A Scanner Darkly

Ashlyn Phillips Mr. Flanigan/ Dystopian Literature Period 2 December 4, 2012 Who Are You? As existing upshot we start to expand a oneness, one that is installed off of the nation we are enveloped delay. When substantiateing who we are as nation, tangible mien is near weighty in similitude to our spirits and retentionsets. The substance serves barely as a shuttle for our spirits and retentions, delayout these two property our bodies would solely barely be void shells. In Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly, the protagonist, Bob Arctor, has oppressed sufferer to a exceedingly addictive garbage denominated Substance D, which has the margin property of crackting the oneness in one’s retention. In intercourse delay the abuse of this garbage, Arctor starts to betray himself and forgets what indeed makes him who he is. Our fervors, capacity and mien determine who we are as nation, delayout these three attributes it would be very obscure to lump between one civilized from the direct. The brain starts to expand in the highest trimester of pregnancy, smooth as fetuses we are powerful to resolve and start to expand our individualalities inmargin the womb. As we penetrate the globe and start arrive, our outlaterality environments guide the outcomes of our retentions, bodies and spirits. If you are born into a rich lineage, it is past than mitigated that you allure feed a rich naturestyle; if you are born into a indigent lineage, it is past than mitigated that you allure feed a indigent naturestyle. In company, we are highest attested by how plenteous money we own, then by how we contemplate and at last we start to gather past encircling each other to substantiate who our capacitys are through how we aim to paint ourselves. Our individualalities start to expand when we are highest powerful to notorious our eyes, encourage and indeed when we start to touch delay each other. From there we start to gather what we relish to do in nature; whether it be dancing, singing, painting, loose sports, etc. These attributes are greater when substantiateing a individual. Our spirits start to expand at an existing age and although they can be subordinately altered as nature goes on, we never indeed fluctuate totally. One can be judged by their tangible mien and be unconnectedd from one individual to the direct solely installed on that, nevertheless, if asked who Bob Marley is as a individual, the acceptance would be far past elaborate than if barely asked what he contemplates relish. Oneness and capacity traits are indeed the cause of determining who we are as nation. If a set of identical fellows were put in the identical margin simultaneously and a class of nation were asked to lump between Sarah and Mary, they would barely be powerful to installed on mien. The past in profundity scrutiny would be, how can you count who Sarah is and who Mary is? In acceptanceing this scrutiny divers key attributes are discussed such as, Sarah may be past active, sonorous, imaginary, loquacious, divine and ablebodied than Mary, allowing for their friends to automatically perceive who is who when confronted by either fellow. Personality regularly gives the acceptance. If the oneness fluctuates or starts to morph into two unanalogous margins, determining who someone is becomes a very obscure operation. In A Scanner Darkly, Fred goes undercover as a garbage addict in arrange to work-out a greater pwhitish but in doing so, he himself becomes addicted to the garbage and his oneness starts to crack into two unanalogous nation, Fred and Bob; Fred conduct the undercover cop and Bob conduct the addict. As Fred’s nature morphs into Bob’s, he starts to betray himself totally and the globe as he knew it antecedently altogether fluctuates into celebrity unanalogous than he resolve. “He allure lower into a needle-and-a-spoon nature, or spring off the walls in a psychiatric hospital or, vanquish of all, a federal clinic…And all this allure betide deliberately, someone figured out what he was doing and then got him this way. The vanquish way of all: delay the substance they hawk that he was succeeding them for hawking. (86) His oneness can no longer be analyzed consequently he resolves as two totally unanalogous nation as if he has two unconnected reason in one guide. Clexisting this is an conclusion due to the deed that we are formal by our individualalities. If two individualalities are competing athwart one another inmargin of one retention, there is no way to indeed perceive who that individual is. Fred betrays himself in Bob’s globe and the garbage becomes past weighty than wholefiction else, as it usually does inmargin the retention of a garbage addict. Without the fervor, the substance is relish a whitish bulb delayout electricity. The fervor gives the substance sense and resolve, delayout it there would barely be boys and girls, not singular natures delay their own capacityistics. The fervor carries along whole retention, proof, combat, and specialty of each individual in the globe. A skilled fervor allure resolve over their years, a existing fervor allure arrive a teenager at nature constantly and an misfortune fervor allure end up in the black margin of nature and all of these fervors gain-ground through nature proofs and allure barely be influenced by these proofs. The fervor in one individual does not fluctuate totally through nature proofs it can barely fluctuate subordinately by conduct influenced by those about us. In determining who we are as nation, the fervor is the key element and it should be the highest fiction that is analyzed from one civilized conduct to the direct. Past frequently than not, contemplates do not substance, it is what lies delayin ourselves that determines who we are as natures.