Capstone Project Guidelines

Format Papers must grasp the forthcoming format: * A4 Nursing Dissertation (21 cm large and 29 cm covet) * 1. 5 cm for the left artisan lip conjuncture 1 cm for the intermission of the lips * Times New Roman, 12 summit hurl, Align Justified * Double Spacing * Restriction elongation of 15 pages and consummation of 50 pages including likenesss, appendices and allusions * Leave a unmitigated thread betwixt paragraphs but do not clog * Include page aggregate at the loftier suiconsultation * Do not imimprint everything in header or footer . 2 Structure Chapter styles must be centered in intrepid principals. Forthcoming the notice dedicated in Executive Summary, it must not yield 200 say. The deep substantiality of the Nursing Dissertation achieve set-out at the page succeeding the Consultation of Contents. It achieve be disjoined into chapters and sections (OPTIONAL). Sections should be numbered using two digits and their style castd in intrepid castface (E. g. 1. 3 Validation). A unmitigated thread must be left anteriorly each style bar the new pages. All passage must set-out at the left artisan lip where new paragraphs should not be cloged. 2 The dispose of the Nursing Dissertation is as flourishs: 1. The chapters of the deep substantiality of passage should flourish the format as involved aloft. 2. The ACKNOWLEDGMENT(if required) and EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (titled centered and in intrepid principal castface) 3. The REFERENCES and APPENDICES (titled centered and in intrepid principal castface) 1. 3 Consultation and Figures * In unconcealed consultations and likenesss should be on the page where they are referred. Do not attribute them combined at the end of the manuscript. Also, consultations and likenesss should be numbered consecutively and should keep informative styles, which gain the facts inferiorstandable outside referring to the passage. For caption use 10 pt, Times New Roman, centered. Tables must be numbered sequentially and keep a headstrong explanatory style centered balance the consultation. If a consultation is graspn from a rise, fit passage must be dedicated incorrectly it is considered as yours.* Figures must be drawn using a cheerful-natured-natured description software, NOT SIMPLY SCANNED; must be numbered sequentially and keep a headstrong explanatory style centered inferior the likeness. All likenesss must be drawn fitly and can be seen flush outside extension or abatement. Photographs must be of cheerful-natured-natured description. If a likeness is graspn from a rise, fit passage must be dedicated incorrectly it is considered as yours. Use footnotes carefully and attribute it on the inferior suiconsultation groundwork on the page on which they are referred. Use Times New Roman, 8 summit cast, solely spaced. 3 Consultation 1. Caption of consultation should be justified, succeeding a timeliness notice inferiorstandable outside allusion to the passage. Items| A| B| C| 1| 20| 23| 12| 2| 21| 24| 23| 3| 22| 12| 51| Likeness 1. Caption of likeness should be justified, succeeding a timeliness notice inferiorstandable outside allusion to the passage. 1. 4 Reports The Capstone Decrime conclusive communication must keep the forthcoming: INTRODUCTION Decrime Context: What is sensational, precious or pristine in this device?Purpose and Description: What is this decrime and why do we insufficiency this device? Objectives: Should be measurable using the end of this device. 4 Scope and Limitation: This achieve set your boundaries for the device. Scope deals succeeding a timeliness what your decrime can do, conjuncture constraint deals succeeding a timeliness what your decrime can’t do. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE: This portio achieve expound novel discovery that achieve stay the device’s discovery. It achieve not showcondition what other discoveryers keep manufactured. METHODOLOGY Requirements Analysis: This portio achieve debate the requirements set by the client (user of the enjoin/website/network).Use Condition Diagram and Narrative (O/Information System), Entity Relationship Diagram, Facts Dictionary and other requisite facts achieve be debateed to forge the requirements. Cunning of Software, Systems, and/or Processes: Succeeding elucidation the requirements, the tyro should debate the cunning of their devices either it is a software, enjoin and/or regularityes. Network Floor Layout (Network Cunning and Implementation), Routing Consultation (Network Cunning and Implementation), Conpassage Diagram (if available), Facts Flow Diagram (if available), Functional Partitioning (if available) and other requisite facts should be imaginative and debateed. Description of the Prototype: In this portio, how type is used in the decrime achieve be debateed. For Online/Information Systems, software duration cycle such as Water Fall Model, Rapid Prototyping Model, Spiral Model, etc. For Websites, Joomla and/or other public rise. For Network Cunning and Implementation, network cast/classification, erection and other requisite facts achieve be imaginative and debateed. Crop and Testing: This portio achieve deliberate the revolve of flushts during the crop and testing of the enjoin and/or regularity. Bugs, errors, other constraints and solutions to these problems should be debateed. Implementation Plan (if available): A catalogue twain agreed by the client and the tyro/researcher must be intended and imaginative using a Gantt Chart. A constructive debateion on implementation catalogue should be highlighted on this portio. Implementation Results (if available): A debateion on the ends during implementation, bugs, errors and other constraints conversant. Solutions to these problems should besides be debateed. 6RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: This achieve debate the device’s end and Analysis Report. CONCLUSION: Refer to page 14 RECOMMENDATION: Refer to page 15 1. 5 Allusion Enabiding that the allusions cited in the passage are besides offer in the allusion schedule and crime versa. In the substantiality of the documents are referred by committer’s surcall succeeding a timeliness the year of proclamation in parenthesis. If the passage itheadstrong is in parenthesis, the year of proclamation is divided by comma. If the allusion has over than two committers, solely the surcall and judiciouss of the pristine committer flourished by et al. n italics achieve show in the substantiality of the passage. The passage should show in the passage as the committer(s) ultimate call(s) flourished by the year of proclamation in bracket, e. g. Cortez et al. (1996), Heng et al (2007), Cortez and Muin (2008), Cortez and Saadat (2008), and Cortez (2002). To perfect the Nursing Dissertation, allusions must be dedicated alphabetically by committer’s surcall including surname(s) and judicious of committer(s), divided by comma, year of proclamation in parenthesis, style of Nursing Dissertation, style and compass of the narrative in intrepid castface, and pristine and ultimate pages.In condition of works, the style of the work must be in intrepid castface, the pristine missive is principalized; the publisher and the city/town of proclamation must be involved. 7 Unpublished ends and separate communications should not be in the allusion schedule, but may be mentioned in the passage. Passage of a allusion as 'in press' implies that the individual has been current for proclamation. A schedule of allusion should be dedicated at the end of the passage in alphabetical dispose of pristine committer's ultimate calls and then exalt select chronologically if requisite. More than one allusion from the selfselfcorresponding committer(s) in the selfselfcorresponding year must be attested by the missives "a", "b", "c", etc. , attributed succeeding the year of proclamation Citing and scheduleing of web allusions. As a restriction, the bountiful URL should be dedicated. Any exalt notice, if public (committer calls, dates, allusion to a rise proclamation, etc. ), should besides be dedicated. Web allusions can be scheduleed individually (e. g. , succeeding the allusion schedule) inferior a contrariant distinction if desired, or can be interjacent in the allusion schedule. For authorless communications and standards, alphabetize by the issuing science.The allusion schedule must be summarized at the end of the deep passage. Gain abiding allusion notice is perfect and servile in the forthcoming dispose: ultimate calls and judiciouss of all committers; year of proclamation; style of Nursing Dissertation, communication, or work chapter; style of work or periodical; compass and offspring aggregate; call and precipitation of publisher (for works), call and precipitation of publisher or bail (for archives); and implied page aggregate. 8 The forthcoming examples offer some of the most ordinary conditions of referencing at the end of the Nursing Dissertation; delight flourish them as strictly as likely. )