turn across time. There, there has been till 5 various locations around the area in a couple of weeks look ahead for various crews in moving between. Thus one could carefully plan and it must be reminded that the resource is important. Then there has been running, scheduling and planning of the meeting of a project in order to discuss the progress of project and team of a couple of week lookahead. Then there has been complete Workplace Inspection Report that includes photographic record and activity observation for the conducted site visited. Then there is the overall weekly meters in the ground meter and lookahead of site visits for Sydney Water team of project management.  Then there are total weekly reports on the basis of completion and resources o project percentage utilized for every individual project for the senior management of Diona. Then there is an open and close site diary on the portal of Sydney Water Data. Then there is the conducting of Walkthrough of the Completion of Sydney Water Project having the allocation of Sydney Water surveillance officer for the location of the project. This is followed through compiling every quality assurances documents. This has been submitted to the portal regarding project closure of Sydney Water Project Web.

Furthermore, I have finished the role accompanied by other engineers. He has been involved with Diona for over a couple of years. He was then followed by the dedicated project engineer for the project and the senior project manager who has overseen the projects of Sydney Water projects that is run by Diona. After completing the bachelor’s degree having general major, it is believed that both the internships have been provided to me with tremendous insights to various areas of civil, mechanical and engineering. Here the second internship has been providing reassurance that the overall concentration in the stream of an environment and civil subjects have been the elements of engineering. I was totally passionate about this. The scopes and roles at Bravo have been initially stepping to the stone in my path of career.  I have been highly grateful for that and this has been a valuable experience in putting my resume instead of my prior duties in the retail sector. However, mechanical engineering has proved not to be the real passion.

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My roles at Bravo has been encompassing the assisting of the secondary individual in particular task and process of the organization. This has been a seen to be a relatively low level of autonomy along with different types of lower level of liabilities. This is as compared to Diona. Here across the overall initial months at the present firm, I have been with various kinds of projects. This I have been working with along with intended responsibilities and duties. This also includes the guidance of the project engineer. The schedule has been till the end of February 2018, and the current project engineer had gone through the leave for 21 days. This expectation has been to finish the activities autonomously. It is done through reporting to the Senior Project Manager as needed. On returning from the Project Engineer, I have been able to carry out my duties is distinct manner. This is done by providing the weekly signs of progress to the meetings of projects. Here, the ownership, responsibility and autonomy of the tasks have been high. This has been helped to develop total independence as the intern engineer. This has also helped me to lead through instances and get proud of my tasks and different types of weekly accomplishments. It helped my time management and enhance the skills as I have been carrying out the tasks independently and meetings my roles on site at the same time.

While comparing to the senior and junior internship, the roles fulfilled at each, the levels and liabilities that are entailed and the company cultures and structures. Thus, It can easily come to a conclusion by saying that as per my preference of the experience and the culture of the company at Diona Civil Engineering for various causes. They are outlined below.

Here, the size of the organization, though the facilities of the main offices have been at Rouse Hill has consisted of 80 staffs at any specific time. The culture under the office has always been friendly, open and professional.

This layout of the primary office has not been designed as the sense of every person had their individual space. This was the first layout promoting the co-working. The desk has been shared by four other people that include the project engineers and various senior project managers breaking down the idea of promoting and hierarchy that has been promoting equality among other people. The flexibility and freedom of the working hours have been offered by Diona has been incredible for suiting the necessities working parents in working across people’s commitments and outside appointments. It is seen that many times across the internship I have been able to finish the tasks that are computer-based from my own home comfort. However, at any instant, as I have to leave the early or begin late, the manager and the company has always been accommodating.

Impact of analogies on creative concept generation: Lessons from an in vivo study in engineering design.

Here, the monthly team has been held at the Diona’s head office that has been the scope to make the new employees for feeling welcome. This is to the network and knowing the staffs that never has the scopes in walking to regular basis enjoying the lunch under the casual setting. This team cohesion has been among every people under the organizations, besides the engineers. However, as one communicate with the accounts or human resource team, all the things have been feeling like the team effort and are ever segmented by various distinct sectors. Further, the overall company culture and atmosphere have helped me to grasp the latest lessons that must be last for a lifetime, using mediums of communications, gaining and receiving constructive criticism, leadership and get aware of the sustainability and social responsibility, budgeting and project management among others.

The commencement of the activities at March St, Arncliffe as the element of water primary reticulation up-dating package 31 has included the laying of about 140- meters of about 200 diameter of water pipe that is portable. The site crews of Internal Diona at the project has been raising the ideas regarding great volumes of traffic in the sector that has been complicated for transporting materials and found the site compound. There have been three car accidents witnesses in the vicinity of the suggested sector within a day. Through getting aware of the dangers that are present at the specific site and also the policy of Diona on security ground living traffic. They have been the part of the Life Saver Rules of the company. Apart from this, I was also asked for advice from the external HSEQ group regarding the way of impending the various kinds of live traffic hazards. This has also included the problems of crews. Additionally, we have also scheduled the entire and necessary meeting at the site. This is to fetch that under the real time. Here, Paul Lyndon, National Security Manager had also came to witness the efficient, serious and potentially hazardous and catastrophic outcomes and injuries for the site crew. Moreover, they also concluded the tasks to get suspended until the following has been implemented. Besides, the crash rater water barriers have been installed for a minimum of 150 m of the length at the street that includes the suggested main alignment of water. During ROL or Road Opening License the engineers have fetched from roads and maritime services for working at night works. They have been commencing from 8 P.M. to 5 A.M. only. Here, the works of the days have been not able to occur because if huge volumes of traffic at the opening hours of Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport.

EoC 14 – to define, investigates and analyse engineering problems and opportunities

During the work that we progress at Sunninghill Circuit, Mount Ousley, and a portable water pipe through the method of pipe bursting with watertight private limited was generated as a probable sub contractor. the process of pipe bursting involves the opening up of various entries of the exit fits as well as the pipe bursting rigs involved in a penetrating process through the water existing for the main in the ground. The bursting of the existing pipe happens into pieces and describe through the required diameter that needs a new pipe to be hanged around and pull through.

It can also happen that the pipe bursting rig can become stuck inside while the. Penetrating process is going through the tree root section for the front house number 3, it is generally not found as an incident that would occur regularly but it cans action inappropriately and the entire system would for the cause reduction of time and reduction of delays in overall process. All the crew that attempt to dislodge the rain by utilising a hydraulic system but however could not provide a powerful rig to dislodge and this would make sure that the rig becomes dark for a total of three weeks approximately. This is a point of time when the conventional methods for trenching remains a line through the pipe. I have question the site supervisor about these three weeks and what happens after to which the supervisor replied that he was clueless until he has recovered for the instruction from the seniors at Watertight.

However I have already allowed a total four weeks of project completion for the Sunninghill Circuit. The crew have already working on the site for 6 weeks in total and the budget has not yet affected Diona. The organisation that I am currently working in is not delegated on the basis of a fixed rate but this can further affect the key performance indicator for Sydney Water. I have contacted the project manager myself and discuss this issue for which it was found that there was lack of funding in the organisation from the end of them since they need to hire a much more powerful hydraulic rig. This was not found and not guaranteed through the contract and agreement that was made via email that a short that the owner would fund 50% of the entire cause that went in the dislodging of the pipe bursting rig.

EoC 3 – To display a personal sense of responsibility for your work

Diona and the involvement of mode project members within the Sydney Water Reticulation would mean upgrading of the package had not ever involved the introduction of project in 3 years more than 1 in number for having a full-time attention. The number of members that the street contains within one package has been selected for joining the process on the full time basis. During the tenure of my job I have found that there were many oceans in the project that left these areas where the nature of the worlds involved numerous repetitive tasks. If all this repetitive tasks involved with in the processes of documentation then it would be easier for people to follow rather than asking people in the designated areas for answers to guide them through the entire work where they can easily find them in presented documentations.

The commencement of all the word packages was instructed to be created in a binder folder containing 25 different documents for supervising the sites and having a foreman present forever. The documents mostly had the exclusively important files like the environment control plants, the traffic control plan, safe work method statement about Diona, and Sydney Water Certificate for authority. It was instructed to me verbally about the folders that I need to manage and also that for every Street in each package it would be just the same for every subsequent process having the same scope of the works.

Till the time that I had worked in the office, I spent almost all the hours redesigning the checklist of anyone in the business that was available for following the simple instructions and the document order that are needed to be filed within to make sure every individual document where available for Diona’s integrated management system. My manager also praise me and the document was saved for the Sydney water projects folder to make sure that anybody can access it at any given point of time.

After that in August 2018 the commencement of Retic Package 31 midway find no time to create the binder folders for the new package and thus the under graduated engineer working shortly after my an element from the job was unable to complete all the eight detached binder folders that needed the documents for abiding by the checklist that I had created previously in the year.

It was in the Bravo Industries that I was able to get a photo experience of factory based roll as a first and it has allowed me to develop several communication skills which I could not otherwise in the retail predictions. I was introduced to the proper etiquette of sending an email as well as the response that I need to provide to the clients subsequently in a formal manner accordance to the company policy and the best practices that the organisation developed in response of writing to the clients in case of any mishap for misunderstanding. I had occasionally dealt with phone calls but in my internship I believe that this was the communication skill area that was not refined previously.

At this organisation I had all my communication skill developed and refined at such a point that I was very confident in executing every one of my following phone calls an email to the client, please and suppliers, creating in amending schedules, delivering formal meetings as well as informal discussions. During my internship I was given a mobile phone for the company uses and I was expected that I would speak with my site supervision personnel, subcontract suppliers and project team members from the Sydney waters whenever it was necessary. I had a feel of ownership for my position and this also help me provide refining of my phone call etiquette for my own pace and privacy. In addition to that this role has also involved in less amount of emailing to the clients which I had already found confidence in regarding my previous role as an event manager that I was also complemented by my project manager during the generating of general email etiquette skills. I was often handed with the opportunity of attending the formal meetings which was often held at the head office and I was able to view all the aspects of the meetings like taking the attendance for the meetings using the company template as well as covering the minutes of meeting for a general meeting agenda. I found that I picked up all the things very quickly and started applying them to the weekly project meetings. The schedules also affected the major aspects of the work since they were updated on a daily basis and I took the responsibility of this very quickly. in addition to that the scaling and scheduling of the important meetings where very necessary for the project team as well as the sight staff and the sub contractor so that each of them can be ensured that all of the members of the team where aware of the expected work from them.

Developing all the communication types within the workplace was also involved in the process of a peer-to-peer communication as it is provided as a constructive feedback generated from another fear that would help in assessing the effective development of a professional, personal and academic skill. I also had the pleasure of sharing all my duties as well as my obligations with the project that I was working in with another under graduate engineer and I found it extremely enjoyable as we had the same level of responsibilities and roles to perform within the organisation and it was very relatable as well as the entire experience that formed a great employment colleague for me to the line on when I was in doubt or I had to share my knowledge with somebody. I was received by constructive feedback from the colleagues and whenever he express that same type of the current project that I was working in was not his desirable and along with that he owned 2 years of experience as an intern being an undergraduate while being on the third year of this degree I could eventually found that this was a very rare construction of information feedback generated about the engineering students and I was able to make it the person aware that all the skills that we develop as an engineer within ourselves can be transferable to any other role or company. Diona was the three tyre company but I also suggested that he would apply for other undergraduate rules for tier 1 companies. I thought that he would be able to get a much more form part of larger projects and he would develop his skills much more even before he graduates which would form a lifelong benefit to him. He took this feedback in a positive manner and accepted that by the end of 2019 he would apply for engineering firms having the tier 1 status.

During the senior internship that I had at Diona, I remember meeting a certain person as my manager who would have initial performance review as the assessment criteria of the 48130 engineering experience my IPL included a casual meeting with the project engineer or my manager. I have conducted this at a local cafe near the office and the setting was made to feel much more relaxed and therefore no nervousness came in. I was complimented about my work ethics teamwork, professionalism, communication skills as well as my personal initiative and I was suggested that the area that I could improve in further was the technological awareness and experience that I used as software for my engineering works. this was the area of improvement that I totally agreed with my manager since I know that my lack of knowledge in this area was a result of being unaware of different social tools that I used in a civil engineering context but I had already expressed my views and concerns to my manager of my unfamiliarity of the softwares. However he agreed that this only becomes easier with experience in the industry.

In my position I had learnt that everyday there are new tools and software that are being utilised in the organisation and some of them are supported with private studies and self directions. The technological skills are always transferable within the engineering industry but I believe that the academy that we go through in everyday life is also important. I need to improve all my skills in the area of Technology for the engineering context and I had for the proposed that the use of software on the daily basis would be improved with extensive research and workshops that would be offered in Diona as well as I would be utilising YouTube.

I believe that YouTube is a preferred method of learning and this also follows relative insights as I believe my personal style for learning is much more inclined in the visual aspects. During the conclusion of my entire internship I was very confident in using Microsoft project for the intermediate level as well as Microsoft Excel in a much more advanced level. This constructive feedback had already motivated me enough to improve my area of technological awareness.

In my entire internship within the organisation I believe that it was just a Project engineer that was the only person as a senior position that I was dedicated to full time for the projects I work in at Sydney Water Retic 29. Bravo had a charismatic leader who includes a sense of magnetism with his ability of motivating all his followers into having an action towards their work. He always used to motivate people with his personal experiences and make them not understand and apply their own thoughts into the internship process. I grew much more passionate about the entire project that I was involved in learning from the site visits and using my own experience and learning’s and researches to find out the walking behind the residential water means and the house water services in the way they worked. sales all the work well done in the suburban areas the major disturbance were caused due to the residential Street, driveway access and the street traffic as a whole. It was also found that in some cases the longer period of water interruptions was subjected as major problems but our project engineers were able to convince the people not to see them as a problem but challenges. We have viewed that these challenges wear something that would be encountered at every point of time and from one site location to another. I took this as a challenge rather than being afraid of dealing with the entire situation of water interruption time to time. I took his advice and was much wood encouraged of accepting the challenge with personal responsibilities in solving the problem.

My role and the owner were comments by December 2017 and I was awarded by the company. I was able to experience a total different approach to management and Bravo industries and I could view a much more classic approach defined by the hierarchical organisational structure and the autocratic leadership approach. an assembly line atmosphere is better suited for the factory environment and I had learnt this from the particular organisation I worked in. this organisation follow the classical management approach and always felt short of time since there was no work that was done in advance. rather the task work completed on a daily basis which the management had already let down by the implementation of a small team who only focus on getting the job done but not exceeding for the expectation or making plans for additional works to plan ahead. There were no setting of for the goals for the progression to complete before time or no individual project was seen as a challenge but only as a work to be completed on a daily basis.

Taking the experience of both the organisation and integrating it to my whole internship process I can evidently said that the company has influenced me in my internship based on their sizes and the approaches in which the management was completed. I obviously was much more welcome by the approach at the Diona since I felt as a part of the team even if the team was small in number. I also felt that even if the team was small it was a good team which used to work in a cohesive manner and had explicitly well communication. I said that everybody in the team felt that they wear exclusively informed and where planning ahead rather than completing the daily job as it was done at Bravo. Efficient management was completed at the Diona and this installed me I’m thinking that a Project engineer cannot perform better with a classical management approach as it was adopted by the managing Director at Bravo. the managing Director at Bravo focus more on a day to day efficient work but they left in future planning and goal settings. This is not benefited him in anyway but as a team member the overall team environment and cohesiveness process fell into place with the goal that they set on a daily basis for a short period of time.

The level of autonomy and independence at my workplace at Diona helped me to have faith in myself in dealing in various aspects of the project as well as management processes, especially during our team get together. Once I had attended around 4 meetings, I had started recognizing few loopholes in the process using which the project was proceeding. This particular meeting used to last for 2 hours, and took place once week, it involved the project engineer, one representative of HSEQ department , 2 site managers and one representative from the Community relations team that is located in Diona, they had the aim of determining the site crew that had been scheduled in advance for two weeks, creating a specific list of items that would be carried out of the team of Community Relations and then discuss any alerts related to HSEQ that needs to be communicated to the site team (Kostanyan 2014). The first and foremost expectation from the meetings was that they would represent the efficiency of a team, preparedness of the team members and cohesiveness of the team. During the meeting, I felt that the expensive time is being wasted by the discussion that is carried out only by the engineers, the timeline of the work which followed for around two weeks ahead-the members belonging to the community team and Whilst members from the HSEQ did not have any input on this matter, they essentially wasted 40-30 minutes of the time. I felt that the project team did not have enough efficiency as well as time management because for the most part they ran behind the schedule for the allocated 2 hours of time (Diona 2018). I had also noticed that for the 4 project meetings that were held initially, none of the members raised any concern regarding the way these meetings are being held hence I took the first step and informed the project engineer and suggested him to plan regarding the works that are to be done in two weeks by the community members and HSEQ members from before. This must be done before the meetings are held. I took the responsibility of this and we came into an agreement on this. From this particular experience I learned that I should never be afraid to take initiative if the outcome would be beneficial for everyone along with the team. I prepared a two week look ahead and the project proceeded quite well, meetings were effective as well. The activity lists were prepared from before and the activities were discussed in the meetings, project engineer would help the team members by letting them know the works that they would be performed. After my initiative, the time consumed had decreased from 2 hours to 1-1.5 hours.

This can be utilized in any industry, especially for future engineering situations. I think this is the way to start with the ‘first foot forward’. An example of this is hat suppose the role of an engineer in the construction site includes ensuring that everyone is safe at the site and in case there is an issues with any equipment or any other process, it is the responsibility of the engineer to take initiative and rectify as well as report the issue because it would benefit himas well as the complete team on the site (Kostanyan 2014). In upcoming future, I was able to find myself in a position of project management along with the engineering, being a manager, would be able to encounter a particular dysfunctional team which is functioning under you for a project project and lacked communication, project organization and team cohesion are noticed, being a manager, it is important to revitalize as well as motivate the team for undergoing some of the sessions of team networking or make some of the internal changes because a good and cohesive team would deliver a good project. When the concept of taking initiative and improving in workplace is researched, it reiterates the matter that people must not think similar to a staff of an organization, instead they must think themselves as an important member of the team and it is not a secret that ‘people who do things the way they have always been done will in the best case get the same results all over again’ (Diona 2018). So all of this starts with a mindset and ends with a mindset as well and how a role is approached- by taking an initiative you would start with your best foot forward. I sternly believe that under taking initiatives that would help in bringing about improvements would never cause any harm and no one must be afraid of under taking an initiative. This actually suits the workplace style that I follow, I enjoy when I am given responsibility as well as responsibility within the workplace for exploring, initiating changes in areas that I believe can be improved with little but efficient changes and navigating.

All throughout the internship that I had under gone, I had faith in myself as an important team member, I would keep applying this specific mindset in the future roles belonging to the field of engineering (Morisson & Ericsson 2003). According to me, Diona had grown very fast not just across the entire state but across the country as well, but with expansion comes along increasing needs of business and due to the demands in few fields, some different aspects are considered as merely important or are neglected (Diona 2018). I have noticed this with my projects because out team was small and prior to commenting the role, the project engineer had run the project around 80% on his own. After three months of the project, I understood that how the budge of our project actually functioned and the profit margin that was expected from senior management team of Diona. I had never seen any budget tracking that is being done for the pipes, materials that are used, fittings and hence I prepared an excel sheet for comparing actual vs. budget that is being spent on pipes and fittings, these were divided into individual street where we had constructed new pipelines for Water main Reticulation Project Package 29 South and 29 West.

According to my research, most of the Retic 29 West package exceeded the budget in the aspects of resources used and pipes around 40% of Retic 29 South also ran out of the budget. This had been presented to the engineer of the project, he then encouraged me for taking an initiative for creating the template and sourcing the figures that were budgeted from the initial documentation of tendering (Diona 2018). He asked me to create the same template for the next project. The sheet of tracking budget was saved in the folder of project team for using it in future projects. In these incidents, I believe that I had demonstrated some skills regarding leadership and in few more incidents in my senior internship, I got the opportunity to lead in numerous aspects in my role and I leant from the mistakes that I had made as well.

Social responsibility as well as sustainability are various terms that we come across in the industry of engineering. This encompasses obligation of every individual as a member of the society in order to act in a responsible manner and not put others or themselves at risk. Whilst sustainability contributes in building the infrastructure and meeting the needs of the present generation with no compromise in deliverability and livability of the infrastructure in the future. Diona provides various teams that are dedicated for fulfilling the requirements of the community, safety, ensuring health, quality and the environment, these are maintained to good standards (Morisson & Ericsson 2003). The company combines the concept of the sustainability and social responsibility where whatever we do at Diona would ultimately help in building better and suitable communities where we operate. This organization has also created a culture of care that is promoted across the company for ensuring that the team members takes care of themselves, takes proper care of team mates, cares for environment as well as community that is representing as well as promoting a sense of social responsibility.

Demonstrating the sustainability and social responsibility in my internship my values and beliefs are closely related to the and delivering sustainable products, acting in a socially responsible manner where today’s needs does not affect the upcoming generations livability on the planet- the beliefs as well as values are very important to have in my professional background, whilst working on the infrastructure and environment that is current built, it is good to consider that the work that I have done in this project would carry 100 years of water service, it benefits the present occupiers along with various upcoming generations in future centuries (Diona 2018).

In my experience, I was proud of my job and I had always ensured that the work is carried out in the representation of sustainability and social responsibility along with aligning them with the values of Diona. For example, during the last stage of work in Wascoe St, Glenbrook that included shutting down of a particular section of present potable water main, to connect it to the new laid pipe of around 180 meters that from a specific part of Wascoe St, Glenbrook in the rest present network. This work usually create an impact on the society for around 7 hours, whilst water is not available for that time period. In a week of Monday 25th June, 2018, between the time 8am and 3 pm, I had noticed that the newly connected water main needs a point that is connected to an AC (asbestos containing) main of water – cutting the AC main, this meant the removal of Diona’s Asbestos and this process required to be carried out for ensuring that the site crew is exposed safely to the non-friable asbestos (Diona 2018). I had contacted the HSEQ team for ensuring the process is carried out on a particular day of works. An advisor of HSEQ attended that particular site on the 25th of June, 2018, when I had been present there as well as ensured that the necessary steps were taken and adhered as well.

Pipelayer had held a copy of asbestos removal awareness course (CPCCDE3014A)

  • SWMS in Diona and the risk register consists of non-friable AC water main removal
  • Pipelayer had used coveralls for the removal of asbestos
  • Execution zone was set up near the area of work
  • AC main was kept wet all the times of around 10 cubic meters
  • AC pipe was placed in a specific disposal bag that was suitable and the disposal records are kept for various records of project. (refer to appendix E)

In a different instance, during the commencement of the Reticulation Watermain Upgrade Package 31 in August of 2018, with various works that were going on in Loftus St, Campsie who were the site crew were mobilized to the site and they were preparing for trenching for the next day, a leak had been formed at two points that were different in nature of the street- the leaks were not at all related to any of the works that had been completed on that day, this meant that the present water main had a damage in the specific pipe (Diona 2018). As the day passed by, the leak which had been bubbling up through holes that were present in the asphalt road, which within 5 pm resulted in eruption in the road as well as a stream of water was shooting at around 4 meters of height in the sky, it also erupted a huge rock into pieces in a vehicle that was parked nearby. The loss that was caused was not at all related to any wrong works done by Diona, I felt that it was the best practice for reporting the issue to Sydney Water emergency line and then wait till the technicians of Sydney Water emergency had arrived on the site for controlling the leakage and ensuring that everyone was safe at the public place. I took photographic evidence of the incidence and the leak that had formed, the parked vehicle that was hit by small pieces of rocks and stayed very close to the place and ensure that the pedestrians were safe (Diona 2018). The owner of the vehicle had come around 5:40 pm and I was allowed to assist in collecting photographic evidence for claiming the insurance for the vehicle, along with the time of the problem. Sydney Water emergency crews arrived around 6:30 pm and they helped in shutting down the water, they had rectified the defected pipe. With the help of Diona, the society and the representatives of Sydney Water this incident was an example case where my initiative had ensured that our acts were abided by sustainability practices and social responsibility.

In the industry of construction and engineering, it is tough to keep all the stakeholders pleased, especially the entire society – a specific member of a particular community must be sure that the overall objective of a provided project must provide advantages to the specific community for mitigating the negative results that they might have for experiencing in the process of construction. Configuration and society of communities determine the actual deliverability methodology of the project, suppose the proposed construction methods and design are able to achieve the highest potential that whilst create minimum impact on various societies and the various day to day activities, within a good budget (Diona 2018). Being engineers we have to explore the needs as well as effects of the actions that we do on the society and community we also have to explore as well as unravel the safety, quality, sustainability, environmental, deliverability and economic aspects of the project. For ensuring if the project has been delivered in the provided time frames along with proper efficiency. From the experience that I had gained at Diona, I feel that there is a proper representation of most of the stakeholders who are interest for any provided project- for the upgrades of water main reticulation, there has been huge involvement of various different utility companies (publicly as well as privately owned), because we were actually disturbing the water pipes that are present underground in the line along with the gas, communication lines and electric and many more- I was involved in gaining the reports of Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) and stay in continuous contact with Telstra, Jamena, Optus, NBN and Ausgrid among others. Our most important renewals were performed with compliance to various standards that were set by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), as it was thought of by the Sydney Water- which Sydney’s water body corporation (Diona 2018). Among all the stakeholders that rae involed in the project, the communities that were mostly affected by the works- including the obstruction of various local roads, noise generated from construction as well as private property, misbalancing the local fauna and flora, time intervals with no access to water and sometimes the night shifts from 7pm to 6am in various residential areas. Due to out projects, and due to some more near Sydney as well as state wide, a huge range of stakeholders would be provided who are concerned with the manner using which we would carry out various practices of engineering in the project.

Action provisioning is judged with the help of ethics structure that is done with the help of better organization of the scheme. This ensures the fact that the management of the scheme is performed with the help of the ethical culture that is present in the commencing of the project. This comprises the detail that the processing of the project will be achieved with the help of the better values that are imbibed in the projection of the entire business management system. In case of better acclamation of the products that are to be performed the main advantage that is projected includes better propagation of ethical prospectus. This includes the detail that beginning of the whole scheme gets done with the help of the Australian code of ethics. Gathering of the facts is considered to be one of the major jobs prospect of the project. This ensures the fact that the management of the project will be performed as per the codes that are stated in the Australian Code of Ethics. This is one of the most important aspect that will be taken care of during the ethical dilemma mitigation. Getting accustomed with the emptions that are related to the ethical dilemma helps in better understanding of the reason of the ethical dilemma that occurs in the prosecution of the management of the project. Creation of plan regarding the projection of the entire prospect helps in better prosecution o the decision making in the project. This is the main reason that the stakeholder analysis acts this important in the commencing of the project. in case the stakeholder analysis would not have been performed with higher integrity the chief subject that will arise is the improper organization of the scheme.

After understanding the location of Fiona, undertaking of the one-day training can be made. This insists the fact that the training that was taken by me was fruitful in nature. After taking this training capability of taking right decision and prosecuting the ethical issues got easier.

During the building project that was being commenced in the Sydney Waterfall Surveillance, the main dilemma that rose was that the original level was 2-3 cm higher than the expected height. This ensures the fact that the management issue had arisen.  In case in that time help of the management was to be taken then this project would have been signed off and this would have affected the public in a drastic manner. To avoid any such circumstances a meeting was held with the sub-contractor. The issue was told to the sub-contractor. After understanding the issue both the management boards decided to increase the level with the help of the addition of turf in the location. With the help of the addition of turf I the location the main advantage that was present includes better management of the height gap that was acting as a disadvantage inn the prosecution process.

Again, during the project management in the Burton street, the local priest wanted soil for building a playground. The priest has approached the manager and the manager had informed me. After getting to know the fact that the local priest would like to take soil for the management of the playground, I was happy to give them the excess soil that was ploughed out by us. But I thought the soil that is present has not under gone the soil sampling text and this is the reason that the quality of the constraints of the soil is not well provided and tested and in case this soil is used for building of the play ground the splay  ground might not be safe for the kids to play in as the playground might get damaged and cause issues in the projection of  the accidental cases. Hence taking into consideration in this issue I decided not to provide them the soil. This is how I came out of the ethical dilemma regarding providing the soil and denying from providing the soil.


From the above conversation it can be decided that the after passing the engineering course it is not the sole option to build a carrier on.  Pursuing Master of Business Administration is also one of the brilliant and bright way to lead the life. I have been planning to enrol my name in the program the year 2021. I wish to continue this job role with Diona and serve the business organization in larger and more complex project.  By serving the business organisation the experience that I will gain will helps in probating the prosecution of the project and will help in getting better in my jib aspect. This is the main reason that the prosecution of my self-development will be promoted as per the requirement of the project. IB would also like to grow in the organization and get better with time. This is the chief motive that the prosecution of the better organization of the project will help me in reaching my goal of carrier development. This aspect of better carrier development will help me in achieving the goal that I have set for myself. This is the main reason that I want to stay in this business organization until 2021. I would also like to complete few years of employment in the Sydney water as I have had some great experience working for this company. In order to gain success in regular day to day life having a better management of the strategies that are planned are one of the main reasons that beholds my future. In case proper planning is not made from the very initial stages pf my carrier getting a bright carrier is very difficult. I am completely open to learning new prodigies and this is the reason that the management of the project was being performed as per the prosecution of the management.  this is the sole reason that the new managerial approaches are to be taken in getting a better and sound carrier.  Sydney has a several departments that are to be affirmed, which includes better building management of the households, infrastructure development and several other construction sites. With high growth in the system the main advantage that I will be having includes i8increasing in demands of the people and increase in construction of sites. This will help me in growing as an individual. These systems will provide me great opportunities and help in staying involved with proper earning methodology as per the management of the companies. I would also lie to pursue higher education and this will provide me a better job prospect. This is the main reason that the commencement of my carrier can get accomplished and I might get established in a good manner and lead a secured life


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