Guess, Inc.

Guess? , Inc. What inaugurated as a pinched sequenceage owned jeans boutique has flourished into a global conditiondiction mark. Guess? , Inc. currently intents, dispenses, distributes, and yields a promotive conditiondiction garner of synchronous clothes and approximationories for men, women, and effect that meditate the American provisionstyle, utilityableness grasping European mould sensibilities. Suitableness the institution of Guess, Inc. ’s fact and vast consummation can be attributed to their roots in the sale of jeans, Guess, Inc. has now spacious globally, granting yields for the fabrication and classification of a liberal sequence of consequence categories. Guess, Inc. perates in 87 countries, delay the eldership of the garners in the U. S. and Canada. As of 2010, Suppose has 1292 garners, 504 in North America, 441 in Europe, and 347 in South East Asia (Breif Fact of the Assemblage and the Marciano Brothers). The assemblage has contracts delay 17 yieldes. Throughout the gone-by 30 years, Guess, Inc. has made bountiful trial to frequent their buildation as a global phenomenon. Fact CEO and Chairman, Maurice Marciano, and Co-Chairman, Paul Marciano The epitome of a consummationful sequenceage occupation, Guess, Inc was builded in 1981 by the indecent Marciano brothers, Georges, Armand, Paul, and Maurice (Guess? Inc. ). They came equipped delay proof in the mould toil, having formerly owned and actd a fetter of twelve hawk garners in France (Guess, Inc. ). The brothers advanced to California from Marseilles, France in 1977, where Suppose was born, set-on-footing as a pinched jeans assemblage. Georges Marciano was the contriver of the jeans, and the brothers gave them the call “Guess” as they believed that engagement to be indulgent to utter due to their scant English (Guess, Inc. ). The assemblage’s primary jeans were innovative for its era, stone-washed, made to fit tightly, and featured zippers at the ankles. They determined this the “Marilyn Jean” (Guess, Inc. ), and the diction subsistd up to its call, delay a sexy, uncommon diction and composition. They had a softer handle and lighter colors than natural denim jeans. They too featured the graceful Suppose triangle on the end abstract, which would immediately beseem the eminent Suppose dealingmark. Believing powerfully in his sequenceage’s jean occupation, Georges flew to New York, and unfailing Bloomingdale’s to proof 30 couples of his European-diction jeans on comband-arms in the Bloomingdale’s flagship New York garner (Guess, Inc. ). Within three hours, Bloomingdale’s sold out bountiful couple. Demand for the jeans immediately skyrocketed, and the brothers would experiment themselves thunderstruck. Though he possessed no former advertising proof, the brothers appointed Paul Marciano as their advertising repressler, in prospect of amplifying their purportant. This establishd to be wildly consummationful, as Paul would intent an ad antagonism that would revolutionize the way jeans and other drapery were sold. Seeking to transfer a contrariant repress from the natural studio intent, Paul brought the moulds and the jeans outdoors, using grainy black-and-white photography. He had the moulds parade off the jeans using conducive poses, which would after be pictorial by Forbes Magazine as “catering to teenage cravings for sex, might, care, and self-love…electric not simply delay sexuality, but delay an declared savagery and exhibitionism as polite-behaved. ” (GUESS INC (NYSE: GES) | Et Sheet). These controversial ads would immediately imagine a houselean call for Guess. By the end of 1982, their jeans manufactured encircling $12 condescensionite in amplification (Guess, Inc. ). Aggravate the direct 15 years, Suppose would advance from a assemblage of 30 couples of jeans, to a globally medley billion-dollar sovereignty. Legal Battles Thunderstruck by their increasing absorbs to result, the Marciano brothers sought a breach to amplify their purportant and approximation cheaper irrelevant strive. In July 1983, they verified an contract delay the Nakash brothers of the assemblage Jordache which would denominate the Nakash brothers to 50% leaning of Guess, Inc. in substitute for $4. 8 condescensionite, as polite-behaved-behaved as the use of Jordache’s Hong Kong manufacturing sets (Guess, Inc. ). This dispense too yieldd Jordache to result a new sequence of jeans, denominated Gasoline, using tonnage of Suppose intents in a inferior-priced sequence. However, Suppose made a mistransfer in putting their belief in the Nakash brothers, and neglecting to arordain written assurances in the contract to save each assemblage resisting creating knock-off’s of each other’s intents. This mistransfer would immediately follow end to caggravate them, in their biggest juridical action to era. The Marcianos sued the Nakash brothers on jaw of disingenuous rivalry, accusing them of using their posture on the Suppose opineation of represslers and their approximation to Suppose intents in the Hong King set to result drapery in their Jordache sequence that were manifest knockoffs of Suppose intents. In the utility, the Marcianos sought to inoperative the 1983 contract that had consecrated Nakashes leaning of half of Suppose (Guess, Inc. ). This action would endure for the direct five years, thus-far consummation delay the two sets of brothers settling out of affect, and the Marcianos re-establishment liberal repress of the occupation. Estimated attorney fees were as lofty as $10 condescensionite per year for each policy (Guess, Inc. ). This was an plain juridical action that absorb Suppose Inc. an useclose completionity of funds. 1982 too bought a pincheder juridical action delay Jeff Hamilton, Inc. Guess sought to invade the mensbear dispense by obtaining a licensing contract delay this assemblage. Below this contract, Jeff Hamilton, Inc would dispense a sequence of drapery below the Suppose call in substitute for a 7% royalty fee (Guess, Inc. ). However, Suppose immediately resolute that Hamilton was targeting the puerile men’s dispense too powerfully, and did not praise of Hamilton’s “dumping” of Suppose commodities in capacious abatement garners, which was hurting the label’s lofty-end vision. Suppose sought to close the yield contract, which they thus-far succeeded in doing in 1986. This bulky juridical action resulted in a dull advanceth for Suppose menswear. Marketing & Promotional Strategies Suppose is ended by their urbane band-arms declaration; “At Guess, we are committed to species a universelarge pioneer in the mould toil. We succeed enduty consequences and services of uncompromising power and bountifulness harmonious delay our mark and our vision. We are committed to listening and responding to the ask-fors of our customers, associates and occupation distributeners, and dignity their indivisible appreciate. We are ardent to idiosyncratic and functional amplification through an environment of unreserved despatch, creativity, teamwork, belief, and regard. We endure to furnish end to the congruousity, influence tenderness, and save the environment as distribute of our responsibility. We abide committed to an entrepreneurial breath that fuels the advanceth of our Assemblage and augmentationd portion-outholder appreciate. Through fair pioneership we succeed embody dissimilarity, advance ability, vainglory and feeling to align our idiosyncratic condition and our functional condition. (The Suppose Band-arms Statement). The target customer for Suppose is a puerile, superb adult, betwixt the ages of 18 and 32. Suppose frames bountiful trial to subsist by this band-arms declaration bountiful day, and uses a multiplicity of imaginative dispenseing and promotional strategies to prefer attract the target customer to dissipation Suppose consequences. The band-arms declaration is manufactured bountifulday in Guess, Inc’s urbane manoeuvre, which centrees on the covet promise. Suppose is a global assemblage notorious for their power, bend-setting dictions, and dispenseing creativity. In realizing the significance of dissimilarity, and consumers’ ask-fors to forcontinually feel star new, Suppose ncontinually fails to procure obtrusive new consequences and visions to abide their call free. Suitableness primaryly gaining momentum delay their jeans, Suppose now fabricationrs and distributes a large ordain of consequence sequences. Once realizing their consummation, in the 80’s, the Marciano brothers resolute to augmentation their immanent, and amplify past men’s and women’s jeans. Baby GUESS? , GUESS? watches, GUESS? footwear, GUESS? eyewear, and GUESS? fragrances were introduced. Wishing to endure their paraphrase, Suppose introduced plain further consequences in the recent 90’s, including an bountiful garner of GUESS handbags, free bear, jewelry, swimwear, innerwear, leather, belts, neckwear, and men’s gracefuls (CITE- annual fame). Encircling the millennium, Suppose introduced their website, unreserveding the assemblage to a undiminished other universe of immanent. Suppose acts in 6 contrariant garner concepts in an Nursing essay to invite to a multiplicity of contrariant dispenses. The primary GUESS? hawk garners propel a liberal primeion of liberal-priced Suppose consequences, including men’s and women’s commodities, and yieldd consequences. GUESS? factory vent garners are largely located in vent malls, and dispose-of a prime primeion of men’s and women’s clothes and yieldd consequences at inferior compensation sharp-ends. GUESS by MARCIANO garners were introduced in the summer of 2004 (GUESS INC (NYSE: GES) | Et Sheet), in an Nursing essay to preserve the assemblage’s glamorous vision. The Marciano fetter tenders clothes and approximationories that are sexy, yet dubious. The target dispense for these garners is slightly older customers prudent in loftyer-end drapery and approximationories such as ritzy plaining dresses and belief jeans. G by GUESS garners tenders Suppose consequences at a inferior compensation sharp-end than Suppose hawk garners, in ordain to target a larger demographic. These garners propel clothes for men and women, as polite-behaved-behaved as a liberal sequence of approximationories and footwear. Products in this sequence arordain a further fun, immature vision; mould-forward, yet not cruel laterality mould. GUESS? approximationories garners dispose-of GUESS? and GUESS by Marciano labeled approximationory consequences. Finally, GUESS too acts in an e-commerce segregate, delay websites in 6 contrariant languages (Maurice Marciano and Marciano). Guess is notorious for their iconic black-and-white stereotype advertisements and logos that feel frequented a flatten of density throughout the assemblage’s fact. The aim of Suppose advertisements is to settle further of an argument on the mark vision than on the familiar consequences (Maurice Marciano and Marciano). All Suppose advertisements use congruous themes and visions, largely using outdoor visions. Suppose visions feel been paradecased in intercollective stereotype antagonisms in virtually all elder magazines, on television, billboards, bus shelters, and advertisements throughout the universe. The vision of the Suppose mould has beseem a pop refinement icon in the fact of mould advertising. Suppose mould, Anna Nicole Smith, in the coming 1990’s Drew Barryfurther Adriana Lima Paris HIlton Suppose brought forth the visages of sundry forthcoming supermodels in their sexy promotional antagonisms, including calls such as Anna Nicole Smith, Claudia, Schiffer, , Drew Barrymore, Jessica Miller, Cindy Taylor, Minki Van Der Westhuizen, and Shana Zadrick (Guess? Inc. News- Assemblage Information). Iconic moulds, actresses and all-round sex-bombs feel all pouted and posed for these consummationful Suppose ad antagonisms. It goes delayout saw that Suppose has been such an forcible mark in the mould universe. Sales Trends & Financial Data For the primary topicality of 2012, Guess, Inc fameed net rights of $42. 7 condescensionite. This was a 15. 2% subside from the primary topicality of the fiscal year 2011, in which Guess, Inc. fameed net rights of $50. 3 condescensionite (Guess? , Inc. Reports Primary Locality Results). Et Sheet from www. FORBES. com For the bountiful year, consummation January 29 ,2011, net rights for Guess, Inc were fameed at $289. 5 condescensionite, an augmentation of 19. %, delay outrageous acquisition increasing to $1090. 2 condescensionite, an augmentation of 15. 8%. Completion net amplification augmentationd to $2,487. 3 condescensionite, and outrageous brink subsided from the former year to 43. 8% of completion amplifications (Maurice Marciano and Marciano). The subside in outrageous brink was attributed to the disclaiming impression of the powerfuler U. S. dollar on consequence dissipations, augmentationd enjoyment absorbs due to hawk paraphrase in Europe, inferior primal mark-ups in Europe, and loftyer markdowns in the North American hawk segregate (Maurice Marciano and Marciano). Rights from operations were fameed at $404. condescensionite, a 12. 8% augmentation from the earlier year, and other pay, including attention infollow and expenditure, completioned $16. 7 condescensionite (Maurice Marciano and Marciano). As of January 29, 2011, Guess, Inc. had $442. 1 condescensionite in chief and chief equivalents, down $60. 0 condescensionite from 2010. In infringement down all of their dispenseing segregates, Guess, Inc build that once intermittently, the capaciousst augmentation in outrageous acquisition came from their European segregate. In Europe, amplifications augmentationd 23. 2% to $920. 3 condescensionite. Revenues manufactured by other segregates were fameed as follows: North American Retail- Net Revenue: $1069. 9 condescensionite * Rights from Operations: $122. 6 condescensionite * Operation Margin: 11. 5% Asia- * Net Revenue: $53. 6 condescensionite * Rights from Operation: $28. 6favorite * Bountiful Margin: 14. 3% North American Wholesale- * Net Revenue: $181. 0 condescensionite * Rights from Operations: $46. 2 condescensionite * Bountiful Margin: 25. 5% (Maurice Marciano and Marciano) Despite setbacks from their juridical actions (The Marciano brothers believed they would feel exceeded $1 billion in sales by their 10th anniversary, had it not been for the affect cases) (Guess? Inc. ), Suppose sales flourished from the very inauguration. 1984 brought sales of $150 condescensionite, and in 1987, the assemblage reached acquisitions of $100 condescensionite, delay sales reaching $350 condescensionite (Guess, Inc. ). At that era, Suppose hawk garners grew to 19 locations, and sales reached $575 condescensionite in 1990 (Guess, Inc. ). In 1991, Suppose strategically augmentationd their advertising budget to $22 condescensionite. This worked in their condescension, as the assemblage earned sufficient acquisitions to add 33 further garners by the end of the year, including the European flagship garner in Florence, Italy. Sales dulled during the recession in the coming 1990’s (Guess, Inc. ). However, the men’s garner took an irreconcilefficacious way, and sales skyrocketed, delay a 41% sales advanceth in 1991 fragmentary (Guess, Inc. ). By the end of the year, mensbear sales would declaration for 40 of completion assemblage sales. During this era, Suppose too began to see the bulky opportunities subdueed delay intercollective sales, as licensing arrangements introduced Suppose to aggravate a dozen countries, causing a forcible augmentation in amplifications. By 1993, Suppose had reached an estimated $700 condescensionite in sales (Guess, Inc. . During this era, Georges Marciano resolute to plod down from his posture as CEO, and dispose-of his 40% of the assemblage to his brothers for encircling $200 condescensionite. Maurice was then calld CEO, and took aggravate repress of intent. Suppose then plodped up their promotional antagonism, looking to fuel its forthcoming advanceth. Licensing became a material distribute of completion amplifications, delay consequences now including residence furnishings, infant bear, and immatureer knit bear (Guess, Inc. ). Meanwhile, sales endured to advance, now centreing on further approximationories as polite-behaved. In 1994, sales of Suppose watches exceeded $100 condescensionite and footbear further than $60 condescensionite. Suppose became a publicly dealingd assemblage in 1996 (Guess, Inc. ). Hoping to endure their perpetual consummation, Suppose was disappointed when 1997 sales began to percolate. To disburse, Suppose imagined a new sequence of lofty-end jeans determined Premium Denim for men and women. However, this establishd to be another nonattainment, and the dispense portion-out was lost due to competitive pressures and a horrible hawk environment. In 1999, Suppose resolute to set-on-foot their primary e-commerce garner (www. suppose. om), which gave their sales a abundantly-needed boost. Plain in censorious eras, Suppose was efficacious to unreserved 56 new garners in 2000. Annual sales would augmentation by 32% delay the gate of G Brand, a new adequate sequence of lofty power unisexual jeans bear that used Italian denim and European intents. At the end of 2000, Suppose had 212 garners in the U. S. and Canada. In 2001, Suppose tooled a new dispenseing manoeuvre in ordain to abide their acquisitions rallying. Delay these new powerful dispenseing methods, Suppose was efficacious to augmentation their sales, and unreserved 24 new garners in the U. S. and Canada, a completion of 249 garners. Guess endures their consummation aggravate the direct various years. As of 2010, Suppose has 1292 garners, 504 in North America, 441 in Europe, and 347 in South East Asia (Breif Fact of the Assemblage and the Marciano Brothers). Looking towards the year consummation January 28, 2012, Guess, Inc. expects new amplifications to ordain from $2. 74 billion to $2. 80 billion (Guess? , Inc. Reports Primary Locality Results). Bountiful brinks are expected to be betwixt $16. 5%, utilityableness watery rights per portion-out are expected to be in the ordain of $3. 30 to $3. 50 (Guess? , Inc. Reports Primary Locality Results). SWOT Analysis Like any occupation, Suppose must stir each of their abilitys, impairmentes, opportunities, and menaces, and tool a manoeuvre of using each of these aspects to their usage. Strengths A keen aggravateview of the abilitys of Guess, Inc. enclose frequenting a powerful and medley mark portfolio, a global liberal conditiondiction mark, an able government team, and resistant purportant composition. Suppose results a mark that draws a fun, mouldable, and sexy vision, which is familiar and frequented universewide. Suppose frequent a vast flatten of global consummation, delay garners in 85 countries as-well-mannered the U. S. and Canada. Beobject of this global mutability, the assemblage is stationary efficacious to advance, plain in fibrous economic eras. Intercollective advanceth abides one of Guess, Inc’s top abilitys. Another elder usage Suppose has is their use of multiple classification mediums. Not a assemblage to centre simply on one medium, Suppose Inc uses hawk, undiminishedsale, e-commerce, as polite-behaved-behaved as licensing classification to dispose-of their consequences. This establishs as a alterative utility, as their bountiful results are not hanging simply on the execution on one idiosyncratic medium. This too yields Guess, Inc to immediately subdue to ay changes in the classification or hawk environment of any one distributeicular country. Adding to their dissimilarity, Suppose too relies on multiple garner concepts, including flagship GUESS? liberal-priced hawk garners, GUESS? factory vent garners, GUESS by MARCIANO garners, G by GUESS garners, GUESS? Accessories garners, and GUESS? kids garners (Maurice Marciano and Marciano). This yields Suppose to target multiple demographics in contrariant countrys. Weaknesses Like any assemblage, Guess, Inc must too test their impairmentes. A keen aggravateview of the impairmentes of Guess, Inc. enclose frequenting a occupation in a loftyly promotional environment, the loftyly competitive species of the clothes toil, discretionary spconsummation species dictated by the plight in the global arrangement, and the pinched centre on women’s clothes. Suitableness Suppose has very medley consequences, and targets women, men, as polite-behaved-behaved as effect, their slow centre on women’s clothes could be seen as a big impairment. Simply 10% of Suppose consumers are men, boys, or babies (Maurice Marciano and Marciano), which may declare a closing of et of promotional activities. Guess should apportion further of their promotional budget to centreing on these areas, rather than Nursing essaw to draw an vision of simply a women’s hawker. This too imagines an freedom for opponents to gain repress aggravate these sectors. Suitableness Suppose garners may be advanceing ahead in other countries, they must endure to be prudent not to infuse the dispense. Opportunities A keen aggravateview of the opportunities for Guess, Inc. enclose advanceing insist in irrelevant countries, such as China, below-penetrated dispenses in Europe, advanceth in the U. S. , and leagues by leasing. The Suppose e-commerce environment improves customer kindred, and imagines an choice shopping environment. In realizing this, Suppose has the freedom to augmentation their acquisitions forciblely by lasting to tender a large ordain of consequences and abide up delay an continually-changing arrangement. Technology establishs to be a noble freedom for Guess, as they can utility from consumer’s ask-for for freedom. Suppose men’s drapery order too has the biggest immanent and space for advanceth. If Suppose transfers usage of that, they succeed yield themselves the immanent for a awful augmentation in acquisitions. Guess should too transfer usage of the new occupation unforeseen bend, when-in-fact ready unforeseen drapery is beseeming further and further acceptefficacious in functional offices, and further nation are looking for an acceptefficacious renovation for their utilitys, ties, and other “formal” occupation clothes. Threats A keen aggravateview of the menaces resisting Guess, Inc. enclose endured impairment in global consumer spending, low note absorb for opponents in the clothes dispense, changes to purport tariffs, quotas, and taxes, and augmentations in intelligence and raw materials compensations. Competitors are constantly opineed one of a occupation’s nobleest menaces. The clothes toil is loftyly competitive, which may object difficulties for Suppose in the forthcoming. During a recession or indistinct economic provisions, consumers may be visaged delay base faith and spconsummation behavior, resulting in a dull-down in sales and acquisitions. Suitableness kindredhips delay intercollective dispenses and suppliers establish to be a well-behaved-mannered-regulated ability for Guess, there are too menaces concerned. Since Suppose does not own or act any consequenceion facilities of their own (CITE- annual fame), they consist heavily on irrelevant suppliers and fabricationrs to result consequences of top power, and correspondently to their specifications. Since Suppose is a global occupation, there amplifications could inadvertently be unsupposable by factors past their repress, such as recessions in irrelevant countries, collective wavering which may disturb dealing delay irrelevant vendors, base global insist, forcible fluxations in the appreciate of the dollar resisting irrelevant currencies, or topical occupation practices that do not harmonize to juridical or ethical guidelines. Furthermore, Maurice and Paul Marciano currently lean 33% leaning of Suppose portion-outs, which is a very forcible percentage. Their attentions may vary from those of other stockholders, which could confer-upon a immanent menace to the species of the occupation. Rivalry One of Guess, Inc’s top opponents is Abercrombie and Fitch. Congruous to Guess, Abercrombie's postureing manoeuvre involves the use of sexually aggravatet advertising postureed to invite to puerile adult dispenses. Unlike Guess, Abercrombie and Fitch advertisements repeatedly portray bareness, alcohol waste and clarified sexual behaviors. Suppose chooses to transfer a close dishonorable way, and frequent a softer, further gracefulal vision. Abercrombie ; Fitch does not feel a concretion dispense way to its advertising. It settles stereotype ads in 4 magazines: Vanity Fair, Interview, Out, and Rolling Stone. Abercrombie ; Fitch is polite-behaved-behaved postureed for the forthcoming, notwithstanding it is compulsory for them to endure to advance obtrusive in their trials to frequent a new, bendy vision. In the visage of a reversion arrangement, Abercrombie's advertising stands out to an reception that has been unguarded to a lot of loud ads. In similitude to Guess, Abercrombie has the usage of dispose-ofing consequences below indecent contrariant concepts, Abercrombie & Fitch, Abercrombie, Hollister, and RUEHL. This arranges the external utility of inviteing to contrariant dispenses and demographics below adequately contrariant calls, when-in-fact Suppose succeed simply dispose-of consequences delay the Suppose call , yielding Suppose scant approximation to the dispense. GUESS? In the Future Immediate strategies to frame Suppose bigger and reform would be to centre further of their advertising and promotional capabilities to their mensbear garner. In the close forthcoming, I would applaud unreserveding indivisible Suppose for Men garners, which would unreserved the door to an bountiful new demographic, increasing the immanent for an immeasurefficacious completionity of acquisitions. Focusing on new dispenses in Europe should too establish to be wholesome for the assemblage. Currently, this dispense is below-penetrated, but has noble immanent for paraphrase in the forthcoming. As for a covet promise advanceth manoeuvre, Suppose ask-fors to endure increasing their hawk closeness and amplifying interpolitically. Suppose has an distinguished hawk manoeuvre which ask-fors to be manufactured in each country of the universe. Looking towards the covet promise, Suppose should opine forming an league delay a elder opponent in the dispense, such as BEBE or Levi’s. Both of these companies feel paradeed proof of up-hill to follow up delay new dictions in an Nursing essay to abide up delay Suppose (Guess? , Inc. ), and are together dominating the dispense for jeans and/or unforeseen bear. Merging delay either of these companies would establish to be awfully acquisitionefficacious for Guess, as it would elucidate abundantly of the rivalry, as polite-behaved-behaved as yield them to control further of the dispense. Celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, Guess, Inc. is now bigger and reform than continually, and advanceth parades no signs of dulling down. As covet as they endure to leverage their closeness globally and enact their band-arms declaration and imaginative promotional strategies, Suppose succeed endure to alight on top of the mould universe. Works Cited "Breif Fact of the Assemblage and the Marciano Brothers. 25 June 2009. Guess, Inc. 1 May 2011 <http://www. supposeinc. com/presskit/history>. "Guess, Inc. " Funding Universe. 27 May 2011 <http://www. fundinguniverse. com/company-histories/Guess-Inc-Company-History. html>. "Guess? Inc. News- Assemblage Information. " New York Times 2011. "Guess? , Inc. " 2011. Hoover's Assemblage Information. May 2011 ;http://proquest. umi. com. ezproxy. library. berkeley. org/pqdweb? index=4;did=168188551;SrchMode=1;sid=1;Fmt=3;VInst=PROD;VType=PQD;RQT=309;VName=PQD;TS=1307571605;clientId=11195;. Guess? , Inc. Reports Primary Locality Results. Fiscal Results for the Primary Locality Ended April 30, 2011. Los Angeles, CA: PR Newswire, 2011. "Marcianos Go Liberal Era Now at Guess. " Women's Bear Daily 16 6 1990: 1. Maurice Marciano, Chairman of the Board, Guess, Inc. and Paul, CEO & Vice Chairman of the Board, Guess, Inc Marciano. "Guess? , Inc Annual Fame 2010. " Annual Report. 2010. "The Suppose Band-arms Statement. " Guess, Inc. 2011 <http://www. supposeinc. com/help. asp>. --------------------------------------------