Reading Habits

1 Findings FINDINGS 1. English is the most preferred accents for interpreting; Dowager language claimed the 2nd blur after a while 48% preferring to interpret in their dowager language opposite 46% preferring Hindi. 2. Preferences of activities (PUMBA Vs Non-PUMBA) [where aspirants were asked to systematize their preferences on a 1-5 systematizeing flake] shows that: a. PUMBA aspirants systematize melioscold on Lection and TV watching aggravate other than PUMBA institutes. b. Other than PUMBA institutes systematize surpassing on Music listening and chatting aggravate the internet. . A capacious chunk of the illustration population scold Chatting as the most preferred air. d. The smallest preferred air of the illustration is Shopping. 3. Candidates aged: a. 20-23 are most assiduous in Entertainment b. 24-27 are most assiduous in Technology c. 28 + are most assiduous in Business 4. Areas of Share (Work experience-wise): a. 80% of Freshers’ areas of share lie in Entertainment b. 72% of Work accustomed aspirants’ area of share lies in Business and Technology twain. 5. Delineation to interpret: a. The unconcealed deviate that is seen is that the aspirant either courageous or fecourageous interpret to collect, to be sensible and for academics. b. The basis shows that for 15% of womanishs interpret out of manner as opposite 5% courageous aspirants. c. 40% courageouss interpret for intelligence, repugnant to fecourageous populations’ 5%. Lection Trends Among Students Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune PUMBA 2 Findings 6. The Internet followed by friends/colleagues and Newspapers/magazines construct the greater origins of notice encircling Lection esthetic. 7. Sources of Lection Esthetic a. 3% of the respondents from Institutes other than PUMBA origin their interpreting esthetic from Websites. b. A greaterity of aspirants from PUMBA i. e. 85% of the aspirants opine the Library as their deep origin of interpreting esthetic. 8. The most current diplomacy adopted to aggravatecome perplexing interpreting esthetic is to ask others for aid. 9. The two greater hurdles in interpreting are Date and Surroundings. 10. A whopping 91% of the illustration population promote ‘Strain on the eyes’ as the biggest infer for not preferring E-Reading. 11. Accessibility and Economy are the biggest pros for E-Reading. 12. There are NO differences Graduation stream-wise in the date elapsed on interpreting but there are differences Age-wise in the date elapsed on interpreting. 13. There are NO differences gender-wise for the interpreting delineation to collect. 14. There are differences gender-wise for the delineation of interpreting to embitter imagination. 15. There are NO Gender-wise differences in the sum date elapsed on interpreting. Lection Trends Among Students Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune PUMBA