Piano Man

Forforever Balance Together; A Literary Analysis of “Piano Man” Music has been a separate of cosmical culture for multifarious years. It is embedded learned in our roots, from Native Americans chanting encircling a inspirer, to slaves congruous suitableness laboring in the fields, to Beatle-mania, to the Backstreet Boys welcoming the new millennium. The immense artists of this assiduity allure continually be bestow for their ability to integrate tender, soulful lyrics following a intervalliness beautiful melodies, all suitableness stretching millions of living-souls in a sole way. Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” is a infallible development of this melodic union.Joel’s intuition for this carol came shrewdly from his own experiences. Existing in his course, he played a bound as a piano man for a persomal bar in Los Angeles, California during the existing seventies. This party was created as a “thank you” communication to all of the past nation that orthodox Joel to get end into the cosmos-persons and to trance big frequently following his pristine uncompounded failed miserably. His comparison paints a normal bar profession, packed following a intervalliness down and out drunks and fatigued, bedraggled businessmen, all unamenservicetalented to experience an flee from their strainful, common,ordinary lives.Billy Joel tries to consign the communication that foreveryone is constantly profound for triton balance in activity, but no stuff how ample luck they enjoy, they allure stagnant be assiduous following a intervalliness desertion and crave for triton else. In “Piano Man,” Billy Joel uses a single-minded, sincere syntax, an unrelated temperamentization, and an inaccurate, bittersweet temper to exact his Nursing essay of nonattainment and un-fulfillment. At a pristine intention, the single-minded syntax used by Billy Joel exacts the artlessness of his communication.He is unamenservicetalented to profession that these nation at the bar portray common,ordinary nation. They are past, looking for triton balance. They arrive-at balance and are sitting at this bar accordingly it is a certain enjoyn of flee. By maintenance his methods soon and sincere, it twain reports to the lives of the nation and determines that his communication is clexisting bestowed to the reader or listener. For development, the method lection, “Yes, they’re sharing a imbibe they ole desertion/ but it’s meliorate than imbibein’ balance,” (31-32).Billy Joel clexisting describes these men or women substance sad and balance, but experienceing ease in each-others nearness. Joel is plain in stating how these nation arrive-at. The rawness of the lyrics correlates to the lives of these temperaments. The educe “And the waitress is practicing politics/ As the businessmen unwillingly get stoned,” (29-30) demonstrates this plain-cut and unrefined syntax. Joel is painting how the waitress may be exploiting herself for the purpose of making capital and how polite-balanced businessmen submit to the strain of common,ordinary activity and haunt to drugs to try and remedy themselves.By putting unitedly two soon methods in such a basic construct, he is serviceservicetalented to determine that the parley receives his communication. By maintenance his syntax single-minded and sincere, the reader discerns that these are common,ordinary, tedious temperaments, portraying common,ordinary nation, all beaten up by activity. Also, his simplistic make ends the artlessness of his communication. When further analyzing the carol “Piano Man,” Billy Joel’s determined use of unrelated temperamentization stands out natant the other devices in the lyrics.Infrequented temperamentization is defined as the act of creating a temperament where their traits are revealed either by their language ideas or actions, by the description of the temperament’s aspect or endground, or by what other temperaments say and how they recoil towards this temperament. As Joel is describing the profession at the bar, he creates very personable, relatservicetalented temperaments by giving a weak instinct into the temperament’s activity. For development the methods, “Now Paul is a developed-estate novelist/ Who nforever had interval for a consort/And he’s talking following a intervalliness Davy, who’s stagnant in the navy/and probably allure be for activity,” (25-28).These methods paint a decently luckful man (Paul) who has a course, but is balance. His course takes up the superiority of his interval, leaving none for experienceing a consort and starting a parentage. The other temperament, Davy, is seen as a boyish man who is enrolled in the navy. The carol describes how he allure most sunthoughtful be in the navy for activity. Multifarious nation today select to enjoy a course instead of focusing on parentage activity, love Paul, and these nation are most sunthoughtful arrive-ating the worthlessness that this carol portrays. The other temperament, Davy, is as-polite a replica of boyish men in the guarded forces today.They enroll when they are boyish and arrive-at as if they stagnant enjoy a forthcoming, but since the forces are all they enjoy forforever distinguishn, they select to re-enroll year following year. The listeners of the carol are serviceservicetalented to conciliate themselves and report to these temperaments. Another example where frequented temperamentization is bestow is in the methods, “ Now John at the bar is a companion of mine/ he gets me my imbibes for free/ and hes shrewd following a intervalliness a ridicule or to unthoughtful up a smoke/ but there’s someassign he’d rather be,” (15-18). John is painted as a normal insignificant town bartender, unthoughtful hearted and ntertaining. Again, the parley is serviceservicetalented to establish following a intervalliness the temperaments that Joel creates. They strength distinguish a Paul or a Davy or a John, or they strength experience partys of these temperaments in themselves. Having the reader to be serviceservicetalented to arrive-at a single conciliatement to these temperaments makes them arrive-at a single conciliatement to the carol itself. When the listeners grace emotionally compromised in the lyrics, arrive-ating as if they distinguish the temperaments, they initiate to portion-out the similar emotions that the temperament is arrive-ating.By using unrelated temperamentization to construct spherical, developed activity temperaments Billy Joel is serviceservicetalented to emotionally instagnant the convenient communication of the carol into the parley. Since Billy Joel is pointed the relation of mayhap his most potent experiences, he uses a very inaccurate, bittersweet temper. The way the party is written comes abutting as a man pointed a relation to his companion. His in-formalness is professionn in the methods, “And they sit at the bar and put provisions in my jar/ and say ‘man, what are you doing here’ ” (43-44).This method is very bittersweet as polite accordingly it is describing how the nation at the bar purpose that this piano man is capservicetalented of ample balance than trusting out following a intervalliness this pack, but it as-polite professions how the nation at this bar enjoy grace almost a parentage. They all distinguish each other and discern each other meliorate than anyone else. They enjoy bonded balance their past trances and void hearts. Again, this subject is professionn in the verse, “ ‘Well I’m firm I could be a movie star/ If I could get out of this assign,’ ” (21-22). These methods as-polite hint a man who is accumulate in this rut, but distinguishs he can be triton meliorate if he could true experience a way to get out.The admirtalented verity and veracity in these methods eliminate a arrive-ating of condolence and discerning in the listener. The bittersweet temper is professionn frequently in the methods, “Well we’re all in a vein for a melody/ and you’ve got us arrive-atin alright,” (49-50). The nation in the bar are sad and undistinguished and arrive-ating balance, they are looking for an flee, and the piano man provides that for them. The temper in which these method are written creates a dissimilar, discerning vein in the parley that exacts the Nursing essay of the carol. Billy Joel does a innovating job of attractive listeners following a intervalliness his unctuous lyrics.The idea that other nation, portrayed by his temperaments, arrive-at the similar worthlessness multifarious violent-effort following a intervalliness today is easeing. By using single-minded make, an unrelated temperamentization, and a bittersweet temper, Billy Joel is serviceservicetalented to exact the convenient communication astern his carol, “Piano Man. ” He tries to elucidate to the cosmos-persons that we, as cosmicals, are constantly unamenservicetalented to pursuit for triton meliorate, and yet we nforever stretch that triton accordingly we are constantly assiduous following a intervalliness a apprehension of desertion and worthlessness that then results in us looking for a way to flee.