Indo European Folktales Study guide

Broad geographical assemblageing delay a low linguistic elucidation William Jones instituteed that Sanskrit was compensation to Alan and Greek Proto-London European : no manifest examination this assemblage of lowalty existed Folklore Colloquial definition: is a folknarrative gentleman or not? Scholarly definition: how does a narrative likeness the arraign or treasures of a lowalty Precursors to the Grimm Anne Sexton ratio to the Grams Snow Unblemished - Anne Sexton Focus: womanly loveliness Mirror motif Superficial manly crave - women is an intent of loveliness, man implys dot else encircling her Mother-daughter combat Queen Is losing loveliness delay her age, Jealous of Snow Unblemished consequently Snow Unblemished Is decent over luscious Happy bound?? Snow Unblemished is made to contemplate Relish a china tool ” she Is luscious on the after a timelinessout but leisure on the Inside, an intent to be viewed Similarities Genuine geniusical substance Issues/themes are arelish Differences Fact perspective - Anne Sexton uses "l" & Identifies herself as a average age beldame She critiqued patriarchy - spoke to a synchronous New England interview New Issues/disquisition ” she spoke to a synchronous interview, she tells her narratives In existent conceive applying them to today's association Angela Carter The Bloody Berth and Other Stories Rewrote some of the Blueberry narratives She deficiencyed to centre on the craves/thoughts of women Believed women could pomp they had rule Not fictitious (as irrelative to Anne Sexton who was over fictitious) Wrote "Tiger's Bride" probableized on the Loveliness and the Beast and Tigers Bride (merged stories) Her Rendeaccentuation of Tigers Bride Fact perspective: included thoughts of shapes Characters Bride - future of age Father - bad father, gambles everything abroad Tiger - beast delineation - not sure what Hess Relish on the Internally Father dispose-ofs her In a pasoccasion of cards, beast right deficiencys to see her defenceless He pomps her his substance and there are sexual encounters (consequently she acid on by the fleshly interiorly him and he brought out the fleshly in her) Themes of the narrative: gregarious reposerictions, limitation, sequence of proud-mindedness that scientific women, rejecting occasion-honored association, bounteousdom of women (feminism), she doesn't go to reserve her father Regular rendeaccentuation of Tiger's Bride Enemy of patriarchy Patriarchy Ideals of the humble aidunite Western Tradition Wives surrender themselves to devisee mate, mate is the source of the aidunite and the-word of her assemblage Russian folk The man is the source but the woman is the neck, the source conciliate thrive the neck where it alters Less occasion-honored than western association Wish Tales, all the Wives narratives raise occasion-honored association Women's craves are beastly Womanly threats to patriarchy Pride (shrewdness) Insatiable and beastly crave Disobedience Women are frequently doing the antagonistic of what should be produced Memento moor Reminder put into indispositiontings that you conciliate peaceful die Ex: a treat, everyone is having fun, in a indispositionting, and a skull or cantankerousbones as a reminder you are going to die Fall narratives - reminders of fall Deaths messengers Mourning A probable way, Right sadness in public Accept some genus of solemnity where we can externalities the sadness Monument Tale: the Mustard Seed Melancholy Initialization of sadness Don't get rid of it Tale: The Fix Where There Are No Graves Ate the deceased bodies - literally interiorized fall Travesty Humorous/satirical transcript Blatant discrepancies Criticizes primary Sheer Objects of Travesty Disney Mspoken extracture, technology, lineage extractures, Americanization Ghost Tales Ideals of Loveliness Methods of Travesty Pop amelioration references Irrelevant and half-studied fun Problems delay Travesty No opinion offered Must hope on what it ridicules American Romance Used melody and garbling for the primary occasion Made school duaccentuation WI for the US Disney's Reworking of Ghost Tales Challenges: Length Objectionable geniusical substance Mspoken murkiness Its exacting to alter a ghost narrative into a film consequently the ghost narratives are incomprehensive, there's not ample geniusical, unclear at occasions and some things are irrelevant Disney Formula Disney took spoken narratives Clear extracture of amiable and misfortune Heightened marvel Omits a lot of the rage Marvel replaces sex Clear defined treasure rule Gender roles are vocal Cultural stereotypes Technology and conceive Technology as a geniusical: sorcery Visual divorces vs... He extract Genre Hollywood melodyal Characterization Formulaic 19th Century Melodrama Innocent Heroine Gallant Hero Misfortune Villain Minor Characters Secondary wives, fleshlys, dwarves, partykicks for low exemption Lineage Structures Absent dowagers Absent or inept fathers Americanization Democratic Protagonists are all teens Domestic/humble role of women Rags to abundance delay indivisible implying Made fun of loftiness - very fur American No trodden rage among civilizeds - instead departed intents (candles) or fleshlys Sublimation of Rage Irony Cinderella - rage among fleshlys instead of civilizeds Royal Dahl Skipping elucidation and resolution due to occasion constraints Verse conceive Frame slightly divergent than primary but peaceful alike Modern details not from antiquated late - fit into existent association Tales linked concertedly in a ghost narrative globe Ghost narrative interview - what manifestation deficiency to attend, didn't engage out fur of the rage or half-studied substance Woman as a prey - making fun of this and surrenders his narrative a feminist unite, women accept a perception of rule Techniques of travesty Conceive and fashion - tinkle delay adult archearcheshape of fun, uses a lot of gibberish, emphasizes the dissent among narratives then and now Characters and frame establish us see the inconsistence in the primary narrative Imply his rendeaccentuation of Inefficient Red riding Hood Gilles De Raise A ceruleanberry delineation Murdered manifestation Gunman the Accursed Unadorned premise for the ceruleanberry shape Murdered separate of his earlier wives and his fourth aidunite institute the assemblage berth Genuine result Fourth aidunite was Saint Therein Saint Therein (see overhead) Jane Champion (the Piano) Had a cerulean strain on her piano The woman was taciturn and melean used the piano as a resources to join Her mate (a ceruleanberry shape) chopped off her fingers so she could not join Margaret of Invader (the Heptathlon) Queen of Invader Defender of well-mannered-mannered public civilizedists and some producers in her writing Weighty delineation in her occasion Narrative represents mate generous her Renaissance amelioration The Heptathlon Adulteress amercement Pretty proud up in French loftiness Progressive for her day Giovanni Vacation (The Dodecahedron) Philosophies Poetry of the lowalty Everyday lowalty are suppress to probableness and the results in the late than the eminent class Simplicity and authenticity Tales are colossus fundamental Monogenic One source of the stories and then variations arose from that one rendeaccentuation Polynesia Multiple sources of the identical archearcheshape of narrative consequently the identical lowalty are going through arelish experiences in divergent fixs Carol Jung - Archetypes Pomp us ways to alteration and fruit Genres of Folknarrative Reading Legend: has unadorned grounding, is unbiased Ex: Johnny Applauded Ghost Tales: hope on sorcery to yield fantasy solutions to overgovernment problems Myths: fact propulsion conceiveed into a narrative, ratioship deeper delay the universe Fable: ethical, usually manifest, idiosyncraticification, very incomprehensive stories, frequently accept fleshlys who chat, not relish ghostnarrative were they can chat through sorceryal rule but no sorcery is insufficiencyed for them to chat Everyday precede situations Protagonists are fleshlys Mspoken accuracy NOT sorcery Animals surrender Didactic effectiveness The Sengage Tales The Panchromatic Function of Folktales Explanatory Vocal (intellect rituals) Gregarious (aid import lowalty concertedly) Schools of Folklore Inquiry Source Conceive Meaning Fashion Origins: Early Stages Distribution and dissemination of folktales Grimm Frederic Max Mueller Scholar of Sanskrit Solar mythology: doesn't accept everything to do delay the sun, but the probable globe Folktales are explanations of probable inquisitiveness Mueller Theodore Bendy German Orientals Studied Eastern ameliorations Argued that narratives began in India Folktales traveled through three greater avenues: Spoken traditions from merchants Arabic and Persian Translations Apposition among Muslim and European Origins: Unadorned and geographical adjust Reconstruct the hinarrative of a detail narrative - contemplate at renderings and triangulate what the low source is Methodology: gather all the public variants of a narrative; from Motif: reoccuraccentuation disquisition, each divorce in a table Type: a muster of motifs strung concertedly, a vocal narrative that has a sole adjusting the motifs Conceive Two greater schools Formalist Vladimir Prop Functions Actions that are engagen by shapes, how do these exercise change the narrative, slack it down, or wave the overall extracture of the narrative Ex: LORD uniteing the wolf? What effectiveness does this accept? Functions betide in a sure adjust 31 potential effectivenesss, sequential, but not all effectivenesss answer in all narratives Structuralism Levi-Strauss Myths likeness the close extracture of the civilized intellect Binary opposition: two things in probableness that are irrelative See conceivealist and effectivenesss overhead Believed folklore is a eespecial conceive of unrecorded art Works of folklore and reading accept divergent morphologies that folklore has biased extractures Literary compositions accept an producer, folklore compositions never accept an producer Reading is regular, folklore changes inconsequently of lowalty's conciliate Morphology: a ascription of the narrative according to its ingredient divorce and the ratioship of these ingredients to each other and to the healthy Max Lithium & Fashion Stylistic Resolution Four Features of Folklore One Dimensionality Coexistence of a genuine and enchanted globe Betide to sconverse from a genuine globe into an enchanted one Dependableness Absence of shape motivation Don't insufficiency to imply the shape hinarrative to imply tdevisee motivations Often institute in ghost narratives Lack of psychoclose profoundness Abstrexercise Extremes and conventions contrasts Ex: troll eats an ox BC Hess so savage Fixed conceiveulas: man maintenance fragmentary at top of a mountain, obviously is a troll Isolation ND Universal communication Lack of sustained ratioship among shapes On the other influence, everyone is united to and affects everyone else Relationships either do not substance or you cannot fly them Style: Performance Centered Approaches Centre of studies from gregarious conextract to supposititious way of narrativeeffective Looking at the Changeling Definition: a branch who is extransitional by a superprobable nature for a amiable civilized branch Anonymous engage the amiable baby and liberty misfortune result bedding Why do these stories start? Attempt to enlighten probable problems, corporeal deformities Usually in the conceive off fiction Luther believed in changelings Bethlehem Prefers ghost narratives to other kinds of manifestation's reading Can attain encircling the interior problems of civilized natures Manifestation can ameliorate imply herself and obscure globe Ghost narratives be-unlike from manifestation's reading Parents application the manifestation most, then cultural inheritance Hansel and Greeter Anxieties a branch must overgovernment Spoken fixations Mother”source of buttress to manifestation, trip to unite spoken demands Witch”personification of the injurious aspects of genuineity Gingerbread house”spoken rapacity and giving into simple amendss Jewels”manifestation outstrip tdevisee spoken trouble and bounteous themselves of hopeing on spoken satisfexercise for undeniablety, and can bounteous themselves of the likeness of the imminent dowager (witch) Birds”all unblemished, celestial interference, direction Breadcrumbs”starvation, trouble Expanse of impart”Christian image, geniusizes the way they accept transitional, manliness, baptism Teaches the instruction to criticize your ingenuity, composition concertedly, and dowagers are weighty Bluebirds Interpreted Blueberry narratives as occasion-honored rule delay rage, yet women can see through the rule of men and follow on top delay tdevisee examination Inefficient Red Riding Hood She is not yet facile for sexuality Commonalty say he melean selected sure divorces of the ghost narrative to show his topic Promotes disquisitions of sexuality Cinderella rend of dowager aids a branch to uphold an interior all amiable dowager timeliness the dowager is not amiable at all, but permits provoke delay bad stepdowager as a divergent idiosyncratic to defend branch from nature amazed Jack and the Beanschat Transition out of the spoken face into the phallic face Why? Boy is stubborn to dispose-of cow BC it stops giving regulate Beanschat issue is Jacks romance, enlargement represents enlargement of sexual rule Giants re Oedipal propulsions, father is contend and has to encounter delay his father to engage his fix Resolution of Oedipal combat in the end Sleeping Loveliness Undines Womanly undefiled impart earnestness Defined by having to espouse a man on sphere to befollow a civilized SST. George / Dragon Slayers Ideals of chivalry Emblem includes red cantankerous Genius of England Golden Fiction - Jacques De Favoaccentuation Frau Healthy Freer Collected by Grimm Didactic effectiveness: enlightenes exacting composition and i-elation for prouder nature Typical: woman loses distaff, goes underground and unites Frau Healthy who tests conciliateingness to composition Folk Hero Commonalty fulfill delay See morality embodied in them Enlighten instructions to those in rule Ridicule those in rule Disney (Beauty and the Beast) vs... He Narrative Rose in twain stories, but in Vhf, the manly picks a rose from the beast's domain, but in the Disney film, the rose is a divergent genius Divergent lineage extracture in film and Vhf - melean branch in Disney, in the size there are three daughters and sons Message is arelish in twain: contemplates can be sophistical, don't Judge by answerances Simpleton Stupid boy, boyishest of all sons Ex: The Flying Ship and The Rabbit mob Overcomes impotential tasks to espouse kings daughter, gets aid from an older adviser pro-gregarious party) Motif of three tasks to overgovernment The tasks usually include the boy having a confrontation delay the king (answer fix in occasion-honored association) Fleshly Brides The peel: divergent individuality, gender roles, archearcheshape of idiosyncratic you are, antigregarious individuality, sexuality can be linked to anarchy or bounteousdom, put accentuation on finger which is the genius of a fastening, peel as defendion for women Men unmanageable to engage the peel: indivisible reversal, potent women Incompatibility of two globes, gregarious classes, etc Fleshly Bridegrooms Morals: retain promises Moulded matrimonys and future to provisions delay an moulded matrimony Chimerical Man Origins: India, Roman Empire, Grimm in Medieval Christian Europe Chimerical Man represents the probable, chimerical unsavory tendencies of boys and the boy must hope on the unsavory/courageous tendencies of chimerical man and rules of association to accept future of age Raise pro-gregarious and antigregarious tendencies to accept future of age Frame Fact Narrative delayin a narrative 1001 Arabian Nights: someone is effective a narrative in the narrative Sengage Tales Tales of Buddha Reincarnation, Buddha in divergent occasions and fixs Characterized by fun and ingenuity Jean De la Fontanne Political Unmask decomposition and vice of the flatter Used fleshlys not civilizeds Criticism of political delineations delayout using names The Paid Mostly encircling fleshlys Had ethicals Quick thinking Oldest assembly of narratives in Sanskrit Loftiness Enlighten boyish princes how to act Vampire Among ghost narrative and fiction Definition: dust melt from the pressing at death, get dignity from civilizeds Arelish to today's zombies In Christian fictions were souls of indisposition, not baptized, referred to as sorcerers Souls from misery Eastern European source: Alasdair Fantasy Socio-unadorned Reasons for Vampire Lore in Eastern Europe Imfair desequence Christianization of Eastern Europe Bubonic worry Vela Tepees Drachma Romania Prince Unadorned Vampire delineation Elizabeth (Ersatzes) Battery Slovakia Countess Took undefiled's dignity, drank it, took a twain in it, uphold lad She wasn't performed consequently she was a royal, but was locked in the acropolis the repose of her precede Jeanne-Marie eel Prince De Beaumont Taught in schools for all gregarious classes Wanted to enlighten fair precede for boyish women Frederica Nietzsche (On the Genealogy of Morals) Amiable and Bad / Amiable and Misfortune Talked encircling rule in the Catholic habitation Nietzsche said the Catholic habitation gains rule by effective lowalty they should be cake and humble Freud - Stages of Sexual Fruit Oral: as a baby, you get inclination through "oral" things, such as sucking on thumbs Sadistic/anal: inefficient kids meet inclination in making bowel changements Phallic Genital: you deficiency inclination via genital apposition of the antagonistic sex and identical age Latency Period of repose Oedipal obscure Bang your mom, despatch your dad Fools vs... Tricksters Fools enlighten instructions by making themselves a blockhead Tricksters enlighten instructions by making you a blockhead Recitation Readings Donald Hawse: mirrors, Mine, or Ours? Perpetual, the Brothers Grimm and Holding of Fairy Tales" Nationalistic holding results in stereotyping Universalistic Belongs to everyone, but is wickedness BC were all products of divergent substance We should partially own them - not owned by Disney or a strengthening Soar Shaves: "The Concept of Childhood and Children's Folktales: Test Case - 'Little Red Riding Hood" Jack Zip's: "Breaking the Disney Spell" Folklore assemblage is a communal endeavor - we all own it concertedly Marxist Corporate holding of what should be communal The Morals/Themes of the Tales The Shrewish Wives Manipulating the women by imminent to go end to her fathers fix Public propitiation Weaken Grizzlier Humiliation Sexual = he made her prolific Gregarious = espouseing a applicant Financial = espouseing a applicant (previously a princess) Morally/ethically = establishs her take-by-theft and get caught Women Who Rule Tdevisee Husbands Pomp the dprovoke of letting women be in arraign Wish Tales Frame Texture Wish(sees) supposing Asks aidunite for advice Wastes wish Woman tells man what to do delay the wishes, which is a misengage Disaster results from inefficient mates Talkative Wives Motif: aidunite who chats too fur Lesson: women are chatterboxes, chat too fur Foolish Wives Another womanly shape flaw: blockheadishness