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The material for your investigation disquisition can be anything pertaining to deportment pawn, the pawn of the salt-water conveyance plan, threats to salt-water momentous infrastructure (including cyber or piracy) or ways that expose can be quantified among a deportment.  You are to order your correct furrow investigation disquisition in a tidings instrument (Times New Roman, Font 12) using APA format.  Your investigation disquisition should be 10-12 pages of pleased except your epithet page and bibliography page. A segregateiality of 10 after a whileout relations, 6 of which MUST be peer-reviewed is required.

Prepare your latest draw for inferiority to enclose at a segregateiality the forthcoming rudiments:

Introduction, Investigation Consider Question, and Fancy (1-2 pages): This individuality shall get an overview of the material that you are congruity environing, a short epitome of the issues, and why the material presents an area of consider appropriate for furrow consider. Momentous to this individuality is your fancy which should close the preface individuality.

Literature Reconsideration (4-6 pages): All investigation projects enclose a learning reconsideration to set out for the reader what attainments pauses on the material underneathneath consider and helps the investigationer enucleate the investigation policy to use in the consider. A amiable learning reconsideration is a reflective consider of what has been written, a abstract of the arguments that pause (whether you acquiesce after a while them or not), and are arranged thematically. The learning reconsideration is not an annotated bibliography and should be written in sensible fact phraseology, grouped by material area which gets a composeion of the collectiveness of attainments. At the end of the Lit Reconsideration abstract, there should peaceful be gaps in the learning that you signify to gorge after a while your investigation.

Methodology (1-2 pages): This individuality gets the reader after a while a designation of your investigation orderology. It is not sufficient to solely aver that you are using "qualitative" orders. I nonproduction to underbe the SPECIFIC expression of order filled....Case Study? ACH? etc. If you entertain any doubts in-reference-to this individuality strive added relation supdeportment from the library. Constructing a hard academically stubborn orderology individuality conciliate improve the skills you conciliate insufficiency to consummate a prosperous topic.

Analysis (2-3 pages): This individuality is not solely a abstract of the relations you enucleateed nor is it the similar as disposals. In the decomposition rudiment of this individuality you test how you stird the basis. 

The succor segregate is the answer you got from your decomposition of the basis. The answers are the basis that you enucleateed, not your definition of the basis. These actions are at the very centre of furrow flatten investigation that definition is conducted in the disposals and recommendations individuality of the disquisition.  Findings conciliate succeed from the anterior investigation you examined and your decomposition of those anterior answers to produce new answers for your disquisition. While there may be some basis that are such that they conciliate be and construe to your disquisition, the eager is to produce new attainments, so you conciliate normally stir the basis to produce your own answers of what basis that basis represents.

Conclusions and Recommendations (2-3 pages): This individuality is where you produce your definition of the basis. Here you communicate the reader what the answers moderation. Often the disposals and recommendations individualitys conciliate advert the answers in compose as the investigationer communicates the reader what that investigationer sees as the moderationing of that basis, their disposals. Then, project on those disposals, the investigationer communicates the reader what they admire insufficiencys to be executed to solve/answer the investigation doubt. This individuality may enclose recollection of any insufficiencys for exalt investigation and then finishes after a while a transmitted disposal to the disquisition as a sound.

References: This individuality conciliate comprehend all relations, cited in APA format and alphabetically arranged. Your disquisition must comprehend a segregateiality of 10 relation sources after a while at last 6 of them nature peer-reviewed journals or products of Think Tanks such as RAND, Brookings or Heritage. Enepithet this individuality as “References” forthcoming the parenthetical and relation passage format phraseology among APA. You should be compiling sources and adding to them as you past along throughout the semester. They should be deception free!!!

Technical Requirements:

Length: 10-12 pages inclose spaced, 1" margins, 12 shake expression in Times New Roman font left justified format.

Citations/References:  You must use APA parenthetical phraseology for this assignment. A segregateiality of 10 after a whileout relations, 6 of which MUST be peer-reviewed is required.

Submission:  All performance is to be submitted as an affection to the assignment merge by 11:55 pm on the due end. All performance should be orderd in Microsoft Tidings format and submitted as an affection