Food and Beverage Services

Possible Questions for Oral Questioning What is the 3 Bucket Method? Washing Rinsing Sanitizing What is 3S? Scrape Segregate Stack What is the basic discharge of subsistence utility disciple (bartender, receptionist, waiter, or any other posture)? How do you use visitor repining? H- hearkenken (attend and confirm repining) E - Empathize A- Apologize R - Respond (notify superintendent) T - Take action What are the stamps of subsistence utility? Explain each utility. America Utility or compoundd utility - subsistence is already prescribed in the kitchen in peculiar compounds delay decoreprove and accompaniment and compound is ministerd peculiarly to visitors Russian utility or extract utility - subsistence is castly in a extract and waiter minister the subsistence from the extract to the visitors compound using a tong French or gueridon utility - chef or topic waiter prescribe the subsistence on the board verge delay some semblancemanship. Gueridon utility for it uses gueridon trolley Buffet Service- visitors row up to get their subsistence in the pound board Banquet Utility - for class of living-souls and delay urban worth Family Utility - subsistence are prescribed in the kitchen, attributed in a extract and ministerd in a extract on the board. English Utility - individual dinner delay ostentatious dining construct and normally delay wine utility Luriat Utility - compound of subsistence perfect delay rice, forest, vegeboard and dessert/ compound delay perfect frugality Apartment or Blue Compound Utility - aapprove to nativity Utility delay separation in dregs as it is held in an apartment Tray Utility - subsistence is ministerd delay the use of a tray What are the examples of unsanitary/ remedial practices? Differentiate American Utility (Plated) from Russian Utility (Platter). What are the vulgar factors that need to be considered in putting up you own restaurant? Capital/ Budget Location Target Market Competitors Manning - attribute, advantageable staff Knowledgeable environing the Business Food Costing Safety and Sanitation of the Area Requirements & Permits Equipments Product/ Source of Ingredients Product Development Cite examples of the unanalogous areas of the restaurant. Divulge triton environing the area. Cashier's Area Dining Area - where visitors are seated to eat, Dishwashing Area - where cutleries, compoundes and other equipments are washed, rinsed, and sanitized. It is attributed inverge the kitchen Food Provision Area - aka kitchen Dispatching Area Bar Counter Food Display Counter Service Station or Verge Stand What is restaurant? - Types of restaurant. Fine Dining Coffee shop Industrial, Student Canteen/ Cafeteria What are the procedures in ostentatious dining? How do you reprove your topstrong 1-10 ignoble, 10 as the highest, on your profession? Did you by or miscarry? Why? What are the waterygs needed in preparing the board for utility? China Glasses Cloth Cutleries What are the considerations when preparing the board for utility? Obstruct equipment, obstruct the board and then sanitize the board. How do you sanitize your influences? Wash influences for 20 sec delay sanitizer/ soap and instil Wash up to your elbow Rinse influence thoroughly Dry influences using one utility towel or brochure towels What are the requirement(s) of a cheerful subsistence utility disciple? Service-oriented, presageificance you are knowledgeable of your job roles and discharges. How do you obstruct situation of the board (and utensils) preceding to utility? Actual obstructing Types of Kitchen Cold - Salad, Dessert Hot - Entree, Soup, Appetizer TIPS - FBS NC II Assessment TIPS Check board, chair and utensils and other individuals for cracks, chips and stains through express obstructing. All forks are attributed on the left verge, bar for the cocktail fork. Pull out unneeded cutleries and china and construct the needed ignoble on the prescribe of the visitor. When visitors are already seated, vestibule the board delayin 30 seconds. If tied up delay other visitor, vestibule and divulge the visitor you'll get to them in a few seconds. Maintain direct attitude: a. Friendly but not everyday b. No influenceshake, no pat on the tail c. Do not stare Be assuage, relaxed and focused on visitor. Keep utterance on comforboard plane, accost reluctantly. Offer appealing prompting or entreative selling anteriorly, opportunity and subjoined dinner. Describe menu to visitor. Use tone such as blooming, fluffy, influence whipped, inadequate, current, luxurious, pressible, lively, homemade When insertion the prescribe, jurisprudence your obstruct if visitor is sundry. | | When insertion prescribe of class, actuate environing the board. 1 Do not talk aggravate visitor. Repeat prescribe, if not confident. Take menu when leaving. Do not impress the napkin or any other individual, when quiescent scrutiny for endurance. Transfer subsistence ASAP When presenting the obstruct/ jaw, never presume and never ask who is paying. Put the obstruct on the board countenance down. For 2 or over visitors, attribute obstruct in the average of the board. Do not perverse median when placing utensils and prescribe of the visitor. For repinings, use your H-E-A-R-T! H- hearkenken (attend and confirm repining) E - Empathize A- Apologize R - Respond (notify superintendent) T - Take action Dispose leftaggravate subjoined the 3S (Scrape, Segregate, Stack) When accumulationing: Biggest to insignificantest Do not accumulation too high By 10s simply When defecation the dining area set-out delay the cruet set, then silverwares, chinaware and finally the instil goblet. When cutleries are impressed in accurate area, reattribute and apologize to the visitor. When visitor prescribeed 2 salad/ soup/ appetizer/ entree/ beverage/ dessert, ask the visitor which one do they choose to be ministerd original. When serving the subsistence/ beverage, communication the contemplationate of the subsistence/ beverage. Critical Mistakes in FBS: Failing to Link Serving the injustice subsistence Wrong cutlery set up Failing to quote prescribe No entreative selling Forgetting to confer observation of reception to visitor When cutleries are impressed in accurate area, reattribute and apologize to the visitor.  Right verge of the visitor:  Beverages  Dishing out  Presentation of the Bill Left verge of the visitor:  Presentation of menu inventory (halt menu inventory delay left influence delay the menu oppositeness out) Taking prescribes  Delivery of subsistence  On Ostentatious Dining, no board napking uncollapsed environing the pitcher.  Avoid transferring tray from one influence to the other to abandon accidents.  On Ostentatious Dining, when visitor did not prescribe for soup nor salad get the board napkin and attribute on the left verge of the visitor and compound out the semblance compound. On entreative selling, set-out w/ ocean compound in-particular if asked "what is your specialty? "  Colored teapot - for sombre coffee White teapot - for hot instil Dishing out, 3x simply:  Cruet set  Plates and cutleries  Water goblet  Mese-en-attribute in 5 minutes simply During construct/ mese-en-place, 4 deliveries simply:  Cruet set  Cutleries and fare compound (6 pcs)  Show compound and collapsed napkin  Water goblet  In-space utility, on the trolley  First Layer (Top): o Cruet set o Paper napkin halter w/ brochure napkin o Toothpick o Water goblet w/ secrete o Collin glass w/ caggravate (Bottled instil) o Water container/ pitcher o Teapot o Cup and seasoningr o Extra board napkin o Cutleries secreteed w/ board napkin o Food w/ caggravate (if interval is ample)  Second Layer o Bill tray Third Layer o Table cloth o Sanitizing constituency and wiping cloth  In space utility, do not confer observation of reception if visitor paid using 'charged to space". Just let the visitor presage the reception.  In space utility, if visitor prescribeed for fare attribute the butter expander direct to the dinner fork. In entreative selling (space utility), do not ask questions responsible by "yes" or "no. " e. g. We minister blooming proceeds approve ochreous, apple, mango.  In space utility:  Suggestive selling  Additional request  Good for how sundry…. then quote prescribe  When wiping board, opposed clockwise control.  In Ostentatious Dining, when visitor accept no appropriation and paid thru presageing claim do not learn to get the contemplationate of the visitor and the contemplationate of the order and its oration. Verify at the opposed.  In ostentatious dining, when visitor prescribeed for affixed rice attribute it in the fare compound and attribute on the fare compound posture.  Leave on the trolley, attribute the subsistence and beverage according to fair clocking. Table Skirting Tips: Be vivacious delay colors. Careful some colors do not go well-behaved. Communicate delay your superintendent, caterer and clients. Cater or flourish your visitor peculiarations and wants. Typically, the presidential and pound board are the simply board delay skirting. Food and Beverage Services (FBS) NC II Free Reviewer Types of Services Banquet (Bukcet) Utility • For class of individual • Urban worth • e. g. normal discharge Nativity Utility • Subsistence are prescribed in the kitchen and ministerd in extract in the board • Started by topic of the nativity English Utility Individual dinner • Normal individual dinner • Ostentatious dining construct • w/ Wine utility Luriat Utility • A compound delay rice, forest, vegeboard & dessert • Big compound delay perfect frugality Apartment/ Blue Compound Utility • Aapprove delay nativity utility, separation is dregs • Located in apartment Tray Utility Types of Menu A la Carte - combo frugality Table d' Hote - Peculiar Menu w/ peculiar worth Classes of Menu Special aspect - e. g. weddings, baptismal Cycle - provision of subsistence is cabal of lunch and dinner Menu Functions Breakfast Morning/ A. M. Snack Brunch (Breakfast + Lunch) Lunch Afternoon/ P. M. Snack (2 - 3 P. M. ) Merienda Cena (5 P. M. ) Dinner Midnight Snack Subsistence Sequence Appetizer Soup Salad Main Course/ Entree Dessert Beverages Silverwares: Spoon SPOONS Sugar spoon - a interest of cutlery used for serving granulated sugar. This stamp of spoon resembles a teaspoon bar that the bowl is contemplationinger and frequently molded in the cast of a sea shell, giving it the contemplationate sugar shell. Sugar spoons are sometimes named "sugar shovels" consequently of their rectangular cast and contemplationing bowl. Ice Gist Spoon Dessert spoon — comprised in capaciousness among a teaspoon and a boardspoon, used in eating dessert and sometimes soup or cereals. Teaspoon — insignificant, suiboard for important and sipping tea or coffee, banner compressiveness one third of a boardspoon. Examples: o Grapeoutgrowth spoon or ochreous spoon — tapers to a acute top or teeth, used for citrus proceeds and melons o iced tea spoon/ Crave tea spoon — delay a very crave use Soup spoon — delay a capacious or completeed bowl for eating soup. Example: o gist-soup spoon — complete-bowled, subordinately limiteder than a banner soup spoon Dinner spoon Table spoon Silverware: Forks Cocktail fork - A insignificant fork correspondent a trident, used for spearing cocktail decoratees such as olives. Cake fork Tea fork Escargot - or snail fork is a two-pronged insignificant fork used to eat escargot or snails, a French sel. Dessert fork - a fork used for eating assured desserts, usually partially insignificanter than a dinner fork. Fish fork Salad fork - Aapprove to a recurrent fork, but may be limiteder, or accept one of the outward tines castd unanalogously. Dinner fork Table fork Silverwares: Knives Bread and butter expander Salad knife Dinner knife Cocktail / Fish knife Types of Chinaware According to Material Used Melamine (Plastic) Ceramic (Clay) Porcelain Transparent Glass Chinaware Show Plate/ Underliner - 11 - 12 inches in bisection, underrow for set-outers Dinner Compound - 11 inches in bisection, for ocean continuity approve steaks, Continental/ American breakfast, compoundd subsistences Soup bowl - 9 - 10 inches in bisection, container for gist soup, (used for close soup delay underliner) Fish Compound - 9 inches in biminority for fish appetizers approve smoked salmon, tanguigue, chef compound, sushi, sashimi and etc. Salad Compound and Salad Bowl - 8-8. 5 inches in bisection, container/underliner for vegeboard or outgrowth salad Dessert Compound - 6. 5 - 7 inches Bread Compound - 7. 5 inches in biminority for fare and butter ministerd on the verge of the secrete Bouillon or Consomme Cup - container for evident soup approve beef consomme, evident vegeboard soup and etc. , (used for serving evident soup e. g. inigang) Sauce Boat Monkey Compound - container for seasonings approve gravy, tempura seasoning, etc. and SOY DISH for kikkoman/ soy seasoning, calamansi, pati, vinegar (for serving dipping seasoning/ sawsawan) Demitasse seasoningr and cup - 4 inches in bisection, underrow for demitasse cup, usually used for cafe espresso and hot chocolate Cup Saucer - 6 inches in bisection, used for coffee underliner, perhaps used as-well for dessert Cereal Bowl - container for cereals approve arroz caldo, oats and etc. Cruet Set - vase delay salt and pepper shaker Bell Egg cup halter - for containing distressing boiled eggs Tea Ball Coaster - unspotted is used as caggravate and forest or yielding as underlined Napkin Food Cover Bill Holder Oval Plate Pitcher - either unspotted or glass, when used to minister instil it should accept a napkin Teapot Coffee Pot - bigger than the teapot Types of Glasses Tumbler Footed Stem - For serving wine and cocktails. They all accept a crave parent that you halt to absorb the mellifluous inverge so that the air of your influence on the bowl of the glass won’t animated or approve the air of the absorb. These include: Champagne flute glasses. This stamp of absorb glass has a crave parent and a crave straightened bowl. Cocktail glass. This is frequently named a martini glass. The bowl is triangular in cast so that it almost forms a lawful leaning from the tip of the cone to the perverse minority of the bowl. Sherry glass. This absorb glass has a parent for halting but the bowl of the glass is completeer and capaciousr than the normal stamps of parentware. The banner capaciousness is one that halts environing 4 ounces of sherry or wine. Snifter. This is a balloon cast wine glass in which the bowl is straighteneder at the top than at the deep. It is in-great-measure used for serving brandy. Mug Glasses Parfait glass/ Sundae. This glass has a aapprove inners incurvation to that of a squall glass, delay a steeper outwards rim and capaciousr, completeed bowl. Frequently used for absorbs containing outgrowth or ice gist. Normal Size: 12 oz. Cocktail glass/ Martini Glass. This glass has a triangle-bowl depresage delay a crave parent, and is used for a expanded stroll of straight-up (externally ice) cocktails, including martinis, manhattans, metropolitans, and gimlets. As-well unconcealed as a martini glass. Normal Size: 4-12 oz. Sherbet - used for ice gist Margarita/coupette glass. This subordinately capaciousr and completeed vestibule to a cocktail glass has a broad-rim for halting salt, conceptional for margarita's. It is as-well used in daiquiris and other outgrowth absorbs. Normal Size: 12 oz. Cordial glass. Insignificant and parentmed glasses used for serving insignificant portions of your favourite liquors at times such as subjoined a frugality. Normal Size: 2 oz. Shot glass. A insignificant glass suiboard for vodka, whiskey and other liquors. Sundry "shot" adulterated absorbs as-well allure for shot glasses. Normal Size: 1. 5 oz. Water Goblet/ Banquet Goblet Red wine glass. A evident, watery, parentmed glass delay a complete bowl tapering inner at the rim. Normal Size: 8 oz. Champagne flute. This tulip castd glass is contemplationed to semblance off the waltzing bubbles of the wine as they touch opposing the verge of the glass and expand out into a shining mousse. Normal Size: 6 oz. White wine glass. A evident, watery, parentmed glass delay an elongated oval bowl tapering inner at the rim. Normal Size: 12. 5 oz. Old-fashioned glass. A limited, complete so named "rocks" glass, suiboard for cocktails or liquor ministerd on the rocks, or "delay a splash". Normal Size: 8-10 oz. Highball glass. A straight-sided glass, frequently an refined way to minister sundry stamps of adulterated absorbs, approve those ministerd on the rocks, shots, and mixer collectively liquor absorbs (ie. gin and tonic). Normal Size: 8-12 oz. Collins glass. Shaped resemblingly to a highball glass, simply toweringer, the collins glass was originally used for the row of collins gin absorbs, and is now as-well vulgarly used for pressible absorbs, alcoholic juice, and tropical/exotic juices such as Mai Tai's. Normal Size: 14 oz. Beer mug. The transmitted beer container. Normal Size: 16 oz. Brandy snifter. The cast of this glass concentrates the alcoholic odors to the top of the glass as your influences animated the brandy. Normal Size: 17. 5 oz. Coffee mug. The transmitted mug used for hot coffee. Normal Size: 12-16 oz. Hurricane glass. A towering refinedly cut glass contemplationated subjoined it's squall-lamp-approve cast, used for exotic/tropical absorbs. Normal Size: 15 oz. Pousse-cafe glass. A straightened glass essentially used for pousse caf? s and other layered dessert absorbs. It's cast increases the contentment of layering ingredients. Normal Size: 6 oz. Sherry glass. The choosered glass for aperitifs, ports, and sherry. The copita, delay it's redolence enhancing straightened taper, is a stamp of sherry glass. Normal Size: 2 oz. Whiskey tart glass. As-well unconcealed as a delmonico glass, this is a parentmed, expanded beginning glass, aapprove to a insignificant account of a champagne flute. Normal Size: 5 oz. Types of Beverages? Non-Alcoholic: Water Juice Coffee Tea  Alcoholic Spirits 3 Bucket Method Washing Rinsing Sanitizing Napkin Folds Fleur de Leis Fan Birds of Paradise Japanese Princess Cardinal Waiter's Jacket The Candlestick Double Candlestick Candle Fan Japanese Fan French Fan The Bat Plain Fold Sea Breeze Flute Star Pyramid Four Candle Lotus/ Instil Lily Cutlery Holder Pineapple Peacock Bishop's Hat/ Mitre Blossom Candy Cross Candle delay Flame Small Candle delay Flame Petticoat Tail Snail (Star delay wrap over) Portfolio Maria Clara Cross Row French Fold Picnic Pocket Rose Twirl Square Dance Lady Dress T-shirt Cat's Paw Deco Bar Items Wine Bucket Shaker 2 Types: o Boston Type (Body, Strainer, Cap) o Glass Bottle and Wine Opener Chopping Board - used for decorateing Knife Fruit Picker Jigger - used for measuring liquors and liqueurs Tong Bar Strainer Bar Spoon (with/ outgrowth picker) Muddler - used for crushing proceeds Baller - used for decorateing Ice Scooper Ice Pick - used for cracking ice Can Opening Lime Squeezer Pour Spout Basic Set-Up Skills 1. Polishing silverware Moist rown Do not concession finger print 2. Placing silver/ utensils. Halt silverwares on the verges delay thumb and protest finger cherished in the average by the average finger Napkin Folding Water Serving 3/4s of goblet simply, environing an inch from the rim Food Placement - Serving Food: Order of Service: Women ministerd original, oldest to youngest Men ministerd direct, oldest to youngest Serve subsistence opposedclockwise using left influence and on left verge of visitor Serve beverage clockwise using lawful influence on the lawful verge of the visitor