Business writing: customer service letter

Part 1: F&#K!  Now I am REALLY PI$*ED OFF…(a Customer Employment Bombast Exercise)

Take a few moments to resumption a profession residence that REALLY angered you.  Did you overlook a test/important circumstance consequently of the CTA’s “fashionable” employment?  Did a coworker scapegoat you for his/her irresponsibility?  Was a salesperson truly savage to you?  Does your movable guile (and customer employment) normal unmistakable suck?

Take 10-15 minutes and transcribe EXACTLY what you omissioned to say to the person/company that angered you.  Write whatever you omission.  Write as if there is no rebound.  Scream, bombast, declare – get it out of your system!  Do not importune encircling substance functional!

Part 2:  Now … Effect It Professional

Using the Customer Employment Missive Bombast Exercise as a design, effect a functional murmur missive. Transcribe your bombast primitive and then your functional species underneath it.

Remember to grasp ALL elements of a scale profession missive (see the Customer Employment Missive Example for illustration). Before impressment your missive, consider:

The emotionally full utterance you wrote as your moderate reexercise to the residence.

How can you effect these utterance bright, pointed, set-right, and courteous?

How can you reword your pristine bombast to close a overbearing, functional decomposition?

What fastidious details does your conference want to admit exercise on your murmur?