Reflection Paper Analysis

Reflection Nursing Dissertation Leonard Bohanon University of Phoenix SPE/514: Survey of Special Populations October 27, 2011 Michele Stevens Reflecting Nursing Dissertation For this assignment I was tasked after a while answerableness a reflecting Nursing Dissertation inveterate off of an meeting conducted after a while a rise constituent, confidant, or acquaintance who is considered a opposed disciple. The collection of this production procure delineate my meetingee’s exceptionality, proof in order, and interaction after a while peers. Lastly I procure admit into suspect how the meetingee’s proof power possess been opposed inveterate on delayhold accommodations. The peculiar I chose to meeting is my son, Markese Latrell Bohanon. Markese is in his elder year at Zion Christian Academy and honing in on which body he procure consort as he prepares for the proxicompeer leg of his orderal tour. Markese is replete and cogent according to the views held by anterior U. S. Commissioner of Order Sidney Marland and the laws following passed by Congress which incorporated his concepts. According to PL 95-561 and its similarly worded compeer, PL 100-297: “Gifted and cogent instrument result, and whenever feasible, adolescence who are attested at the preschool, simple, or resultant flatten as possessing unfoldd or possible abilities that present exemplification of haughty execution capacity in areas such as psychological, chimerical, biased academic or commencement power, or in the performing or visual arts, and who by conclude thereof demand services or activities not ordinarily granted by the ground” (Werts, Culatta, & Tompkins, 2007). Markese has acceptably effected polite on criterionized tests, continues to endeavor out opportunities to unfold his commencement power, and of-late scored balance 1200 on the SAT test. Markese consorted Department of Defense Schools (DoDDS) seal on Okinawa from pristine through third trice and ordinary a firm orderal groundwork. He sloth catching to Zion Christian Academy at the inauguration of his fourth trice year wseal he continues to consort through this age. Markese attributes his academic good-fortune to the anticipation he receives at residence, the abandoned professionals that possess instructed him, and the challenging curriculum he has been laagered to gone-by transferring to Zion. Zion employs the A Beka curriculum in their disposeroom information which has proven to be an diligence criterion after a whilein the Christian ground and residence ground communities. According to Markese, he indeed love the narrow dispose sizes which are generally capped at 12 students. This has allowed him to indeed get to understand his match students abundant of whom he has had the sensuality of growing up after a while balance the gone-by seven years. Markese schemeatic that he indeed loves the difference as the student population is made up of American, Japanese, and Amerisian students. They possess confirmed seal through their athlete pursuits which possess been regulated to vestige and basketball. Abundant of them, from a cross-section of the spectrum previously discussed, get coincidently regularly for fun and recreation. Markese told me that one of the benefits that he didn’t number on was how loyal and drama-free their environment is accordingly of their shared values and the way those values are upheld by the ground’s administration. At the set-on-foot of his freshman year Markese lobbied my helpmate and I to put him end into the DoDDS scheme, abundantly accordingly he felt he was mislaying out on erudition opportunities by not entity serviceserviceable to state basketball in a larger forum. He continues to cheer us to this day for sticking to our guns. When he hears stories encircling gangs, drugs, sex, and other things his peers are experiencing at some of the other grounds on the island, he is delicious and laudatory for his literature environment. Reference Werts, M. G. , Culatta, R. A. , & Tompkins, J. R. (2007). Fundamentals of Special Education, What Every Teacher Needs to Understand (3rd ed. ). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.