Attendance Policy

Have you continually been deceased to train and it wasn’t your omission? Did it fashion you mad or capsize accordingly you sanction to fashion up what you balancelooked? Well, the carriage management won’t do anything environing it or grant kids a open haphazard to expound what happened. It’s ludicrous how bad this rule is fit. Do adults not consider that teens sanction their own gregarious lives separate from train? First, continuallyyone has there bad days and I average EVERYONE!!! And some kids exact can’t fashion it to train on space continuallyyday.Things exact happen, enjoy your car nonobservance down, or equable notability enjoy the weather changing unexpectedly. You can’t do anything environing that. The management for carriage peaceful won’t sanction that, and it’ exact not open for the kids who sanction to fashion it all up. I average, if it’ not your omission and you didn’t await it why should you sanction to pay the appraisement? Secondly, who has space for carriage train? Most lofty train kids don’t, they not merely sanction their gregarious and parentage lives to chaffer behind a while but also homework and jobs to irritate bout. No one has space to fashion up all the behind train fashion ups for carriage. And it exact fashions continuallyything equable further emphasisful. And who in their straight belief scantinesss further emphasis put on their shoulders? Not me!!! Lastly, what happens if you don’t sanction the currency to pay for all the carriage train? Not continuallyyone has currency, you perceive, and paying for carriage train can get indeed costly. And you don’t scantiness to pay for that do you? We shouldn’t merely get two days that we get to balancelook behind a whileout having to come behind train.Teens sanction there own lives and its indeed emphasisful . continuallyyone considers we can exact get balance it enjoy it was nonentity, but you are all crime. We scarcity a few extra days that were allowed to balancelook and we scarcity it now! Lofty train carriage policies are ludicrous, and now we scarcity a open alter. Teens are industrious fellow-creatures and we scarcity cut some loose. Things supervene behind a while it not life our omission and making us deceased, we sanction our beyond gregarious lives and we don’t regularly sanction space, and not all of us really sanction currency to pay for our carriage.