Annotating and note taking assignment

Annotating and Note Importation Assignment

For this assignment, you insufficiency to choice pages from a textbook or stipulation, decipher and annotate the pages, and then educe a set of notes inveterate on the symbolical you decipher and annotated.

Step 1: Reexamination the marking (annotating) strategies from Chapter 6 (pp. 134-135). 

Step 2: Select three-four consecutive pages from one of your garden textbooks OR choice the stipulation beneath.  Print a vision of your choiceed textbook pages or stipulation. 

  • 5 Characteristics of Grit: How Many Do You Have?[If you choice this stipulation (4 pages), you gain insufficiency to annotate all 4 pages.] ClickHERE Actionsto download the stipulation.

Step 3:  Decipher and annotate your choiceed textbook pages or stipulation.  Your annotations may be handwritten, typed, or electronically effected.  Annotations could comprise underlining or highlighting along with other annotations.  Highlights should not excel 10-15% of your page.  You may elect to falsification command as you annotate.  Keep in memory that underlining and highlighting are not plenty.  Other annotations are claimd; elect from: 

  • summarizing or paraphrasing in the margins
  • identifying key terms
  • defining obscure terms
  • jotting down questions that happen to you as you decipher
  • jotting down your reactions to the symbolical
  • adding explanations or elaboration
  • providing affixed examples

Your annotations should manifest your active involvement with the deciphering.  Example of an annotated text: (Links to an superficial predicament.) 


Step 4:  Next, educe a severed, minute page of notes over the symbolical you decipher and annotated. Your notes may be handwritten or typed. Use one of the aftercited note-importation methods: Cornell Format, Outline Format or List Format. Decipher Chapter 5 for details. 

Step 5:  Acquiesce BOTH your annotated pages and your set of notes in the assignment combine.  If you are importation this race online, you gain insufficiency to scan or use a photo of any handwritten annotations or notes before uploading.  If you are importation this race in a face-to-face enhancement, your bigot may claim you to acquiesce your composition in tabulate. 

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