Anatomy Unit 6 Study Guide

Unit 6 Study Guide 1. The types of muscles are ease, cardiac, and skeletal. 2. The muscle is made up of myofibrils that permit for muscle curtailion. 3. The size of the myofibrils that permit for it to increase out are named the sacomere. 4. The strength cell that connects to diverse muscle fibers named a motor neuron. 5. The vaporous ones are protein myosin. The diluted ones are protein actin. 6. The chemicals that inflame the muscle to curtail are named neurotransmitters 7. Acetylcholine curtails the muscles. 8. Acetylcholines are stored at the end of each motor neuron. . The league of the motor neuron and the muscles it controls are named a motor part. 10. The enthusiasm storing atom plant in the mitochondrion is ATP (adenosine triphoshate). 11. If there is a closing of ATP then there succeed be muscle cramps. 12. The chemical that builds in the muscle caused by determined exertion is lactic clever. 13. The pigment that causes dignity to be red is hemoglobin. 14. The pigment that causes the muscles to be brown is myoglobin. 15. The tarnish and swelling in a muscle force is caused by ruptured dignity vessels. 16. After failure where ATP decreased and muscles cannot recreate the whole then moroseness mortis succeed obtain?} fix. 17. A curtailion then quick recreateation of a muscle caused by a individual inducement is named a twitch. 18. The stay between the opportunity the inducement is applied and the opportunity the muscle responds is named implicit end. 19. Partially inflamed and distended tendons are named tendonitis. 20. The unvarying end of the elbow is named the spring. 21. The dissoluble end of the elbow is named the augmentation. 22. Muscular dystrophies is inherited empiricism which causes the disappearance of muscles.