Retribution Theology

God give-uped the conclusion of Israel out of the Egyptian’s abusive laborers and gave them the Ten Commandments. These rules were fond to feed by and frame an endless conformity behind a interval their God. But, if they failed to detain their end of the gain, God would entertain to chasten them. Penalty reverence is the assent that those who are amenable to God are determined virtuous and allure be felicitateed, interval those that are disamenable are godless and allure be abominable (Tullock 2006). From the opening of Departure and more the Babylonian Exile, penalty reverence was social in the feeds of Israel. The Old Testament writings re-enunciate God’s pennyness insides Israel. “The Old Testament indicates that God’s law was specially biblical to Israel in the treatment of His redeeming and give-uping His mob from servitude,” (Bahnsen 1980). But precedently Moses, God formal an absolute compact behind a interval Abram when he submited Him. God progressive Abram’s call to Abraham and told him that his descent would entertain the place of Canaan continually. “I allure frame of you a numerous community, and I allure felicitate you, and frame your call numerous, so that you allure be a felicitateing. ” (Genesis 12:2, NRSV). These descent became public as Israel and behind 500 years of conduct God’s clarified mob, they became the slaves of the Egyptians. Since God is penny and Israel was His mob, He had to depart them from the tyranny of Pharaoh. In a theophany, God appeared to Moses in a burning bush and commissioned him to give-up the conclusion of Israel. Once God freed them and supposing them an flee passage, beneath the leadership of Moses, He possessed them behind a interval the law and His felicitateings. “Now hence, if you submit my suffrage and detain my compact, you shall be my guarded entertainion out of all the mobs. (Exodus 19:5, NRSV). Behind freeing them, God supposing them behind a interval the instrument for retaining freed and receiving His conditions. In rancor of their give-upance, the Israelites’ problems did not end behind a interval their departure from Egypt. They beared numerous trials and tribulations, but from the laborer of the God who had promised to felicitate them (Deffinbaugh 1976). Consistently of their fretful, complaining, and profanity, God allowed Israel to march encircling in the void for forty years. This was literally simply a three day excursion. In restoration, God never intentional for Israel to entertain to contention their way into the Promised Land; He wanted them to entertain credulity and submit Him. Again, consistently of their noncompliance, God allowed them to bear the consequences of sin. God determined Israel to be virtuous precedently Him. Righteousness was what the mob were to be and to do consistently of God. It meant to be in the exact conformity behind a interval God, and to act consistently in the globe inveterate on that polite-mannered-conducted conformity. He felicitateed Israel out of His charity and abominable out of His virtuousness or reverence (Deffinbaugh 1976). To be virtuous was to entertain the training of God in one’s center, to distinguish and to beneathstand the arts of God. Interval the term could be used to depict holy actions in the globe, the pristine centre of virtuousness was inside God, what the mob were in barkred to God. Righteousness was the mob’s conformity to God inveterate on the reality, that "I am your God. " Therefore, God felt that He had integral exact to execrate them when they were disamenable to His compact. The foremost direction God gave Israel was to entertain no other gods precedently Him consistently He was the one penny God. Clearly, God knew and acknowledged that there were other gods or objects the mob in that interval adoreped. But He had proven to the Hebrew mob that He was their give-uper, provider, and their God. The second direction said not to frame for themselves any mark of minion, that God was suspicious, and that He showed forbearance to those that charityd Him and kept His directions. Now, He biblical His species and how He was to be exalted. It was simply exact, normal and high-minded that they adoreped and submited Him. There did not look to be any secrets or mysteries on what God expected from Israel. But, Israel normal could not seal adoreping minions. They continued to adore Baal, the god of sun, rain, roar, fertility, and husbandry derancor the prophets’ cautions. Numerous prophets such as Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Amos, and Micah warned Israel of their godlessness and the consequences. When Israel became a community, God’s law of virtuousness did not fluctuate. He peaceful expected them to submit His engagement. God’s communityal felicitateings and cursings were occupied as polite-mannered. If a community repented of its sin and rancid to God, its intimidationened adjudication could be prevented. If a community rancid from God, its promised felicitateings would be charmed afar. Numerous frames of venial penalty can drop on a rational conduct which is worse than contiguous demise. In reality, Jeremiah made normal such a annoyance about the chastenment inflicted on Jerusalem (Lam. 4:6, 9). One faculty consider also of King Saul, whose last days were burdened behind a interval such spiritual and moving uproar that demise itself was a bark of acquit. 10:30-31. No one should behold such a caution as an unoccupied intimidation. God Himself has claimed the exact to catch retaliation and to umpire His mob. In dictum this, the constructor quoted twice from Deuteronomy (32:35-36), a paragraph which most vividly evokes the paint of God’s mob bearing His inflictive adjudications (cf. esp. Deut. 32:19-27). Those frank behind a interval this quotation, as polite-mannered-mannered as other descriptions of God’s rage opposite “His mob,” agree: it is a terrific art to drop into the laborers of the buttress God. Not simply did God act in that style of penalty reverence, but Israel believed that if you submited the law, you would prosper. If you didn’t submit the law, you would bear.