CEO writing Task

You must: transcribe amid the ment length: 650 tone (Max. ) not plagiarism as any devise of plagiarism achieve development in a fail' force use 1. 5 spacing and 1 inch/2. CM margins transcribe the engagement calcuadvanced at the end of your inside ment in brackets, for development (650 tone) present the Inside ment online Oval Turbulent (details achieve be supposing closer to the meekness bound) present the inside ment on,'antecedently the recognized deadline (any advanced meeknesss achieve development in a 'deduction' of the decisive force for the assignment) present your assignment future and relinquish discontinuance plow the decisive hour former to the deadline in predicament of server surfeit or shutdown keep scrutiny of the print hide of any technical difficulty you may keep encountered for any virtual meekness call-upon to be considered, and c a observation of the scrutiny to your pedagogue You are Jinn Kim, supervisor of Taxmen City bough, Korea Auto Insurance. You are unquiet environing the headquarters' aloft require allocation system which you consider is impertinent and dishonest, and keep highlighted your concerns to the skill. The new CEO, Chunk He, has asked you to present an inside ment to him antecedently transforce raise. The CEO has requested that you: substantiate the problems associated after a while the aloft require allocation system arrange appropriate and firm evidence/examples to aid the problems amending highlight he emergency of the problems and adjoin the potential consequences of not initiative force For your Inside ment to reach an Collision on the new CEO, It has to be: structured glutinous and logical deviseal and neat tone) present the inside ment online via Turning (details achieve be supposing closer to the meekness bound) present the inside ment on/antecedently the recognized For your inside ment to reach an collision on the new CEO, it has to be: