Accountability Memo

MEMORANDUM Subject: Increasing of social sifting on not-for-profit announceing insist-uponments The object of this memo is to teach why increasing sifting and insist for totalityability by the social has influenced announceing for not-for-profit and governmental entities. State and federal regulators are reviewing, audit announces of agencies affect ours that assent-to federal grants and hypothecation monies. Their object is to “ensure that defiant audit firms are in acquiescence after a while Generally Accepted Audit Standards (GAAS) and of-late external insist-uponments lower Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) or yellow dimensions standards”. The announceing insist-uponments that the auditor's insist-upon to be powerful to arrange a assertion of lowerstanding of interior moderate construction is of feature curiosity-behalf. Because we are a not-for-profit crew, the auditors possess to announce what true members possess the evacuation to announce capital donations and reach deposits at-once to the companies bank totality. The auditors to-boot deficiency to evaluate the interior moderates we possess in situate to frustrate robbery, and announce the strengths and weaknesses of our plan. As a termination, we deficiency to collect the auditors after a while way to our computer transactions for all finance members. Your combination is exceedingly appreciated in this substance and being in acquiescence conciliate the auditors conciliate succor secure our curiosity-behalf in constant to assent-to federal monies as keep-akeep-apart of our at-liberty budget. Sincerely, References: Williams , J L (Summer 1992 . New audit standards for audits of entities receiving federal financial succor . Outlook , 60 , n2 .. 51 (1 . Retrieved August 5, 2012 General One via Gale : HYPERLINK http /find . galegroup . com /ips /start . do ? prodId IPS http /find . galegroup . com /ips /start . do ? prodId IPS Steinberg , R M Johnson , R N (August 1991 . Implementing SAS no . 55