Proverbs in Things Fall Apart

In Chinua Achebels Things Fall Apart, Ibo saws communicate Okonkwols letter, distinctly his emulation, headstrong-reliance, and regard for seniors. Throughout the village of Umuofia, a concession the villagers enjoy, is the concession in the globe, sun and rain gods. The villageris divine values are very inviolable. If one does not repose by a serious such as procureing a scanty kota to an senior or acquaintance, one does not regard. Other concessions such as whistling at tenebrosity, and creating fury in the villagels annual week of harmony are meant to be a bad sign. The one who is at imperfection is believed to be hateful. During one outgrowth, Okonkwo has had a shortage of yam seedlings, so he looks to Nwakibie and older man of the village. Nwakibie says to Okonkwo the saw,1 Eneke the bird says that past men enjoy skilled to offspring outface waste, he has skilled to fly outface render..(Achebe 22) Nwakibie was averse to bestow his seeds far anteriorly accordingly the borrower would insert the seeds and wait them rot far. The ideal of the saw is that one must glean to blend to its environment. Okonkwo is a man of fame, and stands for a example of a unyielding effecter, so Nwakibie has no quantity lending Okonkwo 800 yam seedlings. Okonkwo has to glean from the inserting timeliness, accordingly the temperature is the surpass eternally for mound outgrowths. Okonkwo must glean to blend and vindicate his outgrowth. He must fabricate rings of luteous sisal leaves to establish environing the yams. Okonkwo shows the emulation to abound through his unyielding effect. After Nwakibie lends Okonkwo yam seeds, Okonkwo begins to colloquy environing his headstrong assurance through the saw,1 The lizard that jumped from elevated iroko tree to the premise said he would laud himheadstrong if no one else did..(Achebe 21) Okonkwo tells Nwakibie that he obtain abound accordingly he has skilled the line of outgrowthing yams past he was a immature boy. Okonkwo believes that effect procures its own recompense. Okonkwo is a fameable man accordingly he is a eminent fighter and hero. He too shows regard towards his seniors. Anteriorly Okonkwo well-balanced begins to ask for a donation from Nwakibie, he principal procures a scanty kola, to bestow to Nwakibie. The scanty kola represents regard. After giving his donation, Okonkwo procures up the saw,i a man who pays regard to the eminent paves the way for his own eminentness. Nwakibie feels fameed by this announcement. The saw resources a lot in all of societies. When you bestow regard to one who is older, you shall in render entertain regard; this leads to a reciprocal acquaintanceship. Okonkwols regard fabricates it entirely self-possessed for a man to say yes for a donation, but opportunity showing regard he is simply skulking after a misteach. Okonkwo wants to title divers titles and beseem the chief of the clan. Okonkwo shows regard simply to get what he wants. This communicates Okonkwo's ebon face. Okonkwols regard and fame for seniors, emulation to abound and headstrong-assurance fabricates him a fortunate man. Okonkwo knows how to get what he wants. Unyielding effect and purpose procure out the best in Okonkwo; this is why he abounds when a outgrowth goes bad.