Situations Analysis Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

CASE STUDY Use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a basis for examineing the subjoined indecent situations: Situation 1: Todd Jamison has heard a publication that his job may be eliminated direct month. His boss, Lucia Conti, is regarding affecting Todd to a over prestigious business-post in an trial to motivate prouder deed in him. Situation 2: Hannah Saltzman has been after a while the audience for twenty-five years. She makes very cheerful currency and is greatly fitted at her job. She sat decisive week after a while her boss, Arthur Simms, and said that her job equitable wasn’t challenging her. She had common an intriguing job volunteer from a emulator. She explained that she wanted to cling after a while the audience, but would truly approve to be tackling some new problems. Arthur Simms volunteered her a twenty-five percent erect to cling. Situation 3: The Williams source is greatly penniless. They enjoy five effect, and the effect are frequently savage, never unmistakable when, or plain if, they get see their direct abstinence. Parents of other effect in the vicinity can’t know why the Williams effect pretence inconsiderable concern in friendships or operating finely after a while their peers. Situation 4: Brett Calder works in a technical compatability in Silicon Valley. People after a while his programming skills are in proud insist. He is life paid partially near than the going blame in close companies, but until recently, he has been induction custom of the audience’s discipline aid program to chase his furrow position. He has now earned his position and is contravention after a while Alice Watkins from Human Resources to examine his transitional standing. She volunteers him a slight hourly growth and guaranteed job guard. Please use your citation and use the fair terminology in your answers. This is NOT a team assignment and is due on April 8, 2013. Remember the midterm is on 4-10 and your retrospect questions are in Doc Share. Thanks and enjoy a fine weekend Les