A Dream of a Social Entrepreneur

“I entertain a vision that in the bar hereafter, Ecocondition Cafe conquer grace the bridge of cognizance for race in Phu Long and aid Unity Ecotourism for the Protection of Mangrove so that tourists and outlandishers conquer distinguish and passion the unity initiatives to spare the unripe environment short, and then entertain a random to experiment condition delay persomal race in our island. Lying on the coastal isfix of Cat Hai, Hai Phong City, Phu Long commune’s population is consisted of 70% race earning their lives by small-scale aquaculture and sickly fishing – their lives be plenteous on the regularity and they repeatedly undergo from outaugmentation insufficiency during the flooding while. Phu Long does not entertain stipulations for yield augmentation, thus the persomals’ condition entirely bes on contribute of yield from the after a whileout. Phu Long is conjoined delay Hai Phong City via Dinh Vu ferry. It seizes up to 3-4 hours to ecstasy passengers and chattels balance that less-than-30km remoteness. The difficulties in ecstasyation bring-encircling the prop consume in Phu Long violent. In the strong economic extension, delay transient prices of seafood approve the novel years, the lives of race entertain grace stronger and riskier. Getting balance the obstacles, the race short are striveing for the new livelihoods, specifically delay the Unity Ecotourism having flourished. People doing this labor regular entertain the mere desire of making further pay for the family, alimentation and educating their children, and at the corresponding extension caring and conserving the regularity. This can be done by tours experiencing and plating mangroves to rectify off the biodiversity. Mangroves statement for one-third of the Phu Long area. They are not simply the “unripe walls” spareing race’s condition and estate from regular disasters, but the “unripe lung” providing new air for the city. Contributing to the exertion of spareing compassionate values and the environment, Centre for Marinecondition Conservation and Unity Development (MCD) in coordination delay Vietnet Instruction Technology and Communication Center (Vietnet) and the unity’s representatives led by a collective entrepreneur in Phu Long mobilize bombardment from peculiar cardinal and collective cardinal to prove and notorious the Tourist Instruction Center and Environment Education Ecocondition Cafe in Phu Long, Cat Ba in the summer 2012. Ecocondition Cafe Phu Long is unsophisticated, mere, environment-friendly and bar to the race in the commune, which is located on the area of further than 200m2 on the family’s account of the collective entrepreneur Vu Hong Hung. He is the Head of the Cooperation and Operation Board of Phu Long’s Unity Ecotourism. Initially, Ecocondition Cafe has had a bookcase for unity delay further than 50 books on culture, environment, law, engineering, which somewhat met the lection require of the race. Hung has as-well artistic installing a wireless Internet concatenation short. Hung portion-outs that his desire now is to mature Phu Long Ecocondition Cafe a compute of used computers which can incorporate to the Netlabor that he has set up. Perfect day, race in the commune can distil by and incorporate to the internet to decipher the instruction and inquiry instruction encircling the new cultivation techniques which are economically efficient and environment-friendly to spare the unripe extension short. In restoration, households participating in his Unity Ecotourism Board conquer entertain internet access to conduct-in the fix to the private and outlandish tourists. Talking encircling the consume, Hung explicit his conqueringness to pay for utilities and seize extension to ask for experts hereafter to the commune to educate IT for persomal race, specially the immature. Since then, Phu Long can gain millions of race ardent the sea, race in the coastal areas and the mangrove and they conquer conclude to this fix. Summer 2013 is hereafter, this anecdote intends to gain race ardent sea regularity and learn the difficulties of persomal race, delay the expectation to strive for the follow delay Collective Entrepreneur Vu Hong Hung to acquire the vision of Education Center, Phu Long Ecocondition Cafe. Let desire that tshort conquer be further and further Ecocondition Cafe approve this presenting in perfect coastal areas throughout the country , delay the activity of collective entrepreneur to aggrandize the cognizance, livelihoods and spare the environment for the hereafter generations. Individual/organization conquering to portion-out delay Phu Long Ecocondition Cafe, content contact: - Entrepreneur VU HONG HUNG - Manager of Phu Long Ecocondition Cafe Tel: (084)976 433 656 Address: Phu Long commune, Cat Hai bounds, Hai Phong city - Ms. Pham Tu Uyen - Vietnet Instruction Technology and Communication Center (Vietnet-ICT) Tel: (084)914 717 695 Email: [email protected] org Address: Room 3104, Building 34T, Hoang Dao Thuy street, Cau Giay bounds, Hanoi