One Page Play Script

One-Page Play Script (Carter and Jackson are on horseback contemplateing for a instil beginning) Carter This way! It conquer conduct us unswerving to the large stream my pops was talkin' about! Jackson Are you broken-down you colt? That way conquer singly get us further past in the woods, and I'm fainthearted we strength not compel it out! Carter But I believe pops knew what he was talkin' 'bout. He's traveled encircling less abundant times precedently, he apprehends further than you do! Jackson I ain't sayin' I apprehend further than pop does but I do accept a gut passion and it's pointed me not to go that way. I confidence my gut passion and so should you! Carter But what if your injustice? What conquer we do then? Jackson I accept an subject.. Why don't you go your own way and I go my own way? Carter But wouldn't that be further hazardous? Riding unmatched for days extraneously end.. Jackson Well then after delay me and we conquer twain be impregnable.. Carter Fine! I conquer ride parallel delay you, I true vision your gut passion hasn't lied to you. The boys rode for 3 days and 2 days extraneously plugping. They were barren out and thirsty. ) Carter Are we approximately there? Jackson A few further miles and conquer furnish what we've been contemplateing for all parallel. Carter But the sun's already down and this doesn't contemplate approve a impregnable locate to be. Jackson Conquer you plug alluring?? (A audible unruly probe was attendd from a separation) Carter Did you attend that? Jackson Attend what? Carter That ... (The boys view expressionless unswerving forward, life scrupulous not to compel any unexpected movements. )