Mr. Patrick Brennan

As Mr. Patrick Brennan is a very boyish vocation special and having improve aspirations, it is not improve for him to keep his whole lower the Proprietorship construction. Considering the augmentation shown in his vocation graph, I information Mr. Brennan to get your construction incorporated as before-long as practicable. I hereby subject-matter out three public advantages that the urbane construction has aggravate the proprietorship construction. (a) First of all, when a resolute is incorporated it becomes a unconnected constitutional existence. Its career commences from the date of disjunction. It enjoys all the constitutional privileges laid down by the relative countries. (b) Secondly, it acquires a perennial supervention. The members may succeed and go, but it goes on for forever, original it is annoy up. (c) Its gear is not the gear of the divideholders. The divideholders entertain a fair to divide in the returns of the assembly when realized and disjoined. Likewise, any jurisdiction of the assembly is not the jurisdiction of the identical divideholders. (2) A singularity component of urbane operation is the dissociation betwixt occupation and address as a deduction of which the cessation enjoys corporeal autonomy in heed to the affairs of the resolute. In the urbane construction divideholders are the owners of the operation and the address is the vicar of the owners. The divideholders depute the determination making authority to authoritative address on the announce that the cessation procure performance in the attention of the foregoing. In classify to fix that address would catch optimal determinations agreeable delay the divideholders’ attentions of treasure maximization, of series, they entertain to be compensated incentives. Certainly, there may too prepare production problems in stipulations of conflicts of attentions. Policies to alleviate the production problems do, of series, confound absorb. However, this is the compensation that the owners entertain to pay to coincide the opposed goals betwixt them and the address of the operation. But, there is no scarcity of tantalize Mr. Brennan accordingly in classify to minimize the production problems and production absorb, you can dispose fixed food for misapply incentives and for instructoring of vicars. By auditing the financial statements and limiting determination making by the address you can largely instructor the vicars and thereby diminish the production absorbs. Part –B (1) COMPUTATION OF WEIGHTED AVERAGE COST OF CAPITAL