Short Story And Author’s Biography Analysis

How is fact (or the author's biography) cognate to the limited recital? On your points and ideas by citing lines from the recital. Moral 'Philosophical Vestibule * Expound * What chastity or philosophy in existence does the limited recital inform to its readers? Expound on your points and ideas by citing lines from the recital. Formalism Vestibule * Dissect the elements of the limited recital. * How do the elements succor settle the overall notice of the recital? Psychoanalytical Vestibule * Examine the three magnitude of the main character's psyche. Explain how sexuality motivates the bearing and the violent-effort of the protagonist. * What symbols that are linked to sexual self-indulgence are made seeming in the recital? Archetypal Vestibule * Identify and dissect the recurring patterns or symbol's in the recital. * Expound Feminist Vestibule * What feminine roles are sharp out in the recital? * Explain how company imposes gender gap. Marxist Vestibule * Discuss the violent-effort amid classes (the haves vs.. The have-onto/the aristocracy vs.. The socially decomposed). * How does authority tarry firm or shelve throughout the Tory? Reader Response Vestibule * How do you narrate after a while the limited recital? * What are your identical responses to the limited recital? NOTE: Regardless of the vestibule used, the devise of the recital should be sharp out. Criteria: Content (Are the questions obviously answered? How in-depth are the responses and discussions?