90 Basic Writing Topics With Sample Essays (Q61-90)

LIKE TEST PREP DEDICATION To LIKE Family Contents   Q61. Can advertising communicate you a riches of notification environing a state? Q62. Do you advance outdoor activities to indoor activities? Q63. If you were communicaten the achievement to transmute one fiction environing your abodetown, what would it be?   Q64. Do you conceive good-tempered-fortune can merely be achieved through arduous toil and that achievement has nofiction to do after a while it? Q65. What are the reasons why you would either living or delaystand a guile to plant a new restaurant In your neighborhood? Q66. Do you conceive herd should sometimes do fictions that they don't especially approve doing? Q67. Are the proceeds of rational disembodiment on sphere salubrious or disadvantageous? Q68. Would you rather consume faculty capital on jewelry or harmony tickets?   Q69. Is it fair to never communicate up and right toiling for your goals? Q70. would you do if you root out that you would die in Six months? Q71. Do you advance repetitively doing fictions you perceive balance letters new tasks?   Q72. If you were to bring-about a transmute to your abodetown that would be most appealing to herd from your age assemblage, what would it be and why? Q73. If you could be communicaten one superpower, what would it be? Why? Q74. Would you rather toil as an employee, be self-employed, or own a trade? Q75. Are automobiles good-tempered-tempered or bad? Q76. Would you say that the best way to rustication is tn jaunt assemblage led by a regulate? Q77. If you were communicaten the achievement to as any renowned entertainer or athlete of your cherished who would you select and why? Q78 Do you advance having a few bar friends or are you past agreeable having a wide assemblage of friends? Q79. What are the advantages and disadvantages of planting new university after a whilein your commonwealth? Q80. What are the pros and cons of effect consumeing a lot of interval to experience and course for sports? Q81. Does a peculiar bear to deserve a lot of capital to be considered good-tempered-fortuneful? Q82. What is the one fiction that you can do to succor mend your commonwealth? Q83. Except for vesture and peculiaral concern items, what is the one most relevant fiction that you select after a while you on trips? Q84. What is your minion way of maintenance yourself healthful and why? Q85. What is your trance abode approve? Q86. If you saw someone entity bullied, would you succor him/her or simply by by? Q87. If you could select to speed eternally, would you do so? Q88. What do vou do in your vacation interval and why do you approve it? Q89. What are the most surprising details of the attractions in your abode state? Q90. What is the most beneficial aptitude that you bear scholarly from your woman or senior?