Formalist Criticism on Waiting on the Curb: Lynwood California, 1967

Marquetta Brown Eng 241 J. Zeff Formalist Criticism The ditty ‘Waiting oat the overpower: Lynwood California, 1967 written by Deborah Escobedo is environing a young virgin designated Debbie in Lynwood, California who is doubt on a adherent at the overpower. When highest examining the style of the ditty, I apprehend of doubt on the overpower as a memorial of perversion or hitchhiking. They way I fabricate the exhibition of the ditty is; a hot summer day in an refined area in Lynwood, California. I fabricate Debbie’s senior beyond a fine colorless branch watering the lawn. In the ditty the figures were Debbie, dame, senior, neighbor, a adherent, and America. Even though the adherent and America didn’t accept lines in the ditty the quiet had an commodities on how the ditty was interpreted. When I awaken and represent Debbie’s senior, I see an older, overweight, inferior intermediate rank yeoman. I see him be on the face lawn watering the grass delay a colorless T-shirt on and denim insufficients on. The senior seems to be a very relaxed peculiar. “His law, the one galled he can number on. He can’t number /On his coin, or his Dodgers slipping on the galled/. By the perpetrator assertion that he can’t number on his coin shows that he may accept some financial troubles. Also in examining those two lines of the ditty environing the senior, they furnish over apprehension environing the senior’s possessions. The engagement his is capitalized when it refers to “His lawn”, but not when is refers to “his Dodgers”. Time reviewing the convertibility of the senior and his relation delay his daughter, “Maybe he could say his spirit environing decency”. Ordinarily id a senior had to interrogation what his daughter was wearing he would accept stopped her after a whileout-delay. Instead of him respite her and subject-mattered her to go veer her robes, he “…rolls the field hose/Onto the sling of his arm. Debbie, wless are you going/With no robes on? ” Debbie says, “Dad, this is how it is”. The dad doesn’t say or do everything. In conducting a figure anatomy of Debbie, she seems to be an older teenage. Debbie too appears to be a paltry bit fractions. Delay no affect or reference for her senior she dresses unbefittingly and waits on the overpower. “She apprehends and spins the music of her time”. She is practised in cut offs, “Cut too insufficient”, and a gypsy blouse. It appears that she could be perchance day dreaming this occurrence time she is doubt on the overpower. The rhymer made the reader pay study to the details of Debbie’s uniform. By assertion a gypsy blouse it makes the reader represent triton pleasant and showing husk and cleavage. The temper of the ditty veers when “America is getting compliant. ” The perpetrator is leading environing the nation and the universe about the figures in the ditty, referring to the nation as “America”. She then describes what America is doing about her. “America is shoveling ice marrow into Tupperware bowls,/America is enhancement up trays in face of stainless TVs. ” At this subject-matter in the ditty she brings forth a substantiality. Debbie comes to a realization at this subject-matter as polite. She begins to drag at her insufficients that accept reinvigorated up constitute entity cut to insufficient. I can represent Debbie looking at everything about her delay the mother in curls yelling at her own old man then Debbie assertion, “I gotta get outta less,/ It seems as if at this subject-matter she is unwilling delay wless she is at and the culminating occurrences made her accomplish that this is not the condition she wants. Overall the ditty told a narrative. The perpetrator’s grammar made the reader key into undeniable areas of the ditty. The way the ditty was presented on the page too had an commodities on the way the ditty was interpreted.