No Men Are Foreign

'No men are outlandish' publish us that we should not attend anyone as outlandish or 'strange. ' Philanthropy is the selfselfsimilar all balance the globe and in harming anyone we are harming ourselves. This strain emphasizes the circumstance that men authority suit to irrelative races, nations, but are basically frisk by a low manacle i. e. they all move trouble when afflict and scatter whimper on the privation of someone end and wars should not tame this low manacleage. In destroying another dominion we are destroying our own Earth. The strain publishs us to seem upon philanthropy as unified being. [pic]The strain is evidently a hardy defence for whole sodality. It underlines the circumstance that the inhabitants of irrelative countries entertain selfselfsimilar natural, invisible & affecting experiences. Their destiny is the selfsame. They are in no way irrelative level though they diminish irrelative habit & say irrelative languages. Nobody should be viewed as alien & no dominion outlandish. The bard emphasizes the uselessness of hating those who suit to other countries. When we wage war despite others, we simply pollute our own globe. The dust & steam caused by war weapons contaminate the very air we all breathe.The bard calls upon the inhabitants to unfetter the globe from man-made barriers and parochialism (pinched prospect). There is greatly in low between irrelative races of the globe. [pic] This strain is written to irritate moveings of familiarity, sodality and to emphasise that inhabitants of irrelative nations are equal in entire manner-fate, times of sorrows and enjoyment etc. Therefore James Kirkup has written this strain to say that we are the upshot of the God and should we pollute our Globe by waging wars, by contending we are condemning ourselves.