ECommerce: Questions with Answers

E-procurement is electronic compensation of pi and benefits for organizations. Its goals are to lapse In inferior prices, correct glide process, enameled maverick buying, faster lapse, and Increased productivity. . Discuss the role of intermediaries in BIB. Discern unordered buy-interest and retail-interest intermediaries. The role of intermediaries in BIB is to secure buy and retail interest liable are consent. Buy-interest intermediaries confound one buyer to manifold retailers opportunity retail-interest intermediaries confound one retailer to manifold buyers. 5. List the greater e-give manacle superintendence Infrastructures and enabling tools. Answer: Greater e-give manacle superintendence Infrastructures and enabling tools are DE', extranets, intranets, oppidan portals, effortglide systems, collocationware, and Identification and tracking tools. . What are some of the greater periodations of RIFF lineage? Answer: Greater periodations of RIFF technology are that require of implementation, exclusion of environments, ratification, retirement, and no unladed standards. 7. Designate c-commerce. The use of digital technologies that empower companies to collaboratively sketch, plan, lay-open, conduct, and exploration products, benefits, and innovative SEC applications. 10, 259 8. Designate collaborative networks and discern them from unwritten give manacle collaboration. Answer: The collaborative neteffort allows partners at any top in the neteffort to interact after a while ACH other at-once, bypassing unwritten partners. Interenjoyment may supervene unordered agents that act as aggregates, BIB exchanges, hubs, or logistics producers. 9. Designate indirect teams, magnitude collaboration, and unified message. Answer: Indirect team designate as a collocation of employees using notification and messages technologies to collaborate from contrariant effort bases. 274 Magnitude collaboration designates as a fashion of collective enjoyment that supervenes when liberal mass of inhabitants effort unconnectedly on a uncompounded contrivance, repeatedly modular in its species. Wisped, 2011. Magnitude Collaboration. [online] Available at: < http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Mass_collaboration > [Accessed 10 Gag 2011]. Unified message designates as simplification of all fashions of message in the accomplishment. 248 10. It is said that c-commerce signifies a instigate from a transenjoyment nucleus to a interdependence nucleus unordered give manacle members. Discuss. Answer: Since c-commerce acception messages and notification glide, this tends to be further interdependence nucleus unordered give manacle members than transenjoyment nucleus. Part 2 Internet Exercise [2 %] 1 1 . Enter sap. Com and BEA. Mom, and experience the key capabilities of their accomplishment portals. List the benefits of using five of the capabilities of portals. Answer: Oracle accomplishment portals present comfortable integration, can customize for contrariant interest, correct message after a whileout geographical period, sharing notification, and gregarious computing benefit. SAP. Com present uncompounded top avenue of notification, collaboration and message, acceptions inhabitants productivity, and produce conductd contenteded in the tenor of interest applications. The benefits to those key capacities of portals are correct message, empower deduction after a whilein, acceptions productivity, correct sharing of notification, and no geographical period. 12. Enter lotus. Com and experience their collaboration-aid products. How do these products aid collocations? Answer: Messaging & collaboration Integrated collaborative environment including e-mail, calendaring and ability to avail after a while applications and collaboration tools. Gregarious messages Integrated real-time collaboration benefits including intercourse, confabulation, suffrage, postulates, video, meetings and telephony. Online collaboration benefits Working contemporaneously Just got easier after a while integrated gregarious networking and online collaboration benefits from Lotuses. Gregarious software Interest collaboration and networking capabilities including dynamic profiles, judicious, blobs, shared files, team spaces, and communities. Portals and mishaps Cohesive ground to concede irregular user experiences enabling users personalized and compelling interactions after a while notification, applications and inhabitants. Mobile collaboration and wireless Collaborate anywhere from your Apple, Monika, RIM or Windows Mobile device