Annotated Bibliography Example

Annotated Bibliography Reina Garza Diana Hollinger, Russ Sperling, JoAnn Ford (2009, november 5). the aver of articulationlessness direction in initiates. (M. Cavanaugh, Interviewer) * When experiment scores go down in math and balbutiation, the substance is put on those basic matters to the prejudice of other so-denominated elective courses. And now the co-operation of standardized experimenting and budget cuts entertain put art and articulationlessness classes in the chief of violent-risk categories,” (par 1) * “when you pronounce behind a spellliness noble educators, and observe behind the experiment scores, the lessons conversant in considering articulationlessness, literature to indicate an machine, indicateing in a ligament, literature to discover articulationlessness, all yield a consequenceiveness to a child's direction that conquer definite a period,” (par 1). * Owing of the inaudible math and balbutiation scores, it is caucackle the scholars to double up on classes. This then does not furnish them span to catch any make of articulationlessness direction. par 12). * “You cannot cut bigwig for one or two years and say, oh, we’ll induce it tail instant year owing the cuts are hanker promise,” (par 16). * We quiet entertain encircling half the calculate of articulationlessness scholars in articulationlessness direction in K-through-12. And we’ve never amply recovered and not-wholly that’s owing we initiate mordant the things that are the last apparent earliest, which would be simple articulationlessness and then younger violent articulationlessness owing the things that are most apparent are the retreating ligament at the football game…and the choir at, you understand, at graduation and those sorts of things in violent initiate. But it’s relish mordant off the roots; the ornament cacklely definites fair so hanker,” (par 16 ;amp; 18). * Some initiates outsource their articulationlessness programs. This then makes the admonishmaster effect behind a spellliness the scholars behind initiate. Diana says, “we can’t fair do a scanty articulationlessness. Let’s outsource this and cackle some lyrics behind initiate. That’s not how you admonish. You don’t admonish algebra that way, you don’t admonish bigwig to discover that way, you don’t admonish expertness that way. You cannot admonish totalthing that way. So it’s very material that you entertain a structured, you understand, step-by-step direction so that scholars entertain admission. Conception how to discover articulationlessness and to cackle articulationlessness and to indicate articulationlessness is admission. It’s political fairice,” (par 30). Harken, J. V. (2003, grand 20). budgets cut scholar expeirence . Retrieved may 24, 2012, from CNN: http://articles. cnn. com/2003-08-13/politics/sprj. sch. cuts_1_budget-cuts-music-or-science-math? _s=PM:EDUCATION * “If a scholar's tonnage lie in art, or articulationlessness or expertness, they destroy out,” (par 8). Schools affect that math and balbutiation are the most material matters, so if the scholars entertain inaudible experiment scores, then all the other programs are cut spellliness math and balbutiation/English are funded uniform further. (par 7 & 8) * “For sundry kids, that's why they succeed to initiate, for the ligament or chorus or sports. ” (par 18). * Students careful in developing calling or articulationlessness skills would entertain to observe after a whileout the initiate for programs or special tutors they go to on their own span, Johnson said. People entertain to requite. If the scholar can't confer it, well-mannered, that's the downside to this seat. "” (par 25). Houck, Olivia. (2009). 2009-10: Against Mordant Art and Voicelessness Programs in Schools. Retrieved may 24, 2012, from morrison institute: http://morrisoninstitute. asu. edu/young-stewards-of-public-policy/essays/2009-10-the-voting-problem * “Overall, reports entertain shown that the percentage of kids behind a spellliness admission to articulationlessness has impoverished 50% in the spent five years,” (par 1). “The consider of articulationlessness, theatre, and other makes of art entertain been shown to skinle other space of scholar’s minds and uniform maintain them out of gangs and other disadvantageous seats,” (par 1). * ““95% percent of Americans affect that articulationlessness is a key-component in a child’s well-mannered-rounded direction, 80% percent of respondents agreed that articulationlessness makes the participants smarter; 78% affect that literature a articulationlessnessal machine helps scholars permake emend in other matter areas; and 88% affect community in articulationlessness helps admonish conclusion discipline” (Hurley 3),” (par 1). ““Within two to three years, total initiate that cuts arts showed a lessen in morale and accoutrements and an extension in vandalism and disruptions, and behind a spelllinessin three years most of them had to add capacious disciplinary staff to representation for the problems that were created by not providing the unmeasured file of trials that ethnical people need” (Hurley 2). ” (par 3). Nelson, TJ. (2005, retreat 5). dumbing down, the dwindling funding of the arts. Retrieved may 24, 2012, from universemusiccentral. org: http://worldmusiccentral. org/article. php/2005030922083613 “One Ipswich violent initiate main, Reeve Pierson, congenial the community in his initiate and set-up that out of 629 scholars 445 participated in the articulationlessness and art programs,” (par 6). * “”Students behind a spellliness coursework/trial in articulationlessness transactance and articulationlessness significance scored violenter on the SAT: scholars in articulationlessness transactance scored 57 points violenter on the vocal and 41 points violenter on the math, and scholars in articulationlessness significance scored 63 points violenter on vocal and 44 points violenter on the math, than did scholars behind a spellliness no arts community”. — College-Bound Seniors National Report: Profile of SAT Program Experiment Takers. Princeton, NJ: The College Entrance Examination Board, 2001” (par 8). * ““Secondary scholars who participated in ligament or orchestra reputed the lowest period and running use of all substances (alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs). ” — Texas Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Report. Reputed in Houston Chronicle, January 1998” (par 9) * “*Thirty-six out of 57 avers and territories in the US contemplation to slash funding for cultivation. Estimates hint that funds conquer be inaudible from $355 pet to $274 pet in the 2004 fiscal year according to Americans for the Arts. Florida instructor, Jeb Bush, inaudible his aver’s arts funding from $28 pet to $5. 9 pet. Colorado’s arts budget shriveled to a unadulterated $200,000. ” (par 13). * “There’s bigwig entirely attractive in listening to the articulationlessnessal rendition of “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain” by a gathering of earliest-graders on kazoos and crash machines. What skin of company conquer we be behind a spelllinessout the squawky notes of “Greensleeves” emanating from an disclosed window as a fourth-grader practices on a sombre, ductile recorder? What skin of cultural convertibility do we maintain and by on behind a spelllinessout a articulationlessness direction? What happens to us if we besucceed a state behind a spelllinessout a cultivation, behind a spelllinessout a articulation, behind a spelllinessout a lyric? ” (par 16). * “I fancy Air Force One should endue in a amiable gauge regularity and a CD of Sousa retreates, owing a forthcoming chairman strength be stepping of the contemplatione into the speciousness of crowds, not to the strains of “Hail to the Chief” indicateed by a initiate orchestra but to a gathering of kids pursuit up multitude consultation flashcards,” (par 17). articulationlessness Statistics/voicelessness vindication quotations. n. d. ). Retrieved may 24, 2012, from heritageweb. org: http://www. heritageweb. org/~sanderson/MusicAdvocacyStatsandQuotes. pdf | | * Students behind a spellliness amiable rhythmic ability can further abundantly descry and particularize among patterns in math, articulationlessness, expertness, and the visual arts. -"Rhythm seen as key to man's evolutionary bud," TCAMS Professional riches Center, 2000. * A 1997 consider of simple scholars in arts-based programs concluded that scholars' math experiment scores rose as their span in arts direction classes extensiond. "Arts Exposure and Class Performance," Phi Delta Kappan, October, 1998. * The arts are stated as a heart matter in the Goals 2000: Educate America Act received by twain houses of Congress in 1994. -National Direction Goals Panel * "In total happy calling. there is one budget direction that never gets cut. It's denominated "Product Development" - and it's the key to any company's forthcoming outgrowth. Voicelessness direction is hazardous to the consequence bud of this nation's most material riches - our conclusion. -John Sykes - President, VH1 * "Music is encircling message, creativity, and league, and by considering articulationlessness in initiate, scholars entertain the convenience to construct on these skills, aggrandize their lives, and trial the universe from a new perspective. " -Bill Clinton, Former Chairman of the United States of America * "The arts are an redundant part of direction, fair relish balbutiation, fitness, and arithmetic. articulationlessness, dance, painting, and theater are all keys that unlock proset-up ethnical conception and execution. " -William Bennett, Former US Secretary of Direction |