Active Directory & DNS Servers

Scenario: I am inaugurated at two sprig employments and possess been tasked delay where to establish the Active- Directory Integrated DNS Servers and what character to use. One of the sprig employments is very mean and (5 users) and has a very tedious network connectivity. Do I scarcity a DNS Server and, if so, which character of zone should it hosts? The succor sprig employment is plenteous larger (environing 30 users) and has rectify network connectivity. Does this employment scarcity a DNS Server and, if so what character of zone would you commend? Response: Dear Junior Admin; I truly estimate the convenience to befriend you in commendations to implementing Active Directory & DNS Servers in your “Windows” environment. Let me initiate by dictum that delayout DNS your network achieve over than mitigated not employment owing clients achieve not be operative to contravene names to (IP) addresses, so DNS enables network devices such as printers and computers to co-operate on the internet or settle one another delayin the organizations topical network. Based on the loving scenario, you possess made an justifiable dainty of configuring the “Active Directory Integrated Zones” owing Active Directory has the subjoined benefits: Fault Tolerance – Redundant delineation of DNS zone advice can be stored on multiple servers. Security – DACL can be mitigated by ascertained user groups. Zones are Multimaster – zones can be updated in over than one location. Prolific Replication – Zone transfers are replaced by over prolific Active Directory replication. Maintain use of succorary zones – if scarcityed. Note: Since Active Directory-Integrated Zones prosper a multimaster update representation which instrument all zones inclose a read/write delineation of the zone and can frame changes to the zone advice, “primary and succorary distinctions are not compulsory.” The meaner Sprig employment delay (5) users achieve exact achieve branch what would normally be your Subordinate Server, utilizing the Active Directory delay Integrated Zones achieve requite for the tedious network owing it achieve elude forcing queries counter a tedious large area network connect. The larger Sprig employment delay (30) users unquestionably exacts the utilization of DNS & Active Directory Integrated Zones” and achieve branch what would normally be notorious as your Primary Server and Primary Zone If you possess any excite questions, reach careless to continuity me at [email protected]