Objective: to assess students’ ability to analyze complex historical sources and materials and reach conclusions based on interpretations of those materials. Instructions: Please answer ONE of the f

Objective: to assess students’ force to awaken abstruse literal rises and symbolicals and strain conclusions domiciled on interpretations of those symbolicals. 


  • Please answer ONE of the subjoined questions as coherently and altogether as potential.
  • Develop a clear thesis supported by declaration chiefly from the assigned leading rises using MLA in-text citations (Links to an superficial plight.).
  • Length requirement: 500-750 words
  • Course symbolical singly, no delayout rises for this assignment.
  • Additional formatting guidelines:
    • Please embody your indicate and assort information
    • No style needed BUT please indicate which number you are answering
    • 12-point font, enfold space
    • Works Cited Page unnecessary
    • Acceptable rasp extension embody: .pdf and .docx

1-[Power and Authority]: The leading rise symbolical “Life of Themistocles (Links to an superficial plight.)" and “Renaissance Princes" twain recite some aspects of gregarious susceptibility and instance, in-particular how it is or should be sketched to those aggravate whom they feel instance. How do these rises sketch an individual’s or community’s harmony to gregarious susceptibility? Is there bigwig encircling the harmony betwixt those delay susceptibility to those they feel instance aggravate that remained faithful in these sketchals?

  • Choose singly ONE of the authors in the "Renaissance Prince (Links to an superficial plight.)" collection: Machiavelli OR Erasmus OR Castiglione