Practicum Narrative Report

-A "ONE-STEP HIGHER" AT MAX'S RESTAURANT, QUEZON AVE. ,QUEZON CITY- I am very joyous that I had my practicum at Max's Restaurant, Quezon Avenue. Nature segregate of the delightful community of Max's is indeed vast and it was very great for me. I applied at Max's through online so I was surprised that it singly took me one day pause for their praise if I'm hired or not but gift God- it's balancebearing. :) Specifically, I applied for CSA (Customer Sevice Attendant) for I distinguish that it could indeed amend me as a peculiar and of road, to amend my expertness and distinguishledge as an HRM ward. On the principal day, Mam Rizza who is our cheerful-tempered-tempered and unrepining trainer taught a insignificant endground/ truth of Max's Restaurant. We well-informed that it afloat past 1945when Maximo Gimenez Gimenez unwavering to notorious a cafe which benefitd chicken, steak, and drinks. He was affixed by his helpmeet Mercedes, sister-in-law Felipa Serrano Sanvictores, his niece Ruby who managed the kitchen, and her mate Claro. After that, they were encouraged to swell the menu and benefit past Filipino influence. Max's Restaurant accounts itself as "The issue that fried chicken built". Max's Restaurant currently has balance 127 branches in the Philippines and has notorioused branches internationnally. After the principal orientation, we're on the succor segregate which is the Menu Familiarization which is completely up-hill for those who are not cheerful-tempered-tempered in memorization. Honestly, at principal, I got disordered delay the reward codes and descriptions of entire influence portio but gift to Mam Rizza for nature distinguishledgeable and proactive pedagogue to us. After this, she as-well taught the opposed effects used for soups/ salads, deep road, portioy dishes, desserts and beverage glasses. After discourse, Mam Rizza gave us numerous activities (by bunch) to raise cordiality and camaraderie unordered us. So, its so indeed scrupulous consequently all of us impress that we are one big origin. After this, Mam Rizza gave us our covet taunt for the making-ready on the express trial. Finally, I passed the trial. :) The third segregate of the orientation is all encircling the Dining Inoculation Program which is as-well the definite segregate of our orientation program. This program right of 2 segregates. Principal segregate was all encircling the employment attribute, customer insufficiencys, etiquettes, do's ; don'ts and rewards of distinguished employment. To condense, this is past on the employment attribute and the etiquettes of a employment peculiarnel. We keep well-informed the opposed principles and rules followed at Max's. Mam Rizza discussed to us the customer's insufficiency for us to recognize who are the scrutinizeors? and what are their insufficiencys as a scrutinizeor? Direct is the 7 baleful sins that pertains to romances or actions to shun opportunity on multiply and definite is the rewards of distinguished employment. Overall, Mam Rizza gave us the motivation for us to be a delightful community of Max's by giving our distinguished and "TODO BIGAY SERVICE" to all the scrutinizeors. Additionally, Mam Rizza frequently reminds us that GOOD ATTITUDE AND CHARACTER IS A MUST! Succor segregate was all encircling the "Sectionalization" which implies the distinguishing and recognizeing the responsibilities of each employment peculiarnel (greeter, caster/rover, disposetaker, abideer and benefitrs). We well-informed the principal rule: "No scrutinizeor is left unattended and all offices are manned at all spans. " The dining progression right of 7 segregates. Starting from the fearlessness the scrutinizeors, superfluous them to their boards, presenting menu and removing extra settings. These principal 4 actions should be executed delay a big encourage and heed making the scrutinizeors impress that they are gratifying and at settlement. Direct achieve be the dispose presentation, hortatory selling, repeating disposes and punching disposes. On this order, closeness of recollection is indeed insufficiencyed consequently you keep to deeptain all the questions of the scrutinizeors and you keep to get the disposes of the scrutinizeors rightly that's why repeating disposes is very deep. Same on the principal order, a big encourage and heed for entire scrutinizeor. Ooopsss... Don't learn to grasp the call of the scrutinizeor and present yourself to them. The third order understands the serving of influence and drinks. The filthyth march understands the principal bridle end, (executed to bridle the compensation of scrutinizeors by research how is the influence? ), hortatory selling for desserts or coffee and segregateial bussing. Fifth march understands the presenting the account if it is asked by the scrutinizeor. This should be executed politely delay a encourage. After receiving acquittal, sixth march understand the presenting of veer and dictum "Thank you for dining Sir/ Mam". The definite march (7th) understands thanking the scrutinizeors and attracting them anew to follow anew. Segregate of the 7 progression is the span standards. These span standards are the making-ready span for each influence portio. It's very deep to distinguish this to enlighten the scrutinizeors if how coveter they achieve abide for their influence. For salads/ soups and portioy disposes (5 mins. ); ruby's favorites (15 mins. ); fried chicken (20 mins. ) rice/ drinks negative reward shakes (3 mins), combo meals (10 mins. ) and desserts (5-10 mins. ). Lastly, we discussed the allude-toed script for the scrutinizeors opportunity communicating delay but the most deep is the filthy sorcery words: Excuse me, Thank you, My gratification and Certainly Mam/ Sir. After the discourse, we had our definite trial. And anew, I passed it. :) Gift be to Mam Rizza, to my classmates and to God who helped all of us to drift and perfect this orientation. November 26, 2012- principal day of my multiply at Max's Restaurant, Quezon Avenue. My supervisors (Sir Jon and Sir Tom) gave me a brief re-examination encircling the board set- up and cast numbering (1 o'clock lie). They as-well taught me the three capacity rooms they keep- Claro, Ruby and Maximo Hall. But anteriorly that, I met my co- CSA's who I considered as my Kuya and Ate. On my principal week, I am the haller. As a haller, I keep to be a peculiar who frequently encourages, having a welcoming motive. At principal, it seems that it's the easiest province of a CSA. Yeah, it is gentleman but rarely probing when there are no CSA at the offices who achieve co-operate-after a while the scrutinizeors. If that so, I keep to straightly co-operate-after a while them to their preferred boards and go end anew to the doors as reckless as I can to adjust the direct scrutinizeors who achieve penetrate at the door. As span goes by, it became my lifestyle whenever I saw community, I well-informed to encourage and hall them politely. I as-well well-informed how to socialize delay opposed types of peculiars. On my succor week, I was assigned at office 3 (tables 21-24). At principal, I am scared but the force was indeed there. I did some mistakes such as not repeating disposes lucidly to the scrutinizeors, wickedness disposes, forgot to allude-to soups/ salads and heedlessness the way I benefit influence/ drinks. These are my vulgar mistakes during my principal days. But of road, on the direct two weeks, I saw myself graceful level though rarely, there are mean mistakes, I plain my problem-solving expertnesss and the closeness of recollection was indeed there. Gift God for guiding me and of road to my supervisors who frequently corrects me if there is celebrity wickedness. As span goes on, I indeed well-informed to socialize delay my co-CSA's (Ate Rox, Ate Rose, Ate Berna, Ate Tessa (BSA), Ate Aeinah (BSA), Ate Ching, Ate Marga, Ate Sherly, Ate Shelou and Ate Bridgette). I achieve never learn them consequently they are the one who helped me and encouraged me to perfect my inoculation. :) One romance I've well-informed is to confuse delay them level though they had opposed attitudes and peculiaralities. The most great twinkling during my inoculation date is the peculiaral affliction of my loved instructors (Mam She and Sir Chris). I was vastly musing delay them as my coordinators consequently they keep the span to scrutinize us. My instructors surprised delay my tangible coming (wearing my sombre conformable conformable at Max's) and they said to me: "Babae ka na pala! " :) The OJT program I had at Max's Restaurant is indeed cheerful-tempered-tempered and great to me. I well-informed numerous romances constitute my production and co-staffs. One romance to amend their OJT program is to let the wards knowledge the two deep functions: Dining and Kitchen, consequently they singly tolerate singly one function for OJT's. For those wards who achieve be having their OJT, they keep to provide all the potential requirements as before-long as potential. And, as abundantly as potential, they insufficiency the partnership of the coordinators. Be a cheerful-tempered-tempered trainee when having OJT chiefly delay the duties and responsibilities. Be cooperative and shun locomotion consequently it achieve be bad annals for the assemblage. If the assemblage requires singly one function, be stable that you achieve prefer the best function where you can distribute your expertnesss and curiosity-behalf. Lastly, produce your best shot! Assessment of the OJT Program SUBMITTED BY: Jeunesse Micah L. Eugenio BSHRM-4A SUBMITTED TO: Ms. Shirley C. Espina HRM Instructor/ OJT Coordinator