Oberoi Group of Hotels

OBEROI GROUP Understanding Superintendence and Plan of the Form An “Organizational Dynamics” Device by – Assemblage 5 (Section G) Parth Krishnan Mannadiar (12HR-018) Priyanshi Kejriwal (12DM-104) Atharv Tilak (12DM-042) Ritu Kapse (12HR-024) Siddharth Venkataraman (12DM-143) Lov Loothra (12FN-068) Puneeth C (12IB-062) Table of Contents Sr. No. | Heading| Page No. | 1. | Introduction| 3| 2. | Enlargement and Strategy| 3 - 4| 3. | Structure| 4| 4. | Culture| 5| 5. | The People| 5| 6. | Technology| 6| 7. | Largeness and Form Life-Cycle| 6 - 7| 8. | Complexity-Stability Model| 7| . | Conclusion| 7-8| 10. | Exhibits| 9-12| 11. | References| 13| Introduction The Oberoi Group, founded in 1934, habituates environing 13000 herd universewide and owns and manages environing thirty common-houses and five effeminacy cruisers as of 2012. The sodality was incorporated in the year 1949 by Rai Bahadur M. S. Oberoi to run "Oberoi Assemblage of common-houses". The assemblage of companies, affiliated through dishonorable habituatement cause, has to introduce primitive rank effeminacy common-houses, airoutsuccession stipulateing, airport bars and restaurants, urbane air charters, tramp consultancy, limousine habituatements and device expend. With common-houses entity unfurl out in Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai etc. , we can see it covers almost the total p of the kingdom. It as-well-behaved has properties abroad in places such as Cairo and Aswan in Egypt; Bali and Lombok in Indonesia; Mauritius; Medina in Saudi Arabia and a new attribute future up in Dubai in UAE. EIH, the flagship sodality of The Oberoi Assemblage is unconcealedly preferred by concern-post tramplers consequently of its consonant and eminent attribute habituatement athwart irrelative locations. Exhibit 1 spread-outs some reviews posted by customers who feel had the gratification of arriveing at an Oberoi common-house. As can be seen from their reviews, the main eminentlights of their arrive were the ambience/facilities and eminently motivated and courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved trained staff who yield unusually calm, personalised and profited habituatement. Such a holistic test can be achieved by an form through consonant efforts. Thus the end of this relation is to discern these efforts which Oberoi has synergized and use it to con-aggravate efficacious form superintendence and refinement. Enlargement and Superintendence “Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi was born on 15th August, 1898 in erstdate total Punjab, which is now in Pakistan. He was simply six months old when his main died. Victory and casualty did not, consequently, succeed comprehensively to him. Initiative, resourcefulness and distressing achievement, collectively delay the capacity to countenance and aggravatesucceed the most resistless odds can best characterise this open entrepreneur. ” The aggravate expression environing the author, exencroach of the qualities he filled to construct the Oberoi assemblage aim the height it is at. When M S Oberoi primitive aimed Shimla, he took up achievement as the desk clerk at the Cecil common-house. Today, the common-seed is owned by the Oberoi Assemblage and is indicated The Oberoi Cecil. The then aggravateseer of the common-seed was blissful delay the achievement put in by Mohan Singh and asked him to aid him popular another common-seed he adscititious, Clarkes common-house. Delay this primitive-hand test of careless a common-house, Mohan Singh set out on his entrepreneurial inferiortaking. In 1934, he adscititious two common-houses, The Clarkes Public-seed in Shimla and Delhi by mortgaging his wife’s jewellery and all his proceeds. The Sodality was incorporated as a common poor sodality in India on 26 May 1949 and its primal concern-post intelligence was as the resident and operator of The Oberoi Palace Public-seed in Srinagar, Kashmir. It was in 1965 that they built their primitive common-house, The Oberoi Intercontinental, now The Oberoi, New Delhi. It introduceed facilities that no other common-seed in the kingdom could companion and was India's primitive effeminacy common-house. In 1966, The Oberoi School of Public-seed Expend ensueing renamed the Oberoi Centre for Scholarship and Product was formed. It yieldd eminent Attribute dutyal inoculation in happiness expend. The finished register of events that shaped Oberoi’s enlargement is consecrated in Exhibit 2. Mr Oberoi was the primitive Indian to achievement in connection delay interdiplomatic chains to woo interdiplomatic tramplers to India. This caused a comprehensive compute of interdiplomatic tramplers to introduce their livelihood. The irrelevant habituatement rose to a hale raze of 85%. Mr M S Oberoi had noble anticipation and inferiorstanding. He converted dilapidated palaces and architectures into noble common-houses. Some of these are the Windsor in Australia, Mena Seed Oberoi in Cairo and Oberoi Grand in Kolkata. The Oberoi Cecil in Shimla, built in the massive 20th mainity, reopened in April 1997 succeeding vast and meticulous redemption. Strategy: Thus the Oberoi Group’s superintendence inferior Mr M S Oberoi’s notabilityt was perfectly absolved. Since the set-out, they feel nucleused on exlie of their uses by stipulateing to newer communicates. The determination to introduce universe rank common-houses to Interdiplomatic tramplers was the purpose of an ambitious concern-postman looking to diffuse his introduceing. As-well-behaved multi location influence helped impoverish tension endanger. It is this for this interdiplomatic likeness that irrelevant properties were adscititious and assimilated into the effeminacy and top attribute habituatements from Oberoi. The exploration for newer communicates was binding for introducing its relieve mark of common-houses, ‘Trident’. Trident common-houses are five-notability common-houses that feel stablished a record for providing the best in brilliance bundled delay an affordable worth tag. Thus stipulateing to the intermediate insucceed deal-out and urbane clientele was the superintendence. Delay this new mark, unfurl athwart nine locations in India, Oberoi now had a superior distribute of the common-seed diligence. Exhibit 2 as-well-behaved mentions the strategic articulation-profit delay Hilton for the interdiplomatic communicateing and handling of reservations of the "Trident" common-houses. The common-houses, as deal-out of this articulation-interest, were to be re-branded “Trident Hilton”. However delay Hilton trying to prove its own Garden Inn common-houses in trodden rivalry delay Trident caused Oberoi matter. Thus it furious the course delay Hilton and re-marketed its common-houses inferior the indicate Trident itself. The Oberoi Group, parallel delay its subsidiaries and other marks, stands as one of the most robed common-seed chains in the universe delay divers of its assemblage common-houses bagging multiform awards and accolades from Travel+Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, Forbes and Galileo. Date the concern-post superintendence and unconditioned offence in exlie has been a key to this victory, it insufficiencys to feel been befriended innerly though a extensile refinement and committed relevancynal consummate. Let us now try to show some key aspects of The Oberoi Group’s refinement and achievementforce. Constitution As facilities besucceed in largeness, common-seed or hall aggravateseers perceive the insufficiency to assemblage infallible jobs in classify to fix efficacious coordination and useal administer. Date departments may be assemblageed as front of the seed (having visitor contiguity) and tail of the seed (employees delay no visitor contiguity), Oberoi ensues the resuscitation of separating departments by duty. Exhibit 4 shows the constitution of a ordinary bountiful habituatement Oberoi common-house. Even though such a constitution is normally ensueed by a common-seed delay largeness aggravate 500 rooms, the unmitigated largeness of some of the Oberoi properties claim such an mature constitution. The party constitution ensueed by Oberoi is in outoutsuccession delay its refinement and its visibles. The dutyal dianticipation promotes specialization. This specialization in mold increases achievementer fruitivity and pliancy. Refinement The centre appreciates of The Oberoi Assemblage are constitutional through their dharma, which was open by their own habituateees. Their dharma articulates their commitment to spread-out centre appreciates through their resuscitation and behaviour. Elements of the dharma conceive Expend of the eminentest intellectual standards; a Nucleus on teamachievement and common trust; Maintaining brilliance in visitor habituatement; Protecting the protection, protection, heartiness and environment of visitors and each other. The Dharma has further aspects as courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved which concurrently adduce to all aspects of the assemblage’s concern-post (Exhibit 3). The habituateee is expected to construct all determinations and all interactions domiciled on the Sodality Dharma. By placing vigorous mechanisms and communicating favoring expend expected from each habituateee, the sodality has made it potential to put this Dharma into resuscitation. Oberoi does not regard it is in the concern-post of common-houses, instead it claims to be in the concern-post of memories. The sodality empowers its habituateees to regard – “I don’t proportioned achievement hither. This is my common-house. ” The Rule of 1500 – Any habituateee in the common-seed can introduce totalthing at a require appreciate of INR 1500 delayout seeking antecedent plaudit, any compute of intervals, to any compute of visitors – no questions asked. The visible is to constitute visitor transport. Guests who feel ordinary the rule of 1500 feel been blissful delay the habituatement they ordinary. The veritable rule of this program is that consequently of the immunity habituateees feel, visitor get an motive to expend further, they succeed tail and distribute their definitive test by term of opening. This troddenly influences the sodality’s foundation outline. It’s these feeble ideological disagreements which construct a disundertaking in supported the refinement aggravate interval and athwart borders. The Herd The Oberoi Assemblage takes arrogance in having the best habituatement dutyals in the diligence. Throughout the year, the form stimulates and rewards unusual achievement that best exemplifies ungathered habituatement. Some of these awards are i) Ungathered Achievement Award, ii) Employee in Spotlight, iii) Peer Recognition Program, iv) Notability of The Month etc. Oberoi has habituateees who endure to honor a covet habituatement delay the organisation, in some cases aggravate 30 years. Divers of their habituateees feel finishedd their certification from the Oberoi Centre for Scholarship and Product (OCLD) and feel built victoryful successs up to the unconcealed aggravateseer raze and in some cases main ruler lies delay the urbane concern-post. In mid-expend lies, their mediocre habituatement is about six years. As the war for aptitude endures athwart divers industries, their rebellion superintendence encompasses a miscellany of irrelative elements. They inferiortake formal habituateee estimation surveys to discern habituateees’ insufficiencys. Their surveys show that date restoration offscourings an expressive ingredient for herd, they are increasingly nucleused on absolved success plans, arrival to “best in rank” scholarship and architecture a achievement-life redress. By stipulateing to these claimments, they feel been victoryful in providing the best test to their customers through a committed and affianced achievementforce. Technology In the happiness sector, ensuring the self-contentment of your visitors is chief. However, in today’s increasingly insisting consumer communicateplace, convocation that insufficiency could be a veritable canvass. This is especially gentleman for Oberoi Hotels, a effeminacy assemblage of common-houses favoured by legislation officials and concern-post tramplers. Not simply does the common-seed feel to stipulate for courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-heeled constructrs who insufficiency to construct use of features such as interactive TV, IPTV and wireless networking, it as-well-behaved has to engage the aastringent protection claimments of concern-post users who insufficiency to be believing that whatever basis they arrival during their arrive get survive enclose. In adduction to this, it has to fix that its energy protection, car parking and netagoing facilities engage the insisting protection standards claimd by legislation officials and eminent-profile concern-post herd. In apology the common-seed fixed a eminently customable and eminently enclose netachievement that would empower it to hand the protection and dutyality claimd by its visitors. In provisions of fulfilling the netagoing insists of the concern-post itself, the separation yields a substantial, certain platform for popular all the common-house’s piercing applications – including reservations, billing, inner recitaling, and digital signage. Size and Form Life-Cycle Size: For the Financial Year ended on 31st March, 2012, the Company’s Total Revenue was Rs 1147. 33 crores. The sodality posted a net avail succeeding tax of Rs 122. 42 crores opposing Rs 64. 54 crores during the antecedent year, which is a 89. 68% enlargement or Rs 57. 88 Crores aggravate YTD March 2011. It is one of Asia’s qualitative happiness companies. Even though the sodality has multinational influence, thither is a lot of decentralization in determination making at the last rung. As mentioned aggravate, policies such as “rule of 1500” empower habituateees to exertion a clear total of determination. This is on recital of entity in a concern-post centred on customer contentment. This total of leeway translates to amiable-tempered-tempered customer test troddenly increasing reproduce concern-post and term of opening commonity. The formalization is courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved set. A sodality careless on the scales of Oberoi insufficiencys to feel courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-structured and standardized uses. Though the aggravateall themes and fruits may disagree the rules and procedures are courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved defined for each habituate to empower him to achievement in synergy delay the Oberoi Dharma. Life Cycle: In the entrepreneurial step, Mr Oberoi didn’t feel to use a lot of interval to amplify a fruit or habituatement. His test in managing the uses of Clarkes Public-seed already gave him ample knowhow on the concern-post of popular a common-house. Thus he could yield the robust notabilityt that was claimd to drive the sodality. In the collectivity step, again it was Mr Oberoi’s courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved guided notabilityt which kept the sails escape eminent. They were nucleussed on exposition, but took ample interval to mobilise instrument. Thither was ample gap between 1934 when he adscititious the primitive common-seed and when the sodality got incorporated in 1949. Again thither was almost a 15 year gab antecedently which Oberoi assemblage set up their own common-house. These intervallines gave ample interval for the newly formed achievementforce to besucceed parallel delay the appreciates of the author and the form. This as-well-behaved helped in the formalization to the deduction step. The rules and procedures which did get proveed were in outoutsuccession delay the refinement of the form. This meant that the irrelative properties proveed athwart the kingdom or adscititious universe aggravate, could teach the similar refinement all aggravate delayout thither entity too ample red tape. Decisions such as contrast up their own stereotypeing encroach to frequent eminent standards all aggravate in stationery are an clearment of how stringent procedures or standards were frequented date not causing problems delayin the inner expend. The expend in irrelative common-houses did not insufficiency to coordinate now delay each other for procuring similar attribute of stationery. Presently the Oberoi assemblage is in the deduction step, delay irrelative subsidiaries handling their irrelative concern-postes. They are constitutiond similarly and delay varying administerling causes, Oberoi now is in a recognized lie in its sector. Its plans include exlie and other inferiortakings and deal-outners to collaborate delay. Complexity-Stability Model The patterns and events occurring in the environment can be picturesquely parallel the two superior compass. These are the Simple-Complex and Stable-Unrecognized compass. Complexity: The Oberoi Group, intercourse superiorly in happiness, is subjected to Many-sided environmental ingredients past the happiness diligence has divers players and has to contend delay compact dynamic legislational regulations, rivalry for attribute habituateees ; new trends etc. Thus it is monstrous by compact diverse visible elements. Stability: The Stable-Unrecognized bigness refers to whether elements in the environment are dynamic. A territory is recognized if it offscourings the similar aggravate a date of months or years, forasmuch-as inferior unrecognized conditions, environmental elements change abruptly. As mentioned aggravate, thither areas compute of dynamic ingredients which influence the happiness diligence. Delay budget common-houses as-well-behaved eating into their distribute by introduceing appreciate for capital and the husbanding in recession, urbanes are importation their livelihood to relatively greener pastures. Thus the happiness diligence and Oberoi assemblage countenance many-sided, unrecognized environments. The Rivalry The superior domiciliary competitors of the Oberoi Assemblage of Hotels are Taj Group, ITC, De-Meligan and Leela Assemblage of Hotels. This introduces a secure rivalry to Oberoi as in the effeminacy deal-out, minister exceeds insist in divers cities, as per an decomposition in EIH Ltd’s annual relation. India has repeatedly been cited as one of the most gainful albeit trying communicates to amplify properties in delay a covet amplifyment cycle of three-five years, adding to the require. Adeal-out from the domiciliary competitors, the Oberoi assemblage countenances introduce matters delay superior interdiplomatic marks, which are diffuseing their influence in India. Some of these marks are The IHG assemblage, Wyndham Hotels, Marriott Interdiplomatic and Hilton Worldwide. These interdiplomatic common-seed chains are not proportioned targeting the effeminacy and bribe deal-out, but as-well-behaved the upscale, mid-scale, budget and loftier budget deal-outs. Another custom to these chains is that Interdiplomatic tramplers are conversant delay these interdiplomatic chains and so it is very trying for Indian chains to destroy the associated faithfulness. However, to contention rivalry, Oberoi and its domiciliary competitors such as The Taj Assemblage are looking to add newer properties, ranging from the budget sort to effeminacy. Exhibit 4 – registers out the massive common-houses of Interdiplomatic chains and the upfuture ones delay their calculated dates and categories. It shows how Interdiplomatic Public-seed chains are gaining foundation in India and are bullish on their India exlie plans, giving secure rivalry to home-grown biggies. Conclusion We feel proportioned past through the formal plan of The Oberoi Group. We feel thoughtful its superintendence, its refinement and herd, the rivalry and concern-post environment it have-effects in. So what accurately does the form do fit to stipulate to all these visible ingredients and stationary succeed out as one of the qualitative happiness companies in Asia and the universe? Superintendence is one expressive ingredient that influences form plan. Oberoi assemblage’s superintendence has regularly been one of diffuseing communicates through targeting irrelative insucceed deal-outs, acquiring new properties and contrast up common-houses in irrelative countries. This superintendence constructs a lot of signification if we regard the continually changing environment of the happiness diligence as discussed in the Complexity-Stability Model. By changing the target deal-out parallel delay the communicate trends, the sodality has been able to practise up its eminent standards delay the customers. Its introduce largeness and elaborative step in its life-cycle as-well-behaved empower it to ensue this exlie superintendence. Due to the mark appreciate it garners, adductional investments get as-well-behaved endure to derive in concern-post notwithstanding the rivalry. Another top to voice from the transient-many-sided environment of happiness diligence is the constitution of the form. As we feel seen aggravate, the constitution is eminently irrelativeiated and is eminently constitutional. The irrelativeiation is accompanied delay eminent integration as courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved. The decentralized determination making at the use raze is claimd to feel a deal-outicipative achievementforce achievementing towards customer contentment. Seasonality, economic upheavals etc. claims a lot of forecasting and the decentralized atmosphither allows the claimd eminent urge apology. Lastly, the refinement of the form which is centred on the Oberoi “Dharma” is as-well-behaved in sync delay its constitution and plan. Formalization is eminent at Oberoi. The rules and procedures are courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved defined which implies total habituateee is courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved apprised of his responsibilities. Thus he can exertion his election delay finished immunity date making determinations. As-well-behaved this formalized constitution allows standardization athwart its common-houses athwart the universe. Thus we can see that the plan of the form fits its achievementflow in a complementary habit. This has helped Oberoi practise its gathering aggravate its rivalry and stay itself victoryfully for aggravate 75 years. The robust notabilityt has guided it delay severe nucleus on targeting deal-outs that introduce new opportunities. Thus we can see that Oberoi is a amiable-tempered-tempered clearment of an form that has used its constitution and superintendence to bold its concern-post and survive victoryful. Exhibit 1 Customer Reviews Environing “The Oberoi, New Delhi” Environing “Mena Seed Oberoi Hotel, Giza, Egypt” Exhibit 2 Superior events in the truth of the Sodality Year| Superior Events| 1949| The Sodality was promoted and incorporated by Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi and Oberoi Hotels (India) Limited, in May 1949. | 1956| The equity distributes of the Sodality were primitive registered on the BSE. Took the Maharaja’s palace in Srinagar, Kashmir on lease and converted it into The Oberoi Palace Hotel. | 1957| Started the departure habituatements concern-post. | 1965| Commenced uses at The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi. | 1968| By a device of merger current by the Calcutta Eminent Court, The Associated Hotels of India Poor and Hotels (1938) Private Poor merged into the Company. By capacity of the merger, the Sodality adscititious The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata, Maidens Hotel, Delhi, Palm Beach, Gopalpur-on-sea (use hanging), The Oberoi Cecil, Shimla, The Mount Everest, Darjeeling (use hanging). 1973| Commenced uses at The Oberoi Towers, Mumbai. | 1974| Formal a stereotypeing encroach in Delhi chiefly for the Company’s in-seed insufficiencys. | 1979| Bonus progeny of 1,337,745 new equity distributes of the Sodality of Rs. 10 each in the relevancy of one new equity distributes for total five equity distributes held by the distributeholders. | 1984| Bonus progeny of 4,953,131 new equity distributes of the Sodality of Rs. 10 each in the relevancy of two new equity distributes for total five equity distributes held by the distributeholders. 1986| Made a sally into the airport habituatements concern-post by entering into a ten year lessen delay the Interdiplomatic Airport’s Authority to have-effect all the snack bars and restaurants at the domiciliary and interdiplomatic terminals in Mumbai. | 1992| Bonus progeny of 4,720,704 new equity distributes of the Sodality of Rs. 10 each in the relevancy of one new equity distributes for total five equity distributes held by the distributeholders. | 1994| Listing of GDRs on the London Stock Exchange. | 1996| Change of indicate of the Sodality from The East India Hotels Poor to EIH Limited. Bonus progeny of 17,464,299 new Equity distributes of the Sodality of Rs. 0 each in the relevancy of one new equity distributes for total two equity distributes held by the distributeholders. | 1997| Commenced uses at The Oberoi Rajvilas in Jaipur, our primitive effeminacy leibelieving common-seed in India. | 2004| The Sodality entered into a strategic connection for interdiplomatic communicateing delay Hilton International. All the “Trident” Hotels were re-branded as “Trident Hilton”, and the Oberoi Towers in Mumbai was re-branded as the Hilton Towers. | 2006| Sub-dianticipation of the countenance appreciate of equity distributes from Rs. 10 to Equity Shares of Rs. 2. Bonus progeny of 130,984,657 new equity distributes of the Sodality of Rs. each in the relevancy of one new equity distribute for total two equity distributes held by the Equity Shareholders. The Sodality adscititious a 66. 67% equity stake in Mercury Car Rentals Limited, a articulation inferiorimportation delay Avis Europe for car rental concern-post. |  | The stereotypeing encroach proveed by the Sodality in 1974 was granted endurance by the Indian Banks’ Connection to stereotype protection stationery for banks. | 2008| The connection delay Hilton Interdiplomatic ended and “Trident Hilton” and the Hilton Towers Hotels were renamed “Trident” Hotels. Establishment of EIH Departure Services Limited, Mauritius as a ampley owned assistant of the Company. Entered into a articulation inferiorimportation belowtaking delay 26% equity cause in L;T Bangalore Airport Public-seed Poor for a common-seed device neighboring the Bangalore interdiplomatic airport. Terrorist invasion at the Trident, Nariman Top and The Oberoi, Mumbai in November, 2008 resulting in gap in concern-post and clobelieving of twain the common-houses. The Trident Mumbai re-opened on 21 December, 2008, succeeding the terrorist invasion. | 2009| Entered into a articulation inferiorimportation belowtaking delay 16% equity cause in Golden Jubilee Hotels Poor for the projected Oberoi and Trident Hotels in Hyderabad. 2010| The Oberoi, Mumbai re-opens succeeding bountiful redemption following to the terrorist invasions in 2008. EIH Interdiplomatic Ltd, a ampley owned assistant of the Sodality finishedd an merit of approximately 46% of the equity cause in its interdiplomatic common-houses articulation inferiorimportation sodality EIH Holdings Ltd. Pursuant to this merit, EIH Holdings Ltd is now a ampley owned assistant of EIH Interdiplomatic Ltd. | Source: Information yieldd at website of EIH Ltd, a assistant of Oberoi Assemblage (http://www. eihltd. com/about_eih/milestones. asp) Exhibit 3 – Dharma: Fundamental rule of expend Exhibit 4 – Department Constitution Exhibit 5 – Interdiplomatic Public-seed chains in India GAINING GROUND Interdiplomatic common-seed chains are bullish on their India exlie plans, giving secure rivalry to home-grown biggies| Group| Massive common-houses| Calculated common-houses** (in Rs)| By when| Category| Calculated new marks| IHG*| 12| 150| 2020| Mid-market| Holiday Inn Express| Wyndham Hotels| 14| 60-70| 2017| Mid-market| Howard Johnson| Marriott International| 18| 80-100| 2015| Athwart deal-outs| Fairfield, Ritz| Hilton Worldwide| 8| 50-60| 2016| Luxury/ bribe| Hilton, Double Tree, Hilton Garden Inn, ; mid-communicate Hampton, Conrad and Waldorf Astoria| Accor| 13| 90-100| 2015| Luxury, mid-scale and budget| Formula 1, Sofitel and Pullman| Choice Hotels International| 27| 100| 2017-19| Mid-market| Sleep Inn, Cambria Suites, Econo Lodge| Best Western International| 34| 66| 2017| 3/ 4 and 5 notability| Best Premier| Starwood Hotels| 33| 50-60| 2015| Athwart deal-outs| St. Regis, W| Carlson| 46| 100| 2015| Mid-communicate and bribe| Regent| Hyatt Hotels Corporation| 8| 50| -| Premium| Hyatt Place, Hyatt House| *InterContinental Hotels Group; ** Estimate Source: Diligence and ICRA estimates| References Oberoi Hotels ; Resorts. (2012). [online]. Viewed 2012 October 15. Available: http://www. oberoihotels. com/ The Oberoi Group. (2012). Careers at The Oberoi Group. [online]. Viewed 2012 October 19. Available: http://www. oberoigroup. com/careers/index. htm SHRM India. (28/06/2012). The Oberoi Assemblage of Hotels–Translating Dharma into Best Practices in HR. [online]. Viewed October 22. Availaible: http://www. shrmindia. rg/oberoi-group-hotels%E2%80%93translating-dharma-best-practices-hr P Mullick, 2012, ‘Oberoi Group: Social resources increasingly expressive as refreshment tool’, Hindustan Times, October 18 S Baggonkar, 2012, ‘Taj, Oberoi inferior presbelieving from irrelevant common-seed chains’, Business-post Standard, July 17 M Kaushik, 2010, ‘Guest Star: The Oberoi’, Business-post Today, September 5 Audited Financial Relation for EIH Ltd. for the year 2011-12 Oberoi Hotels and Resorts. (2012). [online]. Viewed October 22. Available: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Oberoi_Hotels_%26_Resorts