Chapter 3 the Marketing Environment

GENERAL CONTENT: Multiple-Choice Questions 1. The most commercially guiding demographic cluster in narrative is _____. a. Generation X b. baby boomers c. Generation Y d. seniors e. infants (Answer: b; p. 70; Easy) 1. All of the clusters amid a guild are calld the _____. a. amelioration b. multiformity c. inside environment d. region e. order (Answer: c; p. 66; Moderate) 2. Which of the aftercited do suppliers not cater negotiateers amid your resolute? a. Media to effect products and labors. b. Insight into inclines and competitors. c. Partners in creating and delivering customer estimate. . The funding for your paychecks. e. B and C (Answer: d; p. 67; Moderate) 3. Which of these resolutes acceleration companies to fund and change movables from their sharp-ends of derivation to their goal? a. Financial intermediaries. b. Corporeal dispensation resolutes. c. Marketing labor resolutes. d. Resellers. e. Modified rebuyers. (Answer: b; p. 67; Easy) 4. Banks, honor companies, security companies, and other officees that acceleration finance transactions or warrant despite the risks associated delay the buying and selling of movables and labors are referred to as _____. a. financial intermediaries b. corporeal dispensation resolutes c. arketing labor agencies d. resellers e. retailrs (Answer: a; p. 67; Moderate) 5. Percy Original caters to a negotiate of separates and offspringholds that buys movables and labors for idiosyncratic decay. What do we persuade this negotiate? a. Business. b. Reseller. c. Government. d. Consumer. e. Marketing intermediary. (Answer: d; p. 67; Easy) 6. What is the call of the negotiate that buys movables and labors for further ordering or for use in the genesis order? a. Business. b. Reseller. c. Wholesale. d. Consumer. e. Retail. (Answer: a; p. 67; Easy) 7. Rachel Patino effects for a retail guild calld Distributors Unlimited. She is binding for buying and selling movables at a gain to diminutive retailers. What is her negotiate? a. Business. b. Reseller. c. Wholesale. d. Consumer. e. Retail. (Answer: b; p. 67; Moderate) 8. A guild’s negotiateing environment conceives multiform _____ that consists of any cluster that has an objective or implicit share in, or application on, an construction’s nerve to finish its objectives. a. teams b. audiences c. negotiates d. opens e. intermediaries (Answer: d; p. 68; Moderate) 9. This character of open is a radio post that carries tidings, features, and editorial opinions encircling your area. What is it? a. Financial. b. Media. c. Citizen-action. . Local. e. Regional. (Answer: b; p. 68; Easy) 10. A consumer construction, environmental cluster, or youngster cluster possess challenged your resolute’s abide on a topical posterity. This is the _____ open. a. open b. topical c. legislation d. citizen-action e. instrument (Answer: d; p. 68; Challenging) 11. Your negotiateing environment is vulgarly inquirying the bulkyness, hebetude, colony, age, and employments of your target negotiate. What is this environment? a. Demographic. b. Psychographic. c. VALS. d. Geographic. e. Product use. (Answer: a; p. 69; Moderate) 12. Statisticians possess proposed the cosmos-people’s population to strain _____ billion by the year 2030. . 6. 5 b. 6. 9 c. 7. 5 d. 7. 9 e. 8. 1 (Answer: e; p. 69; Easy) 13. The three bulkyst age clusters in America are the baby boomers, Generation X, and _____. a. seniors b. Generation Y c. teens d. toddlers e. infants (Answer: b; p. 70; Moderate) 14. You part-among coupons to integral idiosyncratic in America. Sooner or later, you procure strain all _____ pet race in this kingdom. a. 267 b. 277 c. 287 d. 296 e. 297 (Answer: d; p. 70; Easy) 15. Inquiry has shown that the most influential demographic incline in the United States is the _____. a. changing age composition of the population b. restlessness of race c. slowing nativity admonishs d. ncrease in administrative jobs e. aging population (Answer: a; p. 70; Moderate) 16. Some baby boomers are referred to as “DINKs. ” What does this abide for? a. Dependpotent proceeds, no-kids townsman. b. Don’t effect, clever, no-kicks. c. Dual-income, no-kids townsman. d. Doing it and not shrewd. e. None of the overhead. (Answer: c; p. 70; Easy) 17. Baby boomers were born between the years 1946 and _____. a. 1954 b. 1960 c. 1964 d. 1970 e. 1980 (Answer: c; p. 70; Easy) 18. This demographic age cluster is approaching vivacity delay a new stnerve and wisdom in the way they speed, conceive, eat, and consume. They are _____. a. Generation X . Generation Y c. baby busters d. baby boomers e. teenagers (Answer: d; p. 71; Easy) 19. Which cluster conceives civic administratives that mitigated elect an hall to a offspring in the precincts? a. Generation X. b. Generation Y. c. Baby boomers. d. Baby busters. e. All of the overhead. (Answer: a; pp. 71–72; Easy) 20. This cluster shares new cultural concerns, cares encircling the environment, and responds favorably to gregariously binding companies. Who are they? a. Generation X. b. Generation Y. c. Generation Z. d. Baby boomers. e. Teenagers. (Answer: a; p. 71; Challenging) 21. Who are the imitation boomers? a. Generation X. b. Generation Y. c. Generation Z. d. Baby boomers. e. Baby busters. (Answer: b; p. 72; Moderate) 22. This cluster has generated bulky kid and teen negotiates. Who are they? a. Generation X. b. Generation Y. c. Generation Z. d. Baby boomers. e. The Elderly. (Answer: b; p. 72; Easy) 23. Recently you unravel a negotiateing inquiry narration that mentioned _____ has (have) pure fluency and self-approval delay computer, digital, and Internet technology. a. Generation X b. Generation Y c. the senile d. preschool conclusion e. baby boomers (Answer: b; p. 72; Moderate) 24. Defining race by their nativity stipulation may be near operative than segmenting them by their _____ or _____. a. ncome; employment b. vivacitystyle; employment c. vivacitystyle; vivacity arrange d. employment; vivacity arrange e. gender; sexual electence (Answer: c; p. 74; Challenging) 25. It is shareing to melody that encircling _____ percent of American offspringholds comprise married townsmans delay conclusion. a. 24 b. 28 c. 32 d. 34 e. 41 (Answer: d; p. 75; Moderate) 26. The three clusters of baby boomers conceive ascititious, _____, and trailing. a. centre b. open c. unleading d. accessible e. first (Answer: a; p. 74; Moderate) 27. _____ offspringholds are now growing faster than _____ offspringholds. a. Traditional; nontransmitted b. Large; transmitted c. Nontraditional; diminutiveer d. Nontraditional; transmitted e. Male-dominant; female-dominant (Answer: d; p. 74; Moderate) 28. In 1950, women made up 30 percent of the effectforce; now they reach up _____. a. 35 percent b. 40 percent c. 43 percent d. 46 percent e. 60 percent (Answer: e; p. 74; Moderate) 29. Americans are very fickle. Over the departed two decades, the U. S. population has shifted internal the _____ states. a. Midwest b. Western c. Sunbelt d. Southeastern e. New England (Answer: c; p. 75; Easy) 30. Amid attached regions, the population is emotional from bulky cities to ______. a. husbandry communities b. sylvan areas c. exotic countries d. precincts e. coastal towns Answer: d; p. 75; Moderate) 31. Nearly 40 pet Americans are effecting out of their abodes delay electronic conveniences. They are calld the _____ negotiate. a. telecommuters b. SOHO c. fickle d. effect-at-abode e. idle (Answer: b; p. 75; Challenging) 32. Population shifts share negotiateers consequently race in divergent regions _____ divergently. a. eat b. conceive c. buy d. act e. all of the overhead (Answer: c; p. 75; Easy) 33. The Facts For You inquiry resolute has right released a narration that one of these clusters of effecters has rotten during the last 20 years. Which one is it? a. White collar. b. Blue collar. c. Service. d. Unemployed. e. Restaurant employees. (Answer: b; p. 76; Moderate) 34. Marketers ask-for to recognize that almost integralone in this kingdom is a artless. Which kingdom is it? a. China. b. Bolivia. c. Japan. d. Korea. e. The United States. (Answer: c; p. 76; Easy) 35. Consequently of increased _____, Americans procure ask-for higher attribute products, books, magazines, journey, idiosyncratic computers, and Internet labors. a. proceeds b. nobility bulkyness c. advice d. gregarious arrange assuredness e. none of the overhead (Answer: c; p. 76; Easy) 36. It is influential for negotiateers to recognize that the _____ population augmentation is 12 opportunitys main than the Caucasian augmentation admonish. a. Hipic b. youngster . Asian d. African American e. Pacific Islander (Answer: b; p. 77; Challenging) 37. Most bulky companies recognize they must now target chiefly calculated _____ and _____ to ethnic clusters in the United States. a. advertising; labors b. labors; promotions c. products; promotions d. labors; labeling e. TV commercials; tidingspaper ads (Answer: c; p. 77; Moderate) 38. Which members of this cluster are over mitigated than the open population to possess administrative jobs, own a holiday abode, own a melodybook computer, and own separate funds? a. Yuppies. b. Gays and lesbians. c. Baby boomers. d. Imitation boomers. e. Environmentalists. (Answer: b; p. 7; Challenging) 39. This cluster of Americans totals 54 pet. Who are they? a. Baby boomers. b. Race born in American. c. Race delay disabilities. d. Race delay exotic-born parents. e. None of the overhead. (Answer: c; p. 78; Moderate) 40. The _____ environment consists of deedors that favor consumer purchasing faculty and consumeing patterns. a. gregarious-cultural b. political-legal c. technological d. economic e. regular (Answer: d; p. 79; Easy) 41. Marketers would do polite to use attend-to of the deed that this cluster is partially considerate encircling its consumeing but can stagnant bestow the good-tempered-tempered vivacity some of the opportunity. Who are they? a. Lower arrange. . Lower-middle arrange. c. Middle arrange. d. Upper arrange. e. Lower-upper arrange. (Answer: c; pp. 78–79; Easy) 42. The cluster of expenses that use up most offspringhold proceeds are _____. a. patronage, housing, privacy planning b. housing, security, taxes c. patronage, housing, bearing d. housing, taxes, bearing e. patronage, journey, electronics (Answer: c; p. 79; Moderate) 43. Ernst Engel’s laws openly possess been cherished by new studies. He discovered that as nobility proceeds rises, the percentage departed on _____ declines and the percentage departed on _____ offal encircling trustworthy. a. patronage; drapery b. drapery; recreation/entertainment c. ood; bearing d. patronage; housing e. recreation/entertainment; privacy planning (Answer: d; p. 80; Challenging) 44. One of the important concerns for negotiateers encircling the regular environment is the _____. a. reckon of protestors despite abuse b. shortages of raw esthetics c. increases in recycling d. offshore oil investigation e. none of the overhead (Answer: b; p. 80; Easy) 45. The regular media that are ask-fored as inputs by negotiateers or that are favored by negotiateing activities are referred to as the _____. a. raw esthetic negotiate b. regular environment c. endangered environment d. unfinished changement e. deedors of genesis (Answer: b; p. 0; Easy) 46. As a negotiateer of pesticides, you should be concerned encircling all of the aftercited regular environment inclines mentioned in your quotation save _____. a. shortages of raw esthetics b. increased stain c. increased legislation mediation d. legislation subsidies e. increased acute rain (Answer: d; p. 81; Challenging) 47. What changement has spawned the negotiateer’s assuredness of environmentally sustainpotent strategies? a. EPA. b. Black negotiate. c. Unfinished changement. d. Deregulation. e. Unfinished mediation. (Answer: c; p. 81; Moderate) 48. Which of the aftercited represents the most tinsel nerve shaping a negotiateer’s doom? a. Technological environment. b. Regular environment. c. Legal-political environment. d. Deregulation. e. Partnership negotiateing. (Answer: a; p. 81; Easy) 49. New technologies generate new opportunities and new _____. a. products b. labors c. negotiates d. media of financing purchases e. headaches (Answer: c; p. 82; Moderate) 50. Which kingdom leads the cosmos-nation in inquiry and crop consumeing? a. England. b. Germany. c. Sweden. d. Japan. e. The United States. (Answer: e; p. 84; Moderate) 51. Marketers are assured of laws, legislation agencies, and hurry clusters that govern or stipulation multiform constructions and separates in a attached fellowship. Not singly are the baby boomers wealthier, which has mitigated governd inclines in the lake area, but the population is meliorate educated that has alloted race to ask-for over from the negotiate. (p. 70; Moderate) 162. Among some of the older patrons of The Landing was indirect confabulation encircling Casey’s converting his office into a bar. What are two copys of gregarious responsibility that Casey could incorporate in an exertion to offset that negativity? Casey could surety topical sphere teams, for copy, or he could supply to or acceleration delay the Witmer Lake Enhancement Committee. p. 85; Moderate) 163. What slight shifts in cultural estimates may unintermittently frequently application Casey’s band-arms at The Landing? Casey procure mitigated abide to way electences of the baby boomers consequently this population cluster has been the first driver of his office. As over baby boomers depart and age and pick-out to consume over opportunity delay grandchildren, vivacity at the lake may frequently befit a focal sharp-end in the baby boomers’ speeds. (p. 87; Challenging) 164. What vulgar characteristics of Casey’s office denote that we possess changed from a “me fellowship” to a “we fellowship”? The Landing is now just current as a bar denotes that over race failure to “be delay others,” as the quotation denotes. (p. 88; Challenging) 165. What strength allot Casey Brickly to now use a over proactive pattern in responding to the negotiateing environment? Casey has owned The Landing for over than immodest decades; accordingly, he may possess a over promotive appreciation of how to negotiate delay his negotiate. In restoration, he understands who his first customers possess been; accordingly, he could be potent to meliorate foretell their electences. (p. 90; Moderate)