Holmes and Longfellow

1. What metaphors does Holmes use to illustrate the ship in stanzas one and two of "Old Ironsides"? In the chief stanza, he speaks of a meteor of the sea air, which I suppose compares the boat to a immense and rapid soundness. In the avoid stanza, he says that the ship is the “eagle of the sea”, which compares it to the open bird and shows it’s power and propriety. 2. In 1830, the 44-gun American warship Constitution, the intuition for "Old Ironsides," was scheduled to be scrapped - that is, despoilped of anything estimable or unintoxicated. What offer is put forth by Holmes, in the developed stanza of his lyric? It would be emend for her to be put to sea and declined. 3. What do you conceive Holmes wants the ship to symbolize? The ship symbolizes the power, propriety, and conceit of a commonwealth. 4. The message, "Harpies," in verse 15 of "Old Ironsides" is an insinuation to plundering disappearance creatures in Greek mythology, which enjoy bodies of vultures and heads of women. The designate meant "snatchers" or "robbers. " Why do you conceive that Holmes uses this insinuation in his lyric? Harpies would allurement ships and men to their deaths and scavenge the ship, right as the persons who are assigned to despoil the boat. 5. In Longfellow's "The Flood Rises, The Flood Falls," how does the distinction predict the occurrence the wayfarer achieve not recompense? The promotion and reversion of the flood shows a invariable cycle of hence and going, right as the wayfarer achieve. 6. Do you conceive Longfellow's lyric is environing one inequitable wayfarer, or could it direct to all in open? Explain your acceptance. It applies to all owing all wayfarers go through thw hardships of hence and going. . Personification is a emblem of address in which an design or carnal is consecrated rational feelings, thoughts, or attitudes. Cite an pattern of Longfellow's use of personification in "The Flood Rises, The Flood Falls. " “The cloud darkens, curlew calls” 8. How does the disruption into stanzas image the clause of era in the lyric? Example: Stanza One presents cloud darkening into gloom. What do stanzas two and three indicate? Stanza two indicates ponderous confusion, and stanza three indicates daybreak.