1988 MC National AP European History Exam

1988 MC Vulgar AP European Hirecital Exam 100 questions in 75 minutes. 1. Salvation by reliance fantastical, the convention of all believers, and the sample of the Bible are principles basic to (A) the Christian polite-manneredizedism of Erasmus (B) the Temple of Engplant (C) Catholicism forthcoming the Convention of Trent (D) Lutheranism in the existing sixteenth period (E) the Community of Jesus (Jesuit prescribe) 2. The Edict of Nantes in 1598 did which of the forthcoming? (A) Ensured Anglo-French compact throughout the seventeenth period. (B) Created a French temple disconnected from papal sample. (C) Ended the War of the Spanish Succession. D) Proclaimed the enlightenment of Calvinism. (E) Precipitated the French Wars of Religion. [pic] 3. The outline aloft, inducen by Galileo in 1610, was used to discuss that the Moon (A) has no phases (B) has an disorderly manner (C) is one of the planets (D) does not trundle-wallow encircling the Earth (E) is illuminated by Mars 4. “You prize the saints and gladness in affecting their relics, but you disapprove the best one they left aback, the sample of a sacred existence .... If the honor of Christ in the special of His saints pleases you so plenteous, see to it that you repeat Christ in the saints” The citation aloft directes the enactations of which of the forthcoming? (A) Henry VIII of Engplant (B) Catherine de Medici (C) Erasmus of Rotterdam (D) Leonardo da Vinci (E) Niccolo Machiavelli 5. John Locke instituteed his Two Treatises on Synod chiefly on which of the forthcoming enactations of polite-manneredized truth? (A) Mob are basically sober and imbibe from benefitefficacious proof. (B) Mob are dominionless and culpefficacious and demand the manage of shapely theology. (C) Mob are uncertain and demand manage from the cumulative enlightenment of lays. (D) Mob are inherently irascible and should never be encouraged to sedition delaystanding narrate sample. E) Mob are born delay all enlightenment, and imbinature is the mode of suffer-in-minding that regulative enlightenment [pic] 6. The map aloft of eighteenth-period Russia suggests which of the forthcoming encircling Russian province betwixt 1689 and 1796? (A) The Ottoman Empire bucolic the Crimea (B) Peter the Great presenceitious further province to Russia than did Catherine the Great (C) Most Russian dilution took situate in the east (D) Russia ceded province to Poplant in the delayed eighteenth period (E) Russia acquired navigefficacious seaports in twain the north and the south 7. Which of the forthcoming best pictures the gregarious and economic environment of plenteous of fifteenth period Italy? (A) A few catholic narrates dominated by a rich planted rank (B) A robust unified Italian empire that patronized the arts (C) Numerous recalcitrant city-states delay fortunate avocationsman oligarchies (D) Manage of most of Italy by the pope, who encouraged bloomysale fruit (E) Patronage of the arts in Italy by the kings of France and the Sacred Roman emperors, who were competing for swing 8. The reply of the Roman Catholic temple to the Protestant Reformation intervening all of the forthcoming EXCEPT A) the subsidence of the Index of Prohibited Books (B) the art of the Community of Jesus (Jesuit prescribe) (C) the convening of the Convention of Trent (D) the founding of women’s prescribes locomotive in advice and pains of the ill (E) an extension in the sum of parish tongue trains [pic] 9. The Pieter Brueghal painting (circa 1569) shown aloft depicts the slaughter of villagers in A) the Netherrank by Spanish soldiery B) Russia by Ottoman soldiery C) Spain by English soldiery D) France by Swedish soldiery E) Hungary by Austrian 10. The primordial gregarious use of the stipulations “right” and “left” was to picture the A) dispersion of France into predominantly Protestant and predominantly Roman Catholic areas (B) seating arrangements in the French Vulgar Assembly hall during the French Mold (C) face alliances in the English Seed of Commons during the debates prior to the American Mold (D) two wings of the Versailles palace that comfortefficacious the Roman Catholic and the Huguenot rank (B) factions in the English Parliament that protected James II or William of Orange 11. Which of the forthcoming narratements best pictures the writers of the Romantic train? (A)They stressed trepidation rather than discuss. B)They continued the layss of the Enlightenment. (C)They were advocates of extensiond gregarious hues for women. (D)They patterned their arrangeation on the tabulateics of Greece and Rome. (E)They instituteed their fitness on or-laws and unversified patterns. 12. During the Crimean War (1854-1856), most deaths unshapely the soldierly occurred as a issue of (A) encroach hostilities and pestiferous gas (B) guerrilla hostilities (C) nautical engagements (D) malady and irregular medical pains (E) grievous mission bombardment 13. In fifteenth-period Europe. Muslim judiciousization exerted the primitive swing on which of the forthcoming societies? A) English (B) French (C) German (D) Italian (E) Spanish 14. In 1500 the two most potent autocracies in Eastern Europe were (A) Muscovy and the Ottoman Empire (B) the Ottoman and the Byzantine empires (C) the Byzantine Empire and Poland-Lithuania (D) Poland-Lithuania and Hungary (E) Hungary and Kievan Russia 15. The primitive discuss why Louis XIV (1643-1715) built his palace at Versailles was to (A) grow his manage neutralize the rank (B) corroborate ties delay the Huguenots (C) actuate the king’s stay nearer to the nucleus of the recite (D) procure thousands of jobs E) collect the debauchery abundance done by mercantilist tax policies 16. In the assist half of the seventeenth period, which of the forthcoming countries dominated European judiciousization, politics, and outwitting? (A) Engplant (B) The Netherrank (C) Russia (D) France (E) Prussia 17. Which of the forthcoming best characterizes the Western European dispensation, as a bloomy, in the sixteenth period? (A) Widespunravel unavocation (B) Declining avocation and intercourse (C) Technological breakthroughs in arrangeation (D) Total avocation unshapely nations (E) Spiraling inflation 18. In the primordial half of the seventeenth period, the Austrian Hapsburgs quiet sedition and convenientized manage in their territories by doing which of the forthcoming? (A) Emancipating the loverry and inspiriting unwandering fruit (B) Allying delay the civic intermediate tabulatees and inspiriting wholesale fruit (C) Establishing a vulgar temple headed by the Hapsburg emperor and redistributing prior temple properties (D) Creating a charge combination to elevate avocation and acquiring new territories to furnish avocationsmans delay raw materials (E) Waging hostilities delaystanding revolter groups and cherished the Catholic Reformation 9. Which of the forthcoming was a senior issue of the Thirty’ Years’ War (1618-1648)? (A) The covet-term corroborateing of the Sacred Roman Emperor’s sample (B) The banning of Calvinism in the German narrates (C) The art of robust Russian swing in the northern German narrates (D) The forfeiture of as plenteous as one-third of the German-speaking population through war, distress, and decay (E) The fearlessness of quick economic fruit in numerous German-speaking cities 20. Forthcoming the worst of King Charles I in the English Well-mannered War and his deed in 1649, Engplant was restrainled for a decade by A) a unarculca regenerally-unreserved delay complete say (B) a homogeneity led by Oliver Crompolite and his son (C) a legitimate empire beneath King James II (D) the king of Scotplant (E) a parliamentary convention dominated by egalitarians 21. Which of the forthcoming most clexisting distinguishes the northern Renaissance from the Italian Renaissance? (A) Intecessation in information and technology (B) Greater affair delay sacred godliness (C) Cultivation of a Latin title (D) Use of vulgar tongues in erudition (E) Admiration for Scholastic purpose 22. Adam Smith maintained that A) arrangeationers veritefficacious stipend inferior in the covet run (B) population frequently tends to surpass living supplies (C) monopolies good the narrate (D) two-of-a-dealing is gregariously salubrious (E) gregarious mold is unwandering 23. Which of the forthcoming existing nineteenth-period gregarious figures was most air-tight verified delay the concept of “the combination of Europe”? (A) Castlereagh (B) Napoleon I (C) Talleyrand (D) Alexander I (E) Metternich 24. A ingredient accelerating the British synod’s abrogation of the Corn Laws in 1846 was the (A) South Sea Bubble disgrace (B) American Mold C) Irish potato famine (D) fruit of relatively worthless sea rapture (E) worldwide mechanization of mite tillage 25. Which of the forthcoming spared Europe a unconcealed multivulgar war during the assist half of the nineteenth period? (A) The functioning of an piual neutralize of dominion (B) Europe’s preknowledge delay indusgrief fruit (C) The capability of the German navy (D) Fear of Ottoman dilution into the cessation of Europe (E) A prudence of unobstructed and total avocation 26. The eighteenth-period philosophes believed that community could best end outgrowth through A) request and artifice (B) recognition (C) stubborn arrangeation and trouble (D) or-laws unfamiliarity (E) resolution of Greek and Latin texts 27. The pattern of the earth which issueed from the or-laws arrangeation of Galileo and Newton embraced (A) Aristotelian philosophy (B) a reliance in an ascending “chain of nature” (C) a knowledge of a spiritually instigate earth (D) the reliance in the unwandering, convenient comcompose of the Earth (E) the information of mechanics 28. The prescribe of equalts that led to the French Mold of 1789 is best summarized by which of the forthcoming? A) Lafayette’s call for democracy, princely concealment of the Vulgar Assembly, Robespierre’s innate a lweigh mold (B) Lweigh uprisings, princely submission, choice of the Vulgar Assembly (C) Franco-Austrian war, civic riots, convening of the Assembly of Notables (D) Widespunravel famine, repression of riots, guerrilla war (E) Princely financial occasion, convening of the Estates General, siege of the Bastille 29. “In situate of the old bourgeois community, delay its tabulatees and tabudeceased obstruction, we shall accept an connection, in which the unobstructed fruit of each is the qualification for the unobstructed fruit of all. These enactations direct the ideas of (A) Alexis de Tocqueville (B) John Locke (C) Jean-Jacques Rousseau (D) Edmund Burke (E) Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels 30. Which of the forthcoming best pictures an dignified suffer in ordinary parentage bulk in Western Europe forthcoming 1870? (A) It extensiond in civic areas due to improvements in unconcealedly-unreserved bloom and housing for arrangeationers. (B) It inferiord in arrangeationing-tabudeceased families due to congress limiting cadet strive. (C) It inferiord sharply accordingly of constant living shortages (D) It inferiord initially in the intermediate tabulatees accordingly of the extensiond consumes of rearing cadetren. E) It remained ilallowable accordingly of weighty exodus neutralizeseas 31. English economic dilution was severely threatened in the eighteenth period by a quickly capabilityless furnish of (A) peat (B) thicket (C) coal (D) oil (E) insinuate dominion [pic] Left phase of graph should unravel “Population (in millions)”, the primordial sum is 1700 not 700 32. All of the forthcoming narratements encircling Europe’s population in the eighteenth period can be attendant from the graph aloft EXCEPT: (A) For most of the period, France had the catholicst population of any European dominion. (B) The population of Eastern Europe surpassped that of Western Europe in bulk. C) Russia proofd the catholicst extension in rate of population outgrowth. (D) The population of the British Isles grew throughout the period. (E) Rates of population outgrowth extensiond forthcoming 1750. 33. “The salon was a weekly throng held in the home of one of the dominant ladies of the community, at which dinner was usually attendd, cards usually played, but confabulation led by the hostess predominated. A few salons were unreserved as having the notional adjustment of innate intellectuals, comprehensive nobles, and skillful, polite-formed women. ” The sentence aloft pictures an dignified phase of gregarious existence in which of the forthcoming? A) Geneva during the Reformation (B) Florence during the Renaissance (C) London during the Glorious Mold (D) Paris during the Enlightenment (E) Berlin during the Kulturkampf 34. Enlightened monarchs of the eighteenth period protected all of the forthcoming EXCEPT (A) sacred tolerance (B) extensiond economic issueivity (C) pacifist alien prudence (D) negotiative reorganize (E) polite-mannered and technical advice 35. Which of the forthcoming characterized European hostilities betwixt the Harmony of Utrecht (1713) and the insurrection of the French Mold (1789)? (A) Standing armies pursuing scant strategic designs B) Citizen armies antagonist for their indigenous rank (C) Feudal armies antagonist for their lords (D) Priority armies pursuing global strategies (E) Highly variefficacious armies unhampered by laysal defenses 36. Beneath the Napoleonic plan, lovers in territories conquered by French armies were unconcealedly fond (A) the direct to articulation for enactatives to attend in newly created parliaments (B) manage neutralize the ordinance of village priests (C) unobstructeddom from manorial obligations (D) unobstructed lessons in the French tongue (E) sets of laws adapted specifically to fit general qualifications 37. The primitive politenature for the primitive sum” was the patent design of which of the forthcoming actuatements? (A) Romanticism (B) Utilitarianism (C) Pietism (D) Anarchism (E) Jansenism 38. “In the nearness of my visitors I dejected the telegram by deleting enactations, delayout adding or altering a singly enactation . . . which made the assertion show indisputable. [My visitor] said: ‘Now it has wholly a contrariant ring. In its primordial arrange it probeed approve a assembly. Now it is approve a wave of trumpets in acceptance to a warrior. ’ I went on to expound: ‘ . . . it gain accept the pi of a red droop on the Gallic bull’” The singular recounting the recital aloft was (A) Napoleon III (B) Cavour (C) Disraeli (D) Bismarck (E) Alexander II 39. The malady most vulgar in industrialized areas of nineteenth-period Europe was (A) bubonic distress (B) tuberculosis (C) smallpox (D) exhalation (E) leprosy 40. In 1917 the Bolsheviks sought to taunt patronage from the Russian mob delay which of the forthcoming slogans? (A) “Peace, plant, bread” (B) “Socialism in one recite” (C) “Blood and iron” (D) “Family, arrangeation, fatherland” (E) “Liberty, similarity, fraternity” 41. French leaders ruled to fill Germany’s Ruhr Valley in January 1923 in prescribe to A) counterneutralize Soviet swing in Gernumerous (B) conglutinate German province permanently into France (C) stop the stir of the Nazi face unshapely arrangeationers in the segregate (D) use the segregate’s indusgrief arrangeation to raise France’s rearmament (E) accept commodities as acquittal for Germany’s repairs obligation 42. By 1948 Soviet-dependent regimes existed in all of the forthcoming countries EXCEPT (A) Bulgaria (B) Hungary (C) Poplant (D) Rumania (E) Yugoslavia 43. The French empire in the seventeenth period sought to unfold France’s bsign to its “normal frontiers” by gaining manage of (A) Schleswig-Holstein B) Milan (C) Alsace (D) Spain (E) Tuscany 44. Which of the forthcoming sourced the deepest and most permanent inside opcompose to the French Revolution? (A) The Great Fear (B) The siege of the Bastille (C) The unconcealedly-knownation of Burke’s Reflections on the Mold in France (D) The presence of the Thermidorean reaction (E) The mode of the Well-mannered Constitution of the Clergy 45. Architecture done in the Napoleonic Empire was swingd most by (A) obsolete Egyptian pyramids (B) tabulateical patterns (C) Romanesque templees (D) Islamic buildings (E) Gothic templees [pic] 46. The graph aloft depicts the lengths, from covetest to shortest, of the chideway plans of (A) the Confused Kingdom, the Italian narrates, France (B) the Confused Kingdom, the German narrates, France (C) The German narrates, the Confused Kingdom, the Italian narrates (D) France, the German narrates, the Italian narrates (E) France, the Confused Kingdom, the German narrates 47. Mary Wollstonecraft and John Stuart Mill twain wrote (A) critiques of the French Mold (B) tracts on exemption and the hues of women (C) Utopian novels (D) polemics delaystanding alcohol expenditure (E) satires of George III of Engplant 48. All of the forthcoming cities proofd senior uprisings in 1848 EXCEPT A) Paris B) Berlin C) London D) Rome E) Vienna [pic] 49. The enactation shown aloft is an sample of a new technique for examining the polite-manneredized association which was discovered by (A) Faraday (B) Pasteur (C) Lister (D) Roentgen (E) Planck Questions 50-51 are instituteed on the sentence adown. Where enlarged segregateies, now enlarged singly in spectry, remained in dominion, they embraced protectionism and superbism, beneathtook gregarious principle, and retained from the old enlarged belief singly Opcompose to the extension of the right and to the temple. 50. In what era did the fruits pictured in the sentence most probably accept situate? (A) 1715-1788 (B) 1789-1800 (C) 1815-1830 (D) 1880-1905 (E) 1945-1970 51. Which of the forthcoming ingredients best expounds the intercharge and delayinduce of enlargedism pictured in the sentence? (A) The continued reverence of lovers to lofty-minded swing (B) The stir of indusgrief community and of mainity gregarious actuatements (C) The unconcealed delayinduce in literacy rates (D) The impecuniosity of laissez-faire economics to deracinate laysal communal agrihumanization and guilds (E) A robust widedivulge reaction delaystanding enlarged anti-clericalism 2. Which of the forthcoming ideas did Darwin induce on in developing his theories of disconnection? (A) The Romantics’ ideas encircling the consequence of daring singulars (B) The or-laws enactation that mark are never-dying and persistent (C) The Biblical enactation of creation in Genesis (D) Nineteenth-period theories of patent fortune (E) The population theories of Thomas Malthus [pic] 53. The nineteenth-period English cartoon aloft depicts (A) the dominionlessening of Great Britain sourced by exodus (B) Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice (C) the defilement issueing from industrialization D) British nautical forfeiturees (E) criminals lurking encircling British insinuateways 54. The present source of the 1905 Russian Mold was gregarious filtrate issueing from (A) the agitation of the Russian Gregarious Unarculca face (B) the mainity exodus of benefitefficacious arrangeationers to the New World (C) attempts by the synod to reorganize the Russian Orthodox temple (D) the demands of ethnic groups for gregarious autonomy (E) Russian forfeiturees in the Russo-Japanese War [pic] 55. According to the graph aloft, which tabudeceased in sixteenth-period Engplant gooded most from the suffers shown? (A) Landowners B) Landless striveers (C) Household domestics (D) Merchants (E) Small-scale artisans 56. Which of the forthcoming was a momentous issue of the Glorious Mold of 1688? (A) The art of complete courageous say (B) The cessationoration of Roman Catholicism to twain Engplant and Scotplant (C) The modesty of royal dominion (D) The deed of Charles I (E) The ovation of Puritanism 57. Dignified prerequisites for Great Britain’s industrialization in the mid-eighteenth period intervening which of the forthcoming? (A) Innovations in unwandering techniques and extensions in living arrangeation B) Dramatic improvements in arrangeationers’ housing in the cities (C) A quick extension in the totality of gold induced from New World colonies (D) Quick outgrowth of a vulgar plan of chide rapture (E) Robust royal stance and a convenientized synod bureaucracy [pic] 58. The delaydrawn areas on the map aloft enact which of the forthcoming? (A) Dynastic rank of the Hapsburgs in the sixteenth period (B) Participants in the Thirty Years’ War in the seventeenth period (C) Protestant cleverness in the eighteenth period (D) Members of the Sacred Alliance in the nineteenth period E) Members of the North Atlantic Agreement Organization in the twentieth period 59. Which of the forthcoming European countries proofd the primitive quantity of gregarious fickleness in the nineteenth period? (A) Austria (B) France (C) The Netherrank (D) Prussia (E) Russia 60. When Sigmund Freud remarked that “in immaterial existence dot which has uninterruptedly been arrangeed can expire,” he meant that (A) polite-manneredized living-souls are sober creatures (B) polite-manneredized living-souls can suffer-in-mind and foreclosure all proofs at gain (C) all immaterial acts are sensible immaterial acts D) the unsensible preserves dull as polite as acceptefficacious purposes (E) the unsensible obliterates debauchery purposes [pic] 61. The chronologically shapely maps aloft elucidate the (A) past phases of the Franco-Prussian War (B) Schlieffen Plan (C) past phases of the Primordial World War (D) dregs of the Agreement of Versailles. 1919 (E) irruption of France in 1940 62. Which of the forthcoming ideas is vulgar to the arrangeations of twain Karl Marx and the tabulateical economists? (A) The neutralizethrow of the bourgeoisie by the moldary proletariat is unwandering. B) Tabudeceased pains is the arrangement of unvarnished outgrowth. (C) The unobstructed modify of stipend for strive ensures gregarious similarity. (D) The esteem of a issue is catholicly determined by the esteem of the strive used to yield it. (E) The ovation of the proletariat gain fetch encircling a tabulateless community. 63. During the terminal third of the nineteenth period, new industries, such as those submissive electric dominion and chemicals, slow most quickly in which of the forthcoming European countries? (A) France (B) Italy (C) Gernumerous (D) Belgium (E) Spain 64. What the breechloader, the tool gun, the steamboat, the steamship, quinine, and other innovations did was to inferior the consume in twain financial and polite-manneredized stipulations of aware, conquering, and exploiting new territories. So consume-effectual did they reach superbism that not singly vulgar synods but equal singulars approve Henry Stanley’ and Cecil Rhodes could thrust-below equalts and saccept out claims to huge territories which delayedr became cleverness of empires. ” The follower quoted aloft would most approvely use which of the forthcoming narratements to expound superbism in Africa forthcoming 1870? A) Europe’s senior corporations used unsparing spirit in their inquiry for neutralizeseas avocation and proceeds. (B) The dominion of European technology procured the arrangement that made superbism low-priced and facile. (C) European politicians were gaining and prompt to occasion war for the argue of vulgar prestige. (D) Living-souls approve Stanley and Rhodes were further dignified than economic spirits in the exultation of Africa by Europeans. (E) The European conductor tabudeceased was prompt to use Africa as a testing foundation for new weapons. 65. All of the forthcoming were pretended in Western Europe during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries EXCEPT A) firearms (B) reremovefficacious printing cast (C) the mixture microscope (D) the consummate (E) the departure shuttle 66. “It was an dignified compact of wholesale towns in northern Gernumerous delay its own laws, diplomats, and droops. Its connection of avocationsmans earned catholic proceeds shipping fish, timber, and other muniment to areas to the west and to the south. Prosperity delaydrawd, notwithstanding, when avocation routes shifted from the Baltic to the Atlantic forthcoming 1500. ” The term aloft refers to the (A) Compact of the Rhine (B) Hanseatic League C) Merchants of the Staple (D) Sacred Roman Empire (E) Schmalkaldic League 67. In the sixteenth period, all of the forthcoming had sacred polite-mannered wars or gregarious insurrections EXCEPT (A) Muscovite Russia (B) Engplant (C) the Low Countries (D) France (E) the German narrates 68. The teachings of which of the forthcoming had the primitive impression on the Reformation in Scotland? (A) Ignatius of Loyola (B) John Calvin (C) Martin Luther (D) Desiderius Erasmus (E) Ulrich Zwingli 69. Mercantilism was primitively characterized by (A) synod endeavors to build a robust. elf-sufficient dispensation (B) the endeavors of the avocationsman tabudeceased to swing prudence by subsidizing the synod (C) endeavors by bankers and ship-produceers to institute unobstructed avocation (D) the speculation that gold and silver were not veritefficacious abundance (E) the enactation that strive ought to be efficacious to affect its own traffic 70. In the delayed seventeenth period, which of the forthcoming countries led continental Europe in shipbuilding, navigation, and intercourse and banking? (A) France (B) Russia (C) The Netherrank (D) Denmark (E) Spain 71. In eighteenth-period Europe, the most dignified superb rivalries existed unshapely which three of the forthcoming? A) Russia, France, and Great Britain (B) The German narrates, the Italian narrates, and Great Britain (C) The German narrates, the Italian narrates, and France (D) The German narrates, the Italian narrates, and Spain (E) Spain, France, and Great Britain 72. All of the forthcoming occurred as a issue of the dregss reached at the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815) EXCEPT: (A) A neutralize of dominion was reestablished. (B) Belgium was confused delay the Netherrank beneath the Seed of Orange. (C) The indifference of Switzerplant was symmetrical. (D) Italy was unified beneath Sardinian stance. E) A specialal combination betwixt Sweden and Norway was created. 73. In the mid-nineteenth period, indusgrief outgrowth in Western Europe was significantly stimulated by the (A) subsidence of vulgar charge barriers (B) leading of assembly-line arrangeation (C) boarding of Confused States Capital (D) dilution of raptureation plans (E) dilution of strive combinations 74. Which of the forthcoming ingredients most stimulated the porch of catholic sums of women into the strive spirit in numerous European countries during the Primordial World War? (A) The delayinduce in the mean bulk of families (B) The extension in separate rates C) Woman say (D) The spunravel of Wilsonian principles (E) The shortage in the strive furnish 75. A gregarious follower would be most approvely to reinquiry which of the forthcoming topics? (A) French outwitting, 1742-1763 (B) Frederick William I and the Unconcealed Directory of War, Finance, and Domains (C) The conclusive assumptions of Montesquieu’s Persian Letters (D) Napoleon’s Freudian conformity delay Madame de Stael (E) Parentage existence in a French village 76. In delayed nineteenth-period Great Britain, women were in the seniority in which of the forthcoming categories of avocation? (A) Deportment B) Mining (C) Factory arrangeation (D) Domestic benefit (E) Construction arrangeation 77. Which of the forthcoming or-laws theories of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries was used to patronage notions of racial excellence? (A)James’s speculation of pragmatism (B)Freud’s psychoanalytic speculation (C)Darwin’s speculation of normal schoice (D)Planck’s quantum speculation (E)Pavlov’s speculation of qualificationed reply [pic] 78. The painting aloft, Musical Forms (1931 ) by Georges Braque, is an sample of which of the forthcoming trains of painting? (A) Romantic (B)Impressionist (C) Cubist (D) Expressionist (E) Realist 79. Albert Einstein is polite unreserved for theorizing that (A) atoms are steady, basic construction fills of truth (B) date and measure are lucid concepts (C) inadequate contains spirit singly when it is conspicuous (D) mainity and spirit are interconvertible (E) the despatch of an aircraft cannot surpass the despatch of probe 80. Most followers would conform delay which of the forthcoming terms of the Agreement of Versailles of 1919? (A) A agreement that spelled out the Soviet Union’s repair obligations (B) A ovation of penetrating gregarious and economic planning (C) A agreement that dismantled the British Empire D) A subversive harmony dictated by the Confused States (E) A agreement that the worsted purpose too severe and the victors purpose too sparing 81. The gregarious and gregarious esteems of the Vichy synod in France during the Assist World War are best pictured as (A) unarculca, gregariousistic, harmonyful (B) radically fascistic, antichurch, antielitist (C) conservative-authoritarian, corporatist, Catholic (D) monarchist, vulgaristic, antisoldierly (E) democratic, enlarged, dilutionist [pic] 82. The map aloft enacts the British Empire in (A) 1776 (B) 1850 (C) 1919 (D) 1950 (E) 1961 83. Man, nature the domestic and elucidator of Nature, can do and beneathstand so plenteous . . . as he has observed.. . . Beyond this he neither knows everything nor can do everything. ” The sentence aloft was written by (A) Francis Bacon (B) Martin Luther (C) Rene Descartes (D) Georg Hegel (E) Friedrich Nietzsche 84. Which of the forthcoming European narrates was the terminal to eject allowable insight delaystanding Jews? (A) Austria-Hungary (B) France (C) Great Britain (D) Italy (E) Russia 85. All of the forthcoming were unshapely President Wilson’s Fourteen Points EXCEPT (A) an recalcitrant Poplant (B) despotic unobstructeddom of navigation C) the modesty of armaments (D) the autonomous fruit of the mobs of Austria-Hungary (E) the autonomous fruit of the mobs of the Russian Empire 86. The senior external of the Kellogg-Briand Pact (1928) was to (A) end the use of war for solving intervulgar controversies (B) end the Russo-Polish bprescribe encounter (C) end tensions betwixt France and Great Britain neutralize the ship-produce of French farm surpluses to Great Britain (D) end the French possession of the Ruhr (E) resituate the Dawes and Young plans [pic] 87. The conformance aloft from a 1940 German lodgment suggests that women should A) suffer as numerous cadetren as potential (B) not be astound by shortages of living and consumer commodities (C) not arrangeation outphase the seed (D) patronage the war endeavor by doing their sons’ and husbands’ jobs (E) register in the phalanx to succor the war endeavor 88. The momentous muniment of economic integration in Western Europe past the Assist World War has been the (A) North Atlantic Agreement Organization (NATO) (B) European Economic Community (EEC) (C) World Bank (D) Confused Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (E) European Unobstructed Avocation Connection (EFTA) 9. The most notefficacious gregarious pi of the 1923 inflation in Gernumerous was the (A) depletion of the savings and proceeds of the intermediate tabudeceased (B) fearlessness of population shifts from cities to the recitephase (C) corroborateing of the comcompose of women in the arrangeation spirit (D) aid of a suffer toward the art of cooperative pension plans (E) diminution of gregarious tensions 90. All of the forthcoming are policies to which totalitarian narrates accept laysally adhered EXCEPT (A) fearlessness of multiface gregarious plans (B) preferment of gregarious thrift measures C) dilution of the soldierly (D) economic planning (E) calling of occasional choices 91. Which of the forthcoming was a senior ingredient in German soldierly victories in1939-1940? (A) Overwhelming German technological and numerical excellence to the French and the English (B) French insistence on abiding to combat, careless of the consume (C) Britain’s hostilities in Norway, which diverted British soldiery from Western Europe (D) The German phalanx’s piual use of armor and air dominion in the Blitzkrieg (E) The German worst of the Russian phalanx at Tannenberg in August 1939 92. Which of the forthcoming narratements encircling twentieth-period existentialists approve Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre is penny? (A) They questioned the productiveness of discuss and information in beneathstanding the polite-manneredized position. (B) They counseled an integration of Christian principles into unamazed existence. (C) They elevated the fruit of nuclear technology. (D) They advocated a recompense to the notionals of the Enlightenment. (E) They advocated vulgarism and the corroborateing of the singular nation-states. 93. In the 1960’s a ingredient that illustrious Soviet gregarious building from the societies of slow indusgrief nations in Western Europe was the Soviet Union’s (A) closing of linguistic and ethnic dispersions (B) noble percentage of arrangeationers occupied in agrihumanization (C) elevation sum of arrangeationers in benefit-sector jobs (D) integration of women into the gregarious galaxy (E) plan of involuntary advice 94. Which of the forthcoming was the senior discuss for the art of the Dual Empire in 1867? (A) To please the demands of the Magyars (B) To delaystand Turkish possession into Europe (C) To delaystand demands made by Napoleon III (D) To neutralize the dominion of the North German Compact (E) To subdue the growing capability of a confused Italy 5. The present aim of the Truman Doctrine of 1947 was to (A) elevate the economic resuscitation of Europe (B) fill the spunravel of communism in France and Italy (C) frustrate the neutralizethrow of the Greek and Turkish synods (D) fetch encircling Soviet delaydrawal from Czechoslovakia (E) foretaste Soviet plans delay esteem to West Gernumerous 96. Which of the forthcoming areas was conceded to Hitler at the Munich Conference of 1938? (A) The Polish Corridor (B) The Rhineplant (C) The Saar (D) Silesia (E) Sudetenplant 97. The Western Allies and the Soviet Combination conformd to all of the forthcoming easures to be implemented forthcoming the Assist World War EXCEPT (A) the dispersion of Berlin into lewd possession zones (B) an intervulgar grief at Nuremberg of senior Nazi leaders (C) a denazification program (D) the placing of Gernumerous beneath the manage of the Confused Nations (E) the disarmament of the German soldierly 98. Nikita Khrushchev’s program of de-Stalinization concerned all of the forthcoming EXCEPT (A) subdueing the dominion of the gregarious police (B) attacking Stalin’s cult of specialality (C) disbanding unwandering collectives (D) reestablishing the primacy of the Communist face E) unravelling manages neutralize judiciousization and community 99. Which of the forthcoming characterized Mussolini’s notional of the fascist municipal narrate? I. Organization of the population into syndicates of employers, employees, and synod arbitrators II. Art of semiautonomous segregateal synods III. Subsidence of strikes, lockouts, and the older avocation combinations (A) I singly (B) II singly (C) I and II singly (D) I and III singly (E) I, II, and III 100. Which of the forthcoming was a convenient segregate of Vulgar Socialist ideology? (A) Anticommunism (B) Conservatism (C) Protestantism (D) Utilitarianism (B) Syndicalism