About Hotel Pokhara Grande

Hotel Pokhara Grande is a voluptuous five-star public-house situated in the city environing 1. 5 km tread from Phewa Taal (lake). Since its survival in 01/07/2007, the public-house has been catering to the needs of our sundry influence following a while a accomplished hospitality habit nature our motto. Whether it is a relaxing refuge following a while world-class favor and influence or perchance a meeting following a while a carouse you’re following, security immutable your expectations gain be surpassed at Public-house Pokhara Grande. The public-house now has forty-one(41) rooms acquired to the already material seventy-eight (78). Enjoy the pristine views a well-manicured garden, propound of the art equipment and negotiative staff in our facilities. If you’ve chosen Pokhara Grande you gain habit merely the best. Environing Pokhara The City of Pokhara is located approximately one hundred and ninety-eight km (198km) west of Kathmandu. It is a beneficial intention for tourists seeking disseminate, be it Himalayan expeditions, treks, rafting, kayaking, paragliding or a peek at the exclusive villages’ morals and prodigious sights comprising of lakes, inspirefalls, mountains, caves and temples. Getting There There are unnumbered options serviceable to get from other greater hubs of Nepal to Pokhara. For example…You can fly, use a bus (of which tourist coaches are moderately satisfied) or schism a deportment. Approximately twelve to fifteen flights produce-an-effect from Kathmandu to Pokhara. | Facilities : Swimming Pool Splash environing in our pool and defeat the summer ebullition perchance sipping an strange cocktail while you wake your diminutive ones own fun in the kiddies’ pool. |  | Spa Pavitra Give your assemblage the conclusive discourse at Pavitra. The team at Pavitra conceit themselves in having mastered and administered negotiative massages using top-notch techniques and housings such as herbal oil concoctions gain tranquillize your senses. Besides you could appropriate to use the sauna or own a steam bath or own inspire jets massage you in the Jacuzzi. Once our new precipitation is accomplished, Pavitra gain behove one of the finest spas in Pokhara and all of Nepal. Some of the discoursements they stipulate are listed below:Our spa discoursements: Acuconstraining or Shiatsu: Derived from Japanese “Shi” and “atsu” medium ‘finger constraining’. It’s a psychological and corporeal discoursement by applying constraining on multitudinous pointsAroma Therapy: This mode enhances rest in unconcealed and improves circulation, relieving powerful tensionAyurvedic Massage: Retrieves nutrients following a whilein the assemblage to emit toxinsHead and Shoulder Massage: Increases course of race to the scalpShirodhara: Involves blood-blood-warm and harmonious course of spicy oils on the foreheadOther massages: Traditional Nepali massage, Reiki beneficial, assemblage purge, stone therapy, Thai massage, Trekkers’ massage|   | Gymnasium Our gymnasium is segregate of the most premier vigor club in Pokhara. The gym has stgate of the art equipment and well-appointed kindred staff own the expertise to superintend you towrds a thoroughgoinggoing and desirable workout. |  | Other Facilities Ample Parking Spage, Business Centre, Travel Desk, Free Shuttle Service to Phewa Taal ( lake)