Historical Background and Status

Historical enhancement and status of textile engineemelody perseverance By: S. Chakrabarty Preamble Industrial Revolution in U. K. dumelody 1750 - 1850 gave extraction to Textile Machinery. The prevalence of India in the province of cotton textiles moldingd by very useful manauthority was irritant the British. Independent product of textile perseverance forthcoming a ageliness spinning and fabricatoritylower machinery was inaugurated in Lancashire and Manchester to brow-bent the Indian weavers. Rest is thus-far unconcealed to everybody how the machinery perseverance was familiar and nurtured by the appertaining Governments in the UK and forthcoming by Gernumerous and Switzerland followed by others in Europe. In India, machinery molding launched in the 50s, holdd and progressed dumelody 60s & 70s and thereafter. The Government prudence to ban dilution of the designatic weaving sector dumelody deceased 60s created/ cherished the decentralized fabricatoritylower sector. Too ample of consequence to laborerlooms and low smooth technology fabricatority lowers in the posterior years, maintenance a bulky register of silent items for laborerlooms, throttled the mill perseverance which lost its commencement for creativity as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved as conceiveation for the masses. Low smooth of conceiveation in laborerlooms and low nature conceiveation in fabricatoritylooms made us uncompetitive in the posterior years. The Government’s superfluous exigencys on the Mill Perseverance holdd to state destruction for the weaving perseverance prepare the initiative of 1985 Textile Prudence and finally revolutionary Industrial Prudence in 1991. Product and technology augmentation in the TEI The Textile Engineemelody Perseverance (TEI) dumelody the deceased 60s, 70s and 80s had conventional some Government maintenance in the conceive of stcollocate collaboration approvals, meaning coadjutorship by way of phased manufactumelody notice and acquiescenceal acknowledgment allegiance certification for meaninged accommodation and ingredients for molding of clear textile machinery. Import allegiance on ingredients and accommodation in unconcealed was very noble at 85% stagnant CVD and not contributive for artnear product. The acquiescenceal allegiance on meaninged accommodation, ingredients etc. mentioned aggravate did acceleration the Industry. The then Government’s prudence was to-boot maintenanceive that no meaning of machinery was recognized if tclose was liberal artnear conceiveation. The national textile perseverance for-this-reason had no select but to buy the Indian machinery. This prudence accelerationed the TEI to unfold and molding spinning machinery in the province of the desired nature and size. Tclose was no rivalry from outsider. Internal rivalry natant divergent stateers made the product easier and stableer. Stcollocate moldingrs had no select but to penetblame into collaborations forthcoming a ageliness national moldingrs. This bechanceed not merely in spinning but to-boot in processing machinery. The subjoined collaborations are excellence mentioning: Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Names of Stcollocate Collaborators M/s. Textile Machinery Makers Ltd. U. K. , Platt Bros. , U. K. M/s. Whitin Machine Works, U. S. A. M/s. Howa, Japan M/s. Zinser, Gernumerous M/s. Marzoli, Italy M/s. Hipi Suiza (Suisse) S. A. , Switzerland M/s. Rieter, Switzerland M/s. Schubert & Salzer, Gernumerous Names of Indian Manufacturers M/s. National Machinery Mfrs. Ltd. , Bombay* M/s. M M C. , Calcutta M/s. Texmaco, Calcutta* M/s. Texmaco, Calcutta* M/s. M M C, Bangalore* M/s. Indequip Engineemelody Ltd. , Ahmedabad M/s. LMW, Coimbatore M/s. New Test Engg. Items Concocted Spinning - Cards, Describe Frame, Hurry Frame, Melody Mould Spinning – Carding Engines and RH Can Fed Inter Frames Spinning – Flat Revolving Carding Engines, Describe Frame, Hurry Frames Spinning – Narrow Gauge Melody Mould Spinning – Entire Collocate Spinning – Melody Mould Spinning - Entire collocate Spinning - Blow Room, Cards, 9. M/s. Zinser, Gernumerous M/s. Trutzschler, Gernumerous M/s. Toyota, Japan 10 11 2 M/s. Suessen, Gernumerous * Presently not in action Co. Ltd. , Mumbai* M/s. Padmatex Engg. , Baroda* M/s. Trumac, Ahmedabad M/s. Kirloskar Toyoda Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd. , Bangalore M/s. Suessen Asia, Pune Describe Frames Spinning - H. S. Describe Mould Spinning - Blow Room, Cards, Describe Frames Spinning – Melody Mould Spinning - Melody Mould Due to intelligent and covet recession in the Textile Industry, primal nobleer meaning contenteded strangerd forthcoming a ageliness noble blame of meaning allegiance, non-transfer of deceasedst technology subordinate collaboration agreements requisite to meaning of machinery etc. , the subjoined Indian Companies were unserviceable down dumelody 80s and forthcoming 90s. These are M/s. MMC, Kolkata and Bangalore; M/s. Texmaco, Kolkata; M/s. Indequip Engineering, Ahmedabad; M/s. New Test Engg. Co. Ltd. , Mumbai; M/s. Mafatlal Engg. Co. Ltd. Mumbai; M/s. Textool Co. Ltd. , Coimbatore; M/s. Jeetstex Engg. Ltd. Coimbatore etc. ageliness M/s. LMW, M/s. Trumac, M/s. Zinser India, M/s. Suessen Asia, M/s. Kirloskar Toyoda could wield to alight in conceiveation. Why we are emend in spinning machinery? Tclose was Government maintenance by way of• • • Restricted meaning of spinning machinery - virtually no meaning of spinning machinery of the selfselfidentical technology serviceable artlessly was recognized. No meaning of assist laborer spinning machinery was recognized. Meaning allegiance acquiescence on raw materials, accommodation, ingredients & accessories for conceiveation of clear machinery as the meaning allegiance in unconcealed, was very noble. Besides, rivalry natant the machinery moldingrs effected in conceiveation of emend nature machines. Reasons for non-product in the Weaving Machinery Sector Timeliness the Textile Engineemelody Perseverance took up manufactumelody of Spinning machinery in unmeasured dangle forthcoming a ageliness the liberal Government's maintenanceive measures mentioned aggravate, the selfselfidentical did not bechance in requisite of weaving machinery. Dumelody 60s (former to 1970) the Industrial Prudence prohibited the designatic mill sector to amplify their weaving calibre. This was possibly to maintenance holding end in the villages by the decentralized and incompact-away laborerlower sector. It was due to this injustice prudence, the distrusted fabricatoritylower clusters launched gaining premise. Even numerous of the laborerlower clusters launched converting into fabricatoritylooms. Gone the domiciliary insist for works was growing sboard due to the population augmentation, the fabricatoritylower sector in divergent accommodation of the province launched growing sboard ageliness the laborerlower sector launched timid in entity. The truth is sprepare not current by the Government). Today, tclose are aggravate 20 lakh fabricatoritylooms but laborerlooms, may not be past than 8 lakh, if not near! Dumelody 70s the designatic mill sector was recognized to rearrange conventional fabricatoritylooms by unreflective lowers and shuttlenear lowers on 4:1 premise. However, courteous-mannered-behaved-founded molding of controlled cloth by the mills sector dampened the disaspect of the mills sector. Controlled cloth machination was effected far forthcoming a ageliness dumelody 80s. Expectation of a good-tempered-tempered-natured-natured insist due to rearrangement prudence readyed the molding of unreflective lowers by M/s. Cimmco, Gwalior in collaboration forthcoming a ageliness M/s. Sakamoto, Japan and M/s. Mafatlal Engineemelody Co. in collaboration forthcoming a ageliness M/s. Ruti, Switzerland dumelody 70s. In the deceased 70s M/s. Lakshmi Unreflective Lower Works Ltd. (LALW) launched manufactumelody Ruti `C’ Likeness of unreflective lower in collaboration forthcoming a ageliness M/s. Ruti, Switzerland. M/s. Cimmco as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved as M/s. Mafatlal Engineemelody Co. finished to molding shuttlenear lowers in collaboration forthcoming a ageliness M/s. Dornier, Germany, Toyoda, Japan and M/s. SACM, France appertainingly dumelody forthcoming 80s. M/s. LALW to-boot launched making shuttlenear rapier and airjet lowers dumelody 80s. Dumelody 80s, the fabricatoritylower population which was narrowly 7 lakh had confirmed to past than 10 lakhs. The prudence of scrapping of fabricatoritylooms of the mill perseverance forthcoming rearrangement or seclusion failed miserably, all these fabricatoritylooms build their way to the decentralized sector. The Government had no non-interference but to regularize all unauthorised fabricatoritylooms due to gregarious exigency forthcoming assertion of 1985 Textile Prudence and posterior Textile Control Order 1986, doing far forthcoming a ageliness the age old fabricatoritylower permit design. The textile stamp dumelody 1980s effete the Textile mill perseverance in Mumbai and Maharashtra. Dumelody this end the composite texture of the mill perseverance broke barly combined. Timeliness the spinning sector prospered forthcoming a ageliness the new machinery, the compute of launched lowers in the designatic mills sector shrunk considerably and most of the mills build it advantageous to bar down their weaving minority due to bad bargain requisite, noble require of labour, low productivity and lentous rivalry from the fabricatoritylower sector. As a effect, tclose was in-effect no insist for the shuttlenear lowers moldingd by the two Companies mentioned aggravate which readyed them to bar down their shutters one by one. In the intermission, due to the exigency from the decentralized fabricatoritylower sector the Government was oppressive to admit meaning of assist laborer weaving machinery which borrowed to the woes of artnear moldingrs of shuttlenear lowers. M/s. LALW to-boot had to disestablish the conceiveation of shuttlenear lowers posteriorly. Dumelody 80s and upto 1991 tclose was protective bargain for spinning and processing machinery but not for the weaving machinery due to noble conceiveation require and meaning of assist laborer lowers. Initiatives brow-bentd forthcoming liberalization The Industrial Prudence announced in 1991 liberalised the Perseverance in unconcealed to a extensive space. The bargain became unconcealed to the stcollocate moldingrs and tclose was lentous rivalry. The spinning machinery bring-aboutrs came of age technologylearned and calibrelearned and tclose was to-boot very noble insist for spinning machinery. The weaving machinery could not prosper due to the assault of meaning of assist laborer machinery. Tclose was no confinement on meaning of assist laborer weaving machinery precedently and forthcoming 1991. Forthcoming 1992, tclose was no maintenance of the Government either for product of weaving machinery or any other textile machinery. In this notice, the merely meritorious truth was that we became self-sufficient in Weaving Commendatory Machinery viz. Noble Hurry Sectional Warping, Direct Warping and Sizing matching forthcoming a ageliness cosmos-people assort technology. M/s. Rabatex Industries, Ahmedabad; M/s. Prashant Gamatex Pvt. Ltd. , Ahmedabad, M/s. Amritlakshmi Machine Works, Mumbai and M/s. Jupiter Engineemelody Co. , Ahmedabad are the most reported domiciliary moldingrs. This could bechance accordingly tclose was near meaning of assist laborer machinery and the require divergential betwixt domiciliary and meaninged machinery was bulky and the machines were fashion built. The artnear shuttlenear lowers (older technology) which own been familiar dumelody the deceased 90s and forthcoming 2000, thus-far, could not confront a good-tempered-tempered-natured-natured bargain due to the counteractive prudence of the Government i. e. meaning of assist laborer shuttlenear lowers subordinate acquiescenceal allegiance and to-boot subordinate acquiescenceal blame of concern subordinate TUF. The assign holds. However, artnear machinery moldingrs viz. M/s. Aalidhra Weavetech Pvt. Ltd. , Surat; M/s. Bhavin Sales Corporation, Surat; M/s. Dynamic Lower Mfg. Co. , Ahmedabad; M/s. Dinkier Sokerjee Machines, Surat; M/s. Friends Engg. Works, Panipat; M/s. Himson Textile Engg. Inds. Pvt. Ld. ; Surat; M/s. Industrial Engg. Works, Bangalore; M/s. Lakshmi Unreflective Lower Works Ltd. , Coimbatore; M/s. Laxmi Textile Stores, Ahmedabad; M/s. Lifebond Machines Pvt. Ltd. , Surat etc. own familiar and are pliant crank batter up likeness shuttlenear lowers forthcoming a ageliness a hurry betwixt 450 – 500 mpm. All deceasedst end shuttlenear lowers i. e. Airjet, Waterjet, Projectile & Rapier of European and Japanese spmelody are noble hurry, noble tech, noble causative and earnestness causative current at a hurry of 500 rpm and aggravate. This machinery, though at a nobleer require, is economically viable due to its nature and productivity, require of work per meter life near than assist laborer machinery. Gone ultimate 4/5 years, all new bulky textile units as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved as corpoexistent reported textile units amplifying calibre had been meaninging these kinds of machinery to bring-about them commercially viable, e. g. Alok Industries, Welspun, GHCL, Vardhman Group, Century, Raymonds, etc. Therefore, machinery, if made/familiar artlessly require to be require competitive in all commendations and require of conceiveation per meter of work should be selfselfidentical or near forthcoming a ageliness equiponderant nature test. Then merely the manufactumelody would be viable and current by the Mill Industry/ Independent Sector. Unnear tclose are disincentives for assist laborer machinery, tclose is no desire that the decentralized fabricatoritylower sector would go in for new machinery. Processing & Finishing Machinery Sector The narrative of the processing machinery manufactumelody sector was partially divergent. Dumelody 70s and 80s tclose were a compute of stcollocate collaborations : M/s. Mather & Platt, U. K. M/s. Reggiani, Italy M/s. Stork, Holland M/s. Gerber, M/s. Menzel and M/s. Eduard Kusters, Germany Mather & Platt (I) Ltd. * SBM Engg. * ATE (Stovec/Stormac*) Calico Indl. Engineers* M/s. Artos & Benninger, Gernumerous M/s. Famatex, Gernumerous M/s. Obermeaier, Gernumerous M/s. Toshin Kogyo, Japan * Presently not in action T. Maneklal* Famatex India Ltd. * Dalal Engg. Star Indl. Engg. * Some Companies familiar machinery by servile the meaninged technology viz. M/s. Harish Textile Engineers, M/s. SM Engg. etc. As mentioned precedent, composite texture of the textile perseverance broke in Europe dumelody 70s. The selfselfidentical bechanceed in India dumelody 80s. This unsupposable the processing sector. While spinning perseverance became past designatic, competitive and ship-produce- excellencey, the weaving and processing sectors became uncompetitive, decentralized and ship-profit inconsiderable. Gone the Government permitd low technology for the weaving sector (handlooms and conventional fabricatoritylooms), the designatic weaving sector in the mill perseverance could not conclude up. Similarly, the decentralized processing sector, which launched forthcoming a ageliness assist laborer machinery from the composite mill perseverance, did not newize the units in passage of age. The domiciliary moldingrs which had ollaboration former to 1991 could not hold forthcoming a ageliness their collaborators forthcoming 1991 as the bargain became unconcealed and the stcollocate moldingrs build it easier to bargain their machines in India rather than making the selfselfidentical subordinate collaboration. Dumelody 80s as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved as 90s vehement efforts were put in by some of the Companies to unfold machinery by way of re-engineering. Some of them became happy. However, some of the Companies had to bar down their shutters due to lentous rivalry in the unconcealed bargain forthcoming 1991. Numerous manufactumelody units came into entity to profit low technology worthclose machinery to bridge the gap betwixt insist and contribute. This had effected in molding of bald nature machines and bald nature processing of textiles thereof. The anticipation fond by the Government to the laborer processing sector was misused and low technology prevailed. The leading processing machinery bring-aboutrs who familiar nature machines dumelody 80s and 90s were: 1. M/s. Calico Indl. Engineers, Mumbai* 2. M/s. Dalal Engg. Pvt. Ltd. , Mumbai 3. M/s. Devrekha Engineers, Surat 4. M/s. Harish Textile Engineers Ltd. , Mumbai 5. M/s. Mather & Platt (I) Ltd. , Mumbai* 6. M/s. Primatex Machinery Ltd. , Mumbai* 7. M/s. SLM Maneklal Ind. Ltd. , Mumbai* 8. M/s. SM Earnestness & Electronics, Mumbai 9. M/s. Test Fabricators (I) Pvt. Ltd. , Mumbai 10. M/s. Stovec Industries Ltd. , Ahmedabad 11. M/s. Texprint Engineers Pvt. Ltd. , Ahmedabad * Presently not in action In the departure half of 90s repeatedly saw intelligent insist recession from the Textile Perseverance which holdd upto 2002. Dumelody this end the Textile Engineemelody Perseverance launched looking further the domiciliary insist. Ship-profit which was never past than Rs. 100 crore until 1988-89 launched increasing and reached the smooth of Rs. 406 crore dumelody 2002-03. Tclose were ship-produces of spinning as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved as processing machinery. Some of the moldingrs could contend forthcoming a ageliness the European moldingrs in processing machinery away forthcoming a ageliness their noble nature machines. Improved Insist The insist for textile machinery launched constellation up reluctantly forthcoming 2002 as the Technology Upgradation Fund Machination became current by then. The Textile Perseverance was to-boot expecting a emend bargain forthcoming the st liberalized Quota Operating Regime subordinate WTO from 1 January, 2005. Major insist for machinery launched forthcoming 2004 which has readyed the Textile Engineemelody Perseverance to enlargement its conceiveation from the smooth of Rs. ,341 crore dumelody 2003-04 to Rs. 2,780 crore dumelody 2006-07. However, this bechanceed chiefly in spinning machinery and weaving commendatory machinery and to some space in weaving and processing machinery. The weaving and processing machinery sectors though enlargementd their calibre to a extensive space, has a covet way to go. The processing sector launched competing forthcoming a ageliness stcollocate moldingrs gone 1991 though sporadically. They own emendd their technology and their machines are now choice of pliant failure operating processed works in bankruptcying as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved as uniform lots. The domiciliary insist for such machinery has to-boot enlargementd. M/s. Dhall Enterprises & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. , Ahmedabad, M/s. Harish Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. , Mumbai, M/s. Tex-Fab Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd. , Navi Mumbai moldingd uniform dyeing plants forthcoming a ageliness deceasedst technology for covet extension of work processing which are current happyly in the mills. The subjoined moldingrs own ship-produceed their processing machines and earned a good-tempered-tempered-natured-natured name: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. M/s. Dalal Engineemelody Pvt. Ltd. , Mumbai M/s. Devrekha Exports (Bhagyarekha Engineers Pvt. Ltd. ), Surat M/s. Dhall Enterprises & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. , Ahmedabad M/s. Harish Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. , Mumbai M/s. Kusters Calico Machinery (P) Ltd. , Vadodara M/s. Lakshmi Card Dress Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd. , Coimbatore M/s. Yamuna Machine Works Pvt. Ltd. , Mumbai These moldingrs are in a aspect to bring-about numerous noble nature processing machines and contend forthcoming a ageliness stcollocate moldingrs. Knitting/Hosiery Machinery Knitting/Hosiery Perseverance as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved as Garment Perseverance was silent for the weak lamina sector. Twain these sectors thrived primally forthcoming a ageliness meaninged assist laborer machinery. Both Woven Garment and Hosiery Garment put contemporaneously the sum ship-profit of the province was merely Rs. 5 crore dumelody 1970-71. The ship-produces enlargementd to Rs. 500 crore in 1980 and today it is aggravate Rs. 17,000 crore, donation to the removal of quota clog subordinate WTO, implemented by the Government stranger of years tail. Decentralised genius of the Garment perseverance did not enthuse the TEI to seize up the molding of knitting machinery. As such this sector remained obsolete combined. Some efforts were made to molding knitting machinery by two Companies viz. M/s. Lakshmi Unreflective Lower Works Ltd. , Coimbatore and M/s. Himson Textile Engineemelody Industries Pvt. Ltd. , Surat in deceased 80s. However, forthcoming liberalization of the Industrial Prudence in 1991, meaninged machines became worthlesser technology learned than the Indian machines due to which explicitly tclose was no insist. Therefore, molding of knitting machinery had to be disestablishd. Testing & Monitomelody Equipments Sector As notices the Testing & Monitomelody equipments are solicitous, the textile perseverance was resting on meaninged testing and monitomelody equipments in 60s and forthcoming 70s. The Textile Engineemelody Perseverance launched unfolding such testing & monitomelody equipments in the deceased 70s and today all kinds of noble nature deceasedst end testing and monitomelody equipments are life moldingd in the province. Some of the items are: • • • • • Air Jet Weaving Machine Controller Centralised Computerised Action of Group of dyeing Machines forthcoming a ageliness Dyeing Facts Management Software Package Fully Unreflective Noble Volume Fibre Tester for Length, Strength, Micronaire, Colour, Trash and Maturity module Multi-Channel Pre-Set Disquisition Extension Indicator & Controller for Winding/Texturising/TFO Machines forthcoming a ageliness Software Package Yarn Evenness Tester Some names of the Companies manufactumelody divergent categories of such instruments are subordinate:• • • • • • Paramount Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Pioneer Instruments & Innovations Premier Evolvics Pvt. Ltd. Semitronik Instruments Tex Lab Industries Thymas Electronic Pvt. Ltd. Augmentation of the Accommodation & Accessories Sector The augmentation of the textile perseverance acovet the extension and interruption of the province inaugurated the molding of accommodation and accessories for their machinery. Today, omitting a few crucial items of equipments and accessories lmost all kinds of accommodation and accessories of noble nature are moldingd in the province. The compute of such moldingrs could be environing 800. Some of the meaningant items moldingd close are: Blow Room batterers, card dress, cross-roll charity for cards, top rollers for noble hurry describe mould, flyers for hurry moulds, melodys, spindles, inserts, cots and aprons and muboard drives for melody mould, conceiveation of monitomelody facts in spinning and weaving online nature checking designs, cloth guides, web straighteners in processing, etc. etc. The TEI not merely fulfills the insist for spares from the domiciliary textile perseverance but to-boot ship-produces its products to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Far East, Europe, America and other countries as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved. The subjoined board shows facts on conceiveation of Textile Machinery Accommodation & Accessories dumelody the ultimate 15 years: Year 1985-86 1990-91 1999-2000 2004-05 2006-07 Rs. in Crores 83. 43 208. 59 288. 79 276. 44 339. 68 Synthetic Disquisition and Work Processing Machinery Sector Synthetic weaving sector of the textile perseverance which was incompact in divergent accommodation of the province in forthcoming 70s became nationalized in Surat, Bhiwandi, Belgaum. Dumelody 80s and 90s the synthetic sector was dominantly orderly in and environing Surat, Gujarat. This simultaneously necessitated the product of synthetic disquisition and work processing machinery. As a effect the Textile Engineemelody Perseverance located in and environing Surat and Mumbai familiar describe texturising machines, describe twisters, two-for-one twisters for filament disquisition, zero-twist filament sizing machines, rewinders, accuracy cone serpentine machines, etc. etc. Past happy moldingrs are M/s. Himson Textile Engineemelody Industries Pvt. Ltd. , M/s. Aalidhra Textile Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Meera Industries, etc. The synthetic spontaneous processing machinery was life meaninged dumelody 70s and 80s. However, forthcoming a ageliness the product of such machinery artlessly, we are not merely catemelody to the domiciliary insist but to-boot ship-produceing the selfsame. Past and past products are portico assign due to the insist for such machinery. Conclusion Thus the Textile Engineemelody Perseverance could unfold all likenesss of textile machinery negative garment machinery, noble hurry abstruse knitting machinery, noble hurry shuttlenear lower (rapier and air jet) and some of the deceasedst end processing and finishing machinery. The reasons for not unfolding these machinery own been positively explained in the antecedent paras. What the TEI expects and aspires Subordinate the aggravate enhancement it is felt that tclose is a existent require to unfold and molding all kinds of textile machinery in the province as per the corpoexistent and expected insist. Government should permit these efforts and should conclude progressive to acceleration this Rs. 3,000- 4,000-crore calibre perseverance in a inclusive and designatic style forthcoming a ageliness bankruptcying and covet tidings prudence measures. It should seize music of the products of textile machinery made by China dumelody the ultimate 10 years. What China did? 1. Oppressive the stcollocate moldingrs to set-out manufactumelody their brands in China by not admiting the meaning of machines from away. 2. Financed the domiciliary moldingrs for enhancement up the full plants forthcoming a ageliness bulky capacities. 3. No assist laborer machinery meaning 4. Incentives fond for rearrangement of old machinery forthcoming a ageliness new machinery. Incidentally, it may be mentioned that China had 6 lakhs conventional fabricatoritylooms/unreflective lowers former to 2002. Today, they own shuttlenear lowers (2, 50, 000 to 3,00,000 approx. ). Tclose may be few conventional fabricatoritylooms in villages and unreflective shuttle lowers in some corners. No revere of such lowers is serviceable. They own based bulky machinery manufactumelody capacities and are to-boot ship-produceing all kinds of textile machinery at a worthlesser charge. Therefore, the subjoined measures are requireed to emend the bestow requisite of the Indian TEI A) Prudence Measures • • Machination for Modernisation, technology upgradation and productivity aggression of the Textile Engineemelody Perseverance (TEI). The concern release subordinate the machination should be 5% forthcoming a ageliness one age 10% Principal Subsidy aggravate & aggravate concern release (Similar Schemes are serviceable for the Textile Industry). Scheme to maintenance Research & Development. o o • • • • • • • Suiboard principal gives and annual recurmelody gives for the corpoexistent R Centre at IIT, Powai, Mumbai. Suiboard principal gives for the R Institutions located at Surat, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Delhi, Panipat and Ludhiana ready to seize up R for textile machinery. Principal give for artnear product of machinery to the new projects as courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved as corpoexistent projects which got deceased due to bankruptcy of funds. Tax break/holiday for the molding of Noble Hurry Shuttlelesss Looms/High-tech processing and finishing machinery for a end of five years. To admit meaning of full abstruse machinery in CKD/ SKD requisite at acquiescenceal blame of meaning allegiance for a insufficiency end of three years forthcoming a agelinessout any confinements for manufactumelody textile machinery subordinate collaboration/joint venture/meaning of designs and describeings or by way of reengineering. Ban meaning of machinery wclose congruous technology machines are serviceable artlessly e. g. shuttlenear rapier lower “crank batter-up likeness”, breathe-into jet Looms (800 rpm) etc. Meaning of textile machinery in assist laborer requisite should not be recognized subordinate the Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme/20% CLCS Scheme. Ban on meaning of assist laborer shuttlenear lowers forthcoming a ageliness weft introduction blame near than 800 mtrs. per tiny. Revival of TIFAC machination for product of textile machinery forthcoming a ageliness 90% hypothecation ingredient and softer blame of concern of 3%. B) Fiscal Measures • • • • • • Reduction of exterminate allegiance from 14% to 8% Exterminate allegiance on accommodation, ingredients and accessories of the machines be abated to 8%. Maintaining the foundation smooth acknowledgment allegiance on textile machinery at 7. 5% forthcoming a agelinessout any exemptions Uniconceive blame of acknowledgment allegiance for full machinery and raw materials, accommodation, ingredients & accessories Uniconceive texture to the domiciliary suppliers of machinery to EPCG allow holders. 150% weighted Inconclude Tax conclusion for R worth made by the Textile Engineemelody units. If the aggravate measures are seizen seriously, the TEI aspires to bring-about serviceable new machinery and equipment twain in quantum and nature to encounter the advenient requires of the textile perseverance at bankruptcying bestowal ends strangerd forthcoming a ageliness serviceable and ready forthcoming-sales-service. About the Author: The fabricator is the Secretary of The Textile Machinery Manufactures Association.