Bae Assignment

BAE Interest Fact Study Submitted by: Susan Pacheco April 17, 2013 Tpotent of Contents Bisect 1: Executive Summary3 Bisect 2: Deep Issue4 Bisect 3: Systemic Issues4 Begin & Purpose Aptitude consequences4 Gregarious Exigency to Fast-Track Project5 Contrivance Issues5 Despatch Breakdowns6 City Involvement (Delays)6 BAE Provisions on Form Signing (April 1992)6 Bisect 4: Environmental & Root principle Analysis7 Qualitative Analysis:7 Purpose Management7 Mob (Unqualified):8 Build-Design8 Economic & Gregarious Considerations8 Good-fortune relapse Confused Airlines9 Bisect 5: Alternatives and/or Options:9 Alternative A9 Alternative B11 Bisect 6: Recommendations and Implementation11 Recommendation:11 Recommendations Implementation Plan:12 Bisect 7: Monitor and Control:13 Bisect 8: Conclusion:13 Bisect 9: References, Exhibits and Appendixes13 Bisect 1: Executive Summary In dispose to discourse the proximate consequence of the intimation not spurious by the City Mayor abideing us legitimate for the relapse of the new baggage method by charging BAE a forfeiture of $12k/day taildated to October 29, 1993 and so desireing a entrust tail for the $50M tug-and-cart baggage tailup method, proximate operation and initiative demands to be attached to discourse this accusation. A alert separation of our purpose artfulness and missed milestones relapse reasons and occurrenceual grounds is momentous in defending our pose. We demand to establish where true milestones retreatout our moderate were missed and the blind consequence it fashiond and where dependencies to our commitments were subjugated and by whom. There were divers purposes at which we voiced our concerns on the purpose relapses and pathwayway consequences that excite hindered our power to act but no one took service or acknowledged the relapse. In observation, the Build-Deindication avenue has in itself fashiond divers hurdles and spell relapses retreatout our moderate as courteous-mannered-mannered as fashiond unfavourpotent compositioning suppliess that were unsustainpotent for our teams. Our general comcompose is a unmixed mark of a closing of a after a whilerepose purpose aptitude erection and competent specialnel at DIA. So closing of sponsorship by the city Mayor has fashiond silos and a introdden consequence on the purpose course. The build-contrivance avenue is one of the biggest consequences but relapse after a whilerepose aptitude it can be aggravatepower. Based on BAE’s experiment and lucky departed purposes, we can confidently advise a new erection that has compositioned in departed purposes. Attached that occurrence I arrive-at we demand to tender a unimpaired diversify to DIA’s Purpose Aptitude team and tender a new erection which includes a new Purpose Superintendent to supervise the unimpaired purpose team, Nursing Assignment of observational team parts (see Appendix 1) and new employs relapse the fit aptitude sets. See Appendix 2 to see RACI Matrix proposition. The procompose is to abide relapse the new airport remote baggage method implementation simply beneath the fact that DIA reerection their purpose aptitude team and obtains sponsorship from the City Mayor and Aviation Director. A team avenue must be beneathstood by all bisecties compromised as there are too divers tender competency and it is impracticpotent to foresee BAE to inconsequently mould all tender competency for what is out of our moderate specially relapse a Build-Deindication artfulness. This new platform earn permit BAE and DIA’s parts to instruct, effect spellly momentous resolutions, establish creators and momentous milestones and abide parts docile for their appertaining roles. Assuming our procompose is not spurious, the aggravateall foreseeed timing from judicious contiguity to establishing creators beneath the new team erection is 9 weeks. Relapse this artfulness, a tailup method would not be required, thereby avoiding this $50M observational consume. The substance of this accusation would put BAE at persistent financial creator if not noncommunication. Promptness and initiative in handling this comcompose is momentous. Beyond the financial contact, there is so the figure BAE has frequently likeed as life a troddenor in the dispenseplace worldremote can so guide a introdden consequence on general and forthcoming purposes relapse other institutions. Bisect 2: Deep Consequence City of Denver consequenced a forfeiture desire of $12k/day taildated to primordial begin-up amount end of October 29, 1993 including a $50 M entrust tail for a tug-and-cart baggage tailup method. This deep consequence is a end of the methodic consequences which are listed adown. Bisect 3: Systemic Issues Leadership & Purpose Aptitude consequences Shared troddenorship betwixt city of Denver & Consultant team fashiond divers inefficiencies, image comcompose and closing of actual tenure. Additionally no organizational erection diversify at DIA was constantly made to accommoend this new baggage method purpose. Excite complicating the substance was the despatch channels and roles betwixt city, PMT and consultants were not defined or moderateled. All were compositioning in silos. Engineers are inefficiently creating piles of diversify instrumentation that are not actually mouldd or epidemic. Waste of spell true to hide their marks. There is NO actual competent Purpose Superintendent to supervise the unimpaired purpose and bridge the gap betwixt DIA and their top Carriers Confused & Continental, City Council and BAE. We guide been foreseeed to mould the purpose relapse constantlyyone compositioning in their silos relapse no actual deeptenance or team contrivance or aptitude as a total. In dispose to guide things tender concurrently, we demand a DIA copy to product engineering alternatives and effect hasty resolutions on consume, alternatives, scheduling etc. Currently there are too divers chefs in the kitchen relapse no actual one special in entrust. They had to counteract purpose administration gregarious and gregarious responsibilities. The Instituted Area 4 Managers that was asidentified to us guide no experiment in airport fabric, baggage method technologies or new technologies, their deep experiment is in fabric purpose moderate aptitude. As such they don’t lowerstand how to after a whileholdly deeptenance our desires and demands to guide the purpose going self-assertive. In observation to this elapsed there is no purpose mouldr in entrust and closing of after a whilerepose erection we guide to liaise relapse and to obtain feedtail from each Assembly Senior mouldr and Deep ultimate mouldr. It is ostensible that they each entertain-effect inconsequently making any consonance confused as we demand to surmount the resolutions and get consonance counter all impure mouldrs. It is ostensible that they each are making independant resolutions and unamenpotent to tie them all confusedly is very confused. This fashions excite bottlenecks for us. Lack of a named purpose mouldr to supervise and mould inputs/outputs from the City, DIA and BAE fashiond a grievous arrangement, distress interdependences and closing of accountpower and moderate. Head of DIA purpose unrepining and fall of Chief Airport Engineer Walter Slinger (Oct. 1992), a influential proponent of the baggage method and closely compromised in interests relapse us had a expressive contact on the purpose. He was a unequivocal, empowered resolution effectr who knew how to discourse samples and get them methodic alertly. His good-fortuneor Gail Edmond was not lucky in carrying ut the selfselfidentical duties as she was plenteous near experimentd and closinged the autonomy, experiment and guts to effect plenteous demanded hasty resolutions. Her hands were tied relapse red tape and took plenteous hankerer to effect any resolutions. Overall we had a unsatisfactory interdependence relapse the aptitude team who had no antecedent baggage handling power or experiment. The purpose was deeply treated as a greater general compositions purpose ending in a closing of deeptenance when we demanded it for any of our complaints on timing, pathwayway etc... Gregarious Exigency to Fast-Track Project There were divers occurrenceors that influenced and exigencyd this purpose to a fast-mark gait which had some ending influential consequences twain in relapses and consume. This shoveed the purpose into a Build-Deindication purpose which had fashiond some greater relapses and consume increases. Some of the other influencing occurrenceors are as follows: * DBO End of Beneficial Occupancy paytail end of January 1, 1994 * Purpose Aptitude Team exigencyd to shove purpose bold at all consume due to hanker periods of tribute, interest and developed approvals. Gregarious exigency from Mayor to hardness purpose through a fast-mark for their own gregarious stature effect and general optics Contrivance Issues The resolution to institute a new catholic flake airport-remote baggage method came subjoined the edifice contrivance was already unshaken and we were faced relapse abundantly defined purpose specs which beneathplayed the weight and drift of some influential requirements of a baggage method (space, electrical government demands, edifice erection requirements, disinfectant and air facting to disperse) These consequences fashiond excite bottlenecks and relapses in our implementation. Further relapses and diversifys ended from DIA’s closing of consulting relapse and guideing a demands tribute relapse their two top carriers Confused & Continental which accounted for elapsed than 70% of itinerant exqualify antecedent to purpose begin. Their demands were nconstantly incorporated into the judicious contrivance and program, as a end excite diversifys were desireed to contrivance and software true 6 months antecedent to the demanded space end. We had to traffic relapse this level though the spontaneous and software contrivances were deemed to be frozen. Despatch Breakdowns We epidemic to Confused we would demand 1 elapsed year to get method up and introduce but no one attended nor was the intimation passed concurrently to DIA or the City. We so at divers purposes mature to attract DIA encircling the relapses, pathwayway consequences and fabric bottlenecks that was causing trodden relapses in our comcompose and we were not attached sample or pathwayway when demanded. Inoccurrence the plight was that these fabric compositioners were not reporting to BAE to guide to attend. City Involvement (Delays) Law restrictions forcing 30% of minority-owned firms and 6% women. This law hardnessd us to forgo our primordial procompose of using our own competent accustomees in lieu of notorious retreatout formors which estimated an increased consume of closely 60%. Some of our expertise was elapsed due to this occurrence in observation to causing excite relapses to our purpose. In Sept. 1993 we went into deeptenance interests which plain to a 2 day stamp of 300 millwrights that was concomitant by 200 electricians aggravate a $8/hr delta pay argue. We elapsed the deeptenance form as courteous-mannered-mannered as a 2 day relapse. BAE Provisions on Form Signing (April 1992) The suppliess and milestones we placed upon accepting the job was not respected by the city or adhered to, nor was there any suppliess made to discourse consequences concurrently the way. ( i. e. freeze ends for spontaneous contrivance, software contrivance, government requirements and the approve, all encircling pathway, spellly amount of true areas, supplies of persistent government, computer rooms... these were all set as milestones in our purpose artfulness. The city had consortd to these suppliess relapse upjust pathwayway relapse initiative for BAE equipment yet we didn’t level guide reasonpotent pathway. For sample: * Electricians had to license comcompose where bisecticularized grinders were creating clouds of clay, * Fumes from chemical sealants hardnessd others to flea * Trucks blocking and restricting * Contrivance Freeze ends not adhered to: Airlines desireed diversifys to method contrivanceing level though spontaneous/software contrivances were frozen. (6 months antecedent to space airport, stationary tender equipment encircling, changing moderates and software contrivance! * Energy consequences – City incompetent to afford “clean” electricity to the baggage method. Motors and circuitry used in method exceedingly sentient to government surges and fluctuations. Filters were purchased to punish the sample and a City Worker cancelled a form relapseout actualising that the filters were bisect of it. Filters arrived diverse months subjoined in March 1994. 1. Fabric already begun on ultimate and assemblys relapse real diversifys demanded on fabric to accommoend ample method. We wrote a intimation to city (Jan, 29, 1995) to desire alert operation advising of inpower to exhaustive purpose beneath these suppliess relapse no vindication or deeptenance. Bisect 4: Environmental & Root principle Separation Qualitative Analysis: BAE is a greatly competent relapse a revered figure, experimentd in purposes counter the US, Europe and Australia in the harvest, contrivance, compose and institute and deeptenance of constantlyy purpose it beneathtook from begin to end. We methodic a influential pose in the US accounting for encircling 90% of U. S. baggage sorting equipment sales. Elapsed 1972 – 1994 we had luckyly contrivanceed, compositiond and instituteed approximately 70 automated baggage handling methods esteem approximately $50M at greater airports in the US, New York, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Newark and Pittsburgh. We so consulted in the instituteation of a $550M ultimate for the New Seoul Metropolitan Airport in South Korea. Attached our lucky occurrence and departed accomplishments, it is relapseout a vacillate that our aptitude capabilities and expertise in handling several types of purposes, relapse several types of mob and countries, establishs our commitment, capabilities and expertise in handling complicated variables and compositions for constantlyy purpose we beneathtake. Knowing the strategic weight and complicatedity of this bisecticular purpose, we had consortd to select on the purpose simply upon solution of true suppliess which was not spurious by the City. Many of these suppliess were not pompous throughout the arrangement causing useless relapses, observational consumes, dry interdependences twain relapse the City and DIA aptitude and distress our figure Purpose Aptitude Closing of despatch, tenure and purpose aptitude twain at DIA & the City of Denver was the fountain of this pivotal sample. Elapsed the form was awarded by the City, they were legitimate to enhardness the docility of the consortd upon suppliess and join and enhardness these suppliess to DIA and their accustomees. In metamorphose DIA did not guide a biased Purpose mouldr to supervise the unimpaired purpose as a total and to act as a liaison betwixt us, the City and their Carriers. Instead we were hardnessd to traffic relapse their appertaining “Area” mouldrs one on one which was counterproductive, spell consuming and petty. We so had to traffic relapse trodden diversifys from the Carriers themselves which excite haulted our purpose. We were setup for want attached the closing of troddenion and moderate at DIA’s behalf and the City’s self-opinionated avenue to making resolutions. For a purpose of this superiority, there was no compensation made to accustom either Key Managers or Purpose Superintendent to supervise, mould and liaise betwixt the three assembly areas. This fashiond some greater gaps and no one was there to guide the pulse on the purpose itself. This was not implemented thus creating a gap in despatch, a silo-type plight amongst resolution effectrs creating no deeptenance-method for the greater role we played in this implementation. It was ostensible that roles betwixt the City, PMT at DIA and Consultants were not defined or moderateled. Everyone was compositioning in silos. Mob (Unqualified): In observation to the aptitude consequences, our Asidentified Area 4 Managers, closinged the experiment in airport fabric and baggage method technologies, consequently could not beneathstand the weight and after a whileholdly deeptenance our demands nonethenear affect our desires in a alert manor. In dispose to guide things tender concurrently, we demanded a DIA copy who would be potent to product engineering alternatives and guide the autonomy to effect resolutions. The fall of DIA’s Chief Airport Engineer, Walter Slinger fashiond expressive contact to our operations as he was unequivocal and discourseed samples alertly. This was an influential momentous role required for the good-fortune of this purpose. His good-fortuneor, Gail Edmond closinged the experiment, lowerstand-how, resolution making capabilities and autonomy that excite haulted the arrangement. Build-Deindication The Gregarious exigency to fast-mark this purpose plain to a Build-Deindication avenue to this airport fabric which principled divers unrecognized creators and contrivance consequences that we had to traffic relapse upon initiation. We were unconscious of the fabric end and details to be potent to abundantly beneathstand the end of the purpose anteriorly beneathtaking. This so plain to a resultive vs. proactive artfulnessning. This posed divers unrecognized creators, diversifys and modifications to our artfulnesss concurrently the way. The fickleness of this arrangement fashiond divers purposes of diversify, relapses and consume observations and we did our best to mould what was in our moderate. The purpose is that divers of these relapses were NOT relapsein our moderate, nor did we guide any deeptenance from the city to enhardness DIA’s fabric purpose to converge our consortd upon milestones to converge our own obligations. Economic & Gregarious Considerations The arrangement in mid 1980’s was plummeting relapse a 37% job detriment mediocre counter Stapeltons Employment Industries. The Pena administration aggressively elevated the airport relocation, dispenseing the new airport as a technologically recent, state-of-the – art erection to delineate interestes, drift federal principal and siege the fabrication of new jobs relapse chained debts to aggravategovernment the near-vocable refuse in the arrangement. It was to behove a important purpose that would be the deep showfact for the General Works Department. The interdependence betwixt BAE and the City was dry primarily beprinciple their centre was on airport purpose accelerate and chain re-payment and not on the purpose itself. They were motivated by their own general cognizance in the gregarious actualm. Their “hands-off” avenue was pernicious in the good-fortune of this purpose and ministerd elapsed as a crutch and impediment. When it came to research for deeptenance it felt apdemonstrate they were compositioning opposite us and not relapse us. Their power was not in purpose aptitude but they had the government to effect key resolutions which influenced and improbable our aggravateall good-fortune. The assumed exigency of paying the DBO by Jan 1, 1994 hardnessd hasty aptitude resolutions, coming fabric relapseout a unmeasured end separation and creator desuetude not true relapse BAE but so relapse DIA. Difficult the Build-Deindication avenue which inherently greatly improbable our power to exceed attached the closing of superabundance to the consortd suppliess. Good-fortune relapse Confused Airlines Once the form was identified relapse Confused exclusively things went smoothly. The lucky implementation of the baggage method relapse Confused highlighted what was closinging in trafficing relapse DIA and City troddenly. The good-fortune highlighted and developed our power to mould the purpose relapse a bisectner who beneathstood the technical and purpose aptitude demands. Bisect 5: Alternatives and/or Options: Alternative A Abide relapse the form for instituteing the baggage handling method factal upon the subjoined restructuring & requirements: Hiring of new competent parts at DIA. 1. DIA to employ a abandoned competent Purpose Superintendent for the baggage handling method aggravateall purpose relapse antecedent purpose aptitude experiment. One whom beneathstands the key operations, key players has a influential fabric and technological tailground relapse purpose aptitude aptitudes to instrument, mark, discourse and facilitate the despatchs betwixt all DIA bisecties and that of BAE and City Administration. A serene determination of this special’s role, resolution-making pattern and sponsorship by Senior Aptitude is momentous. 2. DIA to employ a new Chief Airport Engineer relapse influential resolution making and troddenorship aptitudes relapse the autonomy to effect resolutions and tender Gail Edmond comcompose beneath him/her as Chief Associate Engineer. . The new Purpose Manager’s contrivance is to infer all after a whilerepose key stakeholders as tenderd in Appendix 1 to guide 3 deep judicious sessions relapse all key stakeholders (*see Appendix 1) to: I. Guide a unmeasured creator tribute whereby establishing all creators, antecedentitise them, guide an operation artfulness to appease some of them, formulate competence artfulnesss and intrust legitimate specials to mould the creators. II. Establish a Purpose External Statement, and Fashion a new purpose overpower artfulness, III. Team part establishment: Establish who key players are, their powers, weaknesses, outlining roles and fashion a RACI matrix *See Appendix 2 for DIA, BAE, and City for roles and responsibilities for all artfulnessning and preventive operations of the purpose 4. City to employ or appurpose a competent Liaison relapse fabric, engineering and or technical tailground experiment who is singly asidentified to this purpose relapse no other contradictory antecedentities relapse the autonomy to effect resolutions. This special’s role is to fix that parliament doesn’t quarrel or adversely principle timing creators to the purpose artfulness and despatch consequences/roadblocks when they initiate betwixt DIA, BAE and the city. This procompose is deeptenanceed by the occurrence that our contrivance has establishn it earn comcompose attached the after a whilerepose aptitude setup framecomcompose as demonstrated by our lucky implemention of the new baggage handling method relapse Confused Airlines. The general closing of the “right” purpose team parts earn be discourseed by this new tenderd erection. Relapse the fit sponsorship and roject aptitude setup, this earn advance all to be on the selfselfidentical page and compositioning towards the selfselfidentical contrivance. The assumed favor of this is that spelllines earn be serene and obvious and earn abide those verily legitimate for relapses in their appertaining areas and succor them and all team parts beneathstand the blind pretend and contact it can guide on the unimpaired purpose as a total. This earn brow-bent the general comcompose “silo” mentality and earn elevate an integrated convergeing of the minds where creators and opportunities for increase can be hastyly identified, epidemic and cascaded to the fit mob. This earn so fix that the fit resolution effectrs are introduce to effect judgement calls on artfulness diversifys as they conclude concurrently and not excite abide up the arrangement. This should put the artfulness tail on target and afford us a compositioning artfulness going self-assertive where all key players are apprised, consulted and legitimate for consequences. The consume of elucidation up this new erection is by far a elapsed frugal way to get the operation done relapseout the assumed financial lot of creating a new “backup” method. Pros: * Renewed Centre on purpose relapse key roles and responsibilities outlined set’s serene contrivances, accountpower and tenure. Discourse creators and enpotent the team to appease them * Serene troddenion and troddenorship by all stakeholders and their inputs * Despatch momentous milestones and fix we are on the pathwayway * Maintain figure * No excite $ siege for tailup method Cons: * New employs required Alternative B Cancel the form relapse Denver. Disabide involvement in any excite harvest unnear troddenly formed by Carriers. Pros: * Centre on nucleus interest Cons * Damaged figure for BAE * Litigation consumes * $12k / day forfeiture Law benefit creator - Pay tail of $50M Baggage method tailup artfulness Bisect 6: Recommendations and Implementation Recommendation: Grounded on my separation the strategic contact of cancelling the purpose at this purpose would excite fashion a bad figure for BAE, specially becreator the general detriment already made to BAE by the unsolicited touchstone artfulness manufactured by the mayor and the bad hurry that has already principled. The resolution to abide relapse the purpose factal upon a new team erection is a reasonpotent desire attached our departed lucky occurrence and purpose aptitude expertise. I arrive-at that we guide a influential evidence for our pose tailed up by occurrences that are undenipotent and can thus establish our guilelessness and closing of service for the relapse. This earn establish to be a sentient question as it appears that it is easier to censure us for the relapses. Relapse a reciprocal beneathstanding encircling the general composition, I esteem it earn be easier to enlighten the Mayor and Aviation troddenor the esteem the new erection would import and that a new tailup method is not the reply and would principle useless excite financial lot, distress interdependences and bad hurry which no one wants. The good-fortune of BAE in instituteing United’s baggage method earn be highlighted as an sample of the fit team erection and how we can consummate the selfselfidentical if we are confused in the contrivance and consort to this artfulness. Recommendations Implementation Plan: Some of the near vocable elements of the adviseations are already exhaustived or in enlargement such as edifice our fact / pose relapse compliments to reasons for the relapses. The subjoined outlines the steps required to effect this happen. Task| Responsible| Timing| Build fact. Engage relapse Purpose Superintendent BAE to establish primordial artfulness & milestones and elaborate reasons for inexhaustive operations. Prepare PPT introduceation relapse key groundsWrite tail to City Mayor, acknowledging intimation and desire for a correct convergeing to introduce vindication relapse a set end. | BAE Purpose MgrBAE AdminGene DiFonso| 3 days2 days1 day| Invite to converge relapse DIA Manager of Aviation to introduce challenges/issues faced throughout the purpose and the relapse consequence. Illustrate the general pose we are in relapse compliments to the city’s demands relapse the external to effect deeptenance for the new tenderd erection. Gene DiFonso| 1 day urban| Invite DIA Manager of Aviation & City Mayor to correct convergeing to introduce purpose relapse reasons/issues & adviseation for extension of purpose relapse adviseed erection| Gene DiFonso| 1 day (fixed)| Prepare & Introduce the tenderd erection and Purpose Team Method Matrix and illustrate it’s momentousity and departed consequenceiveness in other lucky purposes and why this is indispensable level if a tailup baggage method is implemented | Gene DiFonso| 3 days| Assume DIA’s buy – in and that it selects DIA 1 month to employ Purpose Superintendent and reerection the Purpose Aptitude Team| Manager of Aviation| 30 days| Comcompose relapse new Purpose Aptitude Team to establish fabric creators that quarrel relapse our contrivance/implementation artfulnesss & conclude up relapse be-undetermined solutions. | Gene DiFonso & PMT| 1 week| Develop new Strategy relapse new key Milestones | Gene DiFonso, | 2 weeks| Obtain Buy-In & Committment from key stakeholders| City Mayor, Manager of Aviation| 1 day (fixed| | Total| 9 weeks| 1st Consultation relapse new Purpose Team Members| | | | | | Any momentous diversifys to the primordial artfulnesss earn be reported alertly to DIA Purpose Superintendent and voiced in Team Meetings. Any momentous artfulness diversifys earn equire Sponsor indication offs (acknowledgment and approval of diversify to artfulness for reasons retreatout BAE’s moderate) anteriorly BAE abides relapse implementation. Bisect 7: Monitor and Control: * Weekly inside convergeings relapse BAE’s purpose aptitude team earn be guideed to guide pulse on purpose spelllines and areas of creator. * Attend weekly Purpose Consultation Team convergeings to establish creators, operation items, list diversifys and result to them. * Submit bi-weekly reports on standing to key sponsors & stakeholders. * Abide monthly retrospect convergeings relapse Sponsors Bisect 8: Conclusion: In misrecord, the general confusedies we are experiencing relapse DIA and City Administration has ministerd as a consumely sample of closing of unsatisfactory aptitude erection for a purpose of this superiority. Our departed good-fortunees can express for itself in avenueing DIA and City Mayor for their deeptenance to the new procompose grounded on our experiment. If this new avenue is not spurious, this earn hinder BAE millions of dollars in lawsuits and consume of new baggage method as entrustd by the City Mayor. The optics of getting tail on mark, having a influential aptitude team and continuing relapse the primordial artfulness earn minister in favour of all, the Mayor, our shareholders, as courteous-mannered-mannered as discharge our own figure as troddenors in the dispense. We earn then be poseed relapseout a guilty mark and like excite enlargement opportunities. Bisect 9: References, Exhibits and Appendixes Appendix 1 - New Purpose Aptitude Team Erection Appendix 2 - RACI Matrix sample (for judicious phase) of new erection