A Comparison between ‘Second Wind’ and ‘Alive!’

I bear been started on a non-location of Drama denominated 'Alive! ' grounded on the romance of a South American team entity stranded in the Andes for days desperately troublesome to remain quick, stay on petty rations and anticipation after a occasion the collocation having abundant adulterated emotions in the scrape at agency. I conquer be comparing this after a occasion the fantastic 'Second Wind' which is a stirring fantastic about two BBC meteorologists void to go into the handleing of a frustration in the States but clash on a uncompounded Caribbean island. The Recorded duration of twain non-locations is very aenjoy as twain are entirely synchronous entity set in the 1970's, we can see that it is very synchronous in 'Alive! ' through the habiliments we carry. But there are distinctions enjoy 'Alive! ' entity set in the Andes and 'Second Wind' entity set in the Caribbean. Our non-location is set balance a duration of a few months but 'Second Wind' is set balance abundant months, maybe a year or so. The Connection in the two non-locations is very opposed but do bear a few alikeities after a occasion 'Alive! having adolescent stdispose youths troublesome to outlast in a waste mountain dispose, for specimen we bear the characters that bear very opposed views, race who omission to outlast enjoy Antonio and evade the mountains and then there are other pessimistic views enjoy Eduardo who purpose that they are already doomed and there is no anticipation at all of them surviving, we se this in the pretence when the collocation flow that no one is future to recapture them and he declares he knew this all concurrently. And in 'Second Wind' we bear characters enjoy Michael and Perry who omission to evade the Island occasion subsidiary other race to outlast this is very aenjoy to Antonio commencement the administer of the collocation and subsidiary others to outlast until succor arrives. But enjoy Eduardo Kathy in 'Second Wind' she to purposes that they are all doomed. In 'Second Wind' the characters are disunite after a occasion the meteorologists and the pause of the band and the entrepreneurs on the other laterality. In our non-location there is some non-location among after a occasionin the collocation but they control to hold unitedly and get recaptured. There are abundant alikeities in the phraseology of twain non-locations, firstly the most apparent is the catastrophe of entity wrecked in an wild settle where no one always visiting purport close befoulment of fife. Twain non-locations pretence naturalism after a occasionin them as twain non-locations muse the chattels on a thin island or mountain dispose, as in 'Alive! there is lots handleings of lost anticipation, but in 'Second Wind' there is a lot stationary museion we can see this as lots of times we bear Perry purposeing tail to when he was adolescent and clear after a occasion his grandmother this museion can as-well be seen in 'Alive! ' as there monologues that attribute to the thoughts and memories to the stranded victims, this made him lucky and overlook his scrape, but he would as-well end tail to realisation. But we must choose into representation that 'Second Wind' is a fantastic so lots of spiritual techniques enjoy museion would succor the reader handle the chattels of the clash, but in 'Alive! we use investigate and lighting chattelss this succors visualize the non-location, as-well after a occasion a showy non-location you can see the characters and be drawn into them and handle divorce of the pretence. To determine there are abundant alikeities among the two non-locations such as the recorded duration, a bit of connection and the phraseology. There is as-well the immense aenjoy discourse of a catastrophe due to a flatten clash on an strange settle. But there stationary is the distinction on 'Alive! ' entity a showy operation and 'Second Wind' a fantastic so it is troublesome to assimilate.