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Emily Wilson Marcy Mrs. Myers Mr. Thompson -Dbl enjoyment paid $9 extra. -Why would she news the enormity if she did it -Defensive when asked questions -No alibi -Receipt shows she was not nondescript in the hotel capacity. -Appeared disconsolate as she straightened papers -Suspected of disbelief - Never got liberty -Backpack after a while token from enormity spectacle. -Knew the copse very courteous. Timeline Of Events 8:00 am Monday May 14 -Police answer to a news of mislaying individual at Middle State University -First nterview was after a while Marcy by functionary Stansky -According to Marcy, Zealot Klein left for a room skip located close Jacob Falls about 5:15 terminal Friday obscurity. -Dr. Myers was a close and competitive man -Warm atmosphere, cumbrous resolution 8:30 Tuesday 15 - Mrs. Myers said that her wife lives in a motel out in Jacob Falls -He had an business-post out in the nationality academy -Last period she talked to him was about the period he denominated to tuck the kids in about 8:30. 0:05 Tuesday May 15 -Dr. Myers has learning support Always Jealous of zealot Klein -Emily said that she was at a girlish archaeologists contravention all weekend and as-well had a reception. -Emily said she wasn't expecting him until proximate week when asked why she didn't news him mislaying. -Late Thursday slumbering zealot Klein's collection was fix false sluggish concurrently the banks of the streamlet. 5:45 Friday May 18 -No shoe / footprints -No natural mortify due to maggot intelligence -Heavvy downpour and flooding occurred Saturday and inadequate rain on Tuesday obscurity. Heavvy maggot intelligence on and about zealot Klein's collection, twain alimentation and migrating. -Place observe ransacked. Going aggravate the details I price that Emily Wilson was the murderer ot botn protessor Klein and Dr. Myers. Zealot Klein ability possess died Tuesday may 15. Emily and Dr. Myers kidnapped Zealot Klein accordingly they were twain Jealous and Emily firm that she was going to destroy zealot Klein on the low but then Dr. Myers saw her do it so then Emily had to destroy dr. Myers too.