Six Sigma Question Paper

MGT 561 - Operations Skillful-treatment Exam B Student Name: ____________________________Date: _________ Operations and Productivity (each doubt is rate 1 aim) 1) Manufacturing and labor forms disagree chiefly consequently manufacturing is issue-oriented and labor is act-oriented. TrueFalse 2) Operations, negotiateing, and finance claim to power unconnectedly of each other in most forms if they are to be verily talented as an form. TrueFalse 3) “How plenteous catalogue of this individual should we entertain? ” is among the delicate decidedness area of power skillful-treatment? TrueFalse 4) Customer interaction is repeatedly haughty for manufacturing manneres, but low for labors. TrueFalse 5) Productivity is the aggregate rate of outputs executed divided by the aggregate rate of all inputs to the alteration manner. TrueFalse The operations power grasps which of the forthcoming activities. a) speculation b) competency planning c) scheduling d) managing inventories e) all of the aloft Manufacturing-related jobs are decreasing in America for which of the forthcoming discusss. a) global emulation b) technology advances ) consequently manufacturing efforters in California win $25K/yr near than labor efforters d) a and b e) b and c Which of the forthcoming is not a ordinary labor indication? a) gentle to fund b) inappreciable effort c) customer interaction is haughty d) synchronous effortion and decrement e) obscure to resell Operations Diplomacy in a Global Environment (each doubt is rate 1 aim) One discuss to globalize is to lwin to ameliorate operations. TrueFalse 10) Decisions that envelop what is to be made and what is to be alienationd descend below the epithet of minister association skillful-treatment. TrueFalse The use of a SWOT separation is singly useful to manufacturing forms? TrueFalse The effort duration cycle phases grasp preliminary, extendment, ripeness, and extricate. TrueFalse Which of the forthcoming is gentleman environing interest strategies? a) an form should influence its diplomacy for the duration of the interest b) all decideds among an perseverance procure adopt the identical diplomacy c) well-behaved-behaved defined missions frame diplomacy consequence plenteous easier d) strategies are formulated unconnectedly of SWOT separation e) formal strategies endure on operations strategies The ability of an form to fruit labors that, by utilizing the consumer’s five senses, entertain some uniqueness in their characteristics is a) heap effortion b) interval-naturalized emulation c) disagreeentiation d) indulgent repartee e) experiment disagreeentiation Which of the forthcoming is the best pattern of competing on low-absorb start? a) a decided fruits its effort after a while near raw esthetic desolate than its competitors b) a decided offers further certain efforts than its competitors c) a decided’s efforts are introduced into the negotiate faster than its competitors d) a decided advertises near than its competitors Which of these is not one of the characteristics of haughty revert on siege forms? a) haughty effort power b) haughty competency utilization c) low siege energy d) low straightforward absorb per identical e) global dregs Artifice of Issue and Services (each doubt is rate 1 aim) Studies condecided that decideds considered to be perseverance controlers ordinaryly breed 15-20 percent of their aggravateall sales from new efforts released aggravate the conclusive 5 years. Gentleman False 18) QFD stands for power for consequence. Gentleman False Rate separation focuses on artifice amelioratement during effortion. True False 20) The separation dupe that succors state what efforts to disclose, and by what diplomacy, by listing efforts in descending ordain of their identical dollar oblation to the decided is a) decidedness tree separation b) pareto separation c) breakeven separation d) effort-by-rate separation e) effort duration cycle separation 21) Power power deployment a) states what procure satiate the customer b) translates customer desires into the target artifice c) is used present in the artifice manner d) is used to state where to deploy power efforts e) all of the aloft 2) Which of the forthcoming is gentleman of CAD? a) respectful counsel flows to other departments b) most effort absorbs are stated at the artifice step c) artifice options are easier to re-examination precedently conclusive commitments are made d) virtually all efforts entertain their consequence cycle shortened e) all of the aloft are gentleman The dimensions, tolerances, esthetics, and finishes of a element are ordinaryly shown on a (an) a) engineering intent b) reckoning of esthetic c) proposition of effort d) effort ordain e) none of the aloft Managing Power (each doubt is rate 1 aim) 4) An interpolitical power scale discloseed to found commsingly genuine procedures to manipulate effort power is ISO 9000. Gentleman False 25) Statistical manner administer, one of the dupes of aggregate power skillful-treatment, uses statistics and administer charts to evaluate manneres. Gentleman False 26) The concept of selecting best practices to use as a scale for deed is referred to as a power foe. Gentleman False 27) Generally suggestive, the absorb of power represents the absorb of doing things wickedness, that is, the compensation of nonconformance. Gentleman False 8) Which of the forthcoming is not one of the great categories of absorbs associated after a while power? a) stoppage absorbs b) appraisal absorbs c) inside failures d) apparent failures e) none of the aloft, they are all great categories of absorbs 29) A prosperous aggregate power skillful-treatment (TQM) program incorporates all of the forthcoming except: a) natural amelioratement b) employee envelopment c) benchmarking d) centralized decidedness-making instance e) none of the aloft 30) The “four M’s” of cause-and-effect diagrams are a) esthetic/machinery/manpower/methods b) esthetic/methods/men/mental lie ) esthetic/management/manpower/motivation d) none of the aloft Minister Association Skillful-treatment (each doubt is rate 1 aim) 31) The concrete of the frame-or-buy decidedness is to succor realize the efforts and labors that should be alienationd apparently or made insidely. TrueFalse Consequently labor decideds do not win issue and labors apparently, their minister association skillful-treatment issues are petty. TrueFalse Blanket ordains are a long-term alienation commitment to a supplier for individuals that are to be delivered despite short-term releases to ship. TrueFalse 34) One of the keys to talented minister association skillful-treatment grasps discloseing “long-term divorcenerships” after a while key suppliers. TrueFalse 35) Standardization is the manner of increasing the compute of variations in esthetics and elements to acceleration in minister association’s efforts to extend their supplier priceiest. TrueFalse In minister association skillful-treatment, imrepresentative issues a) are distinctly great consequently of the monstrous opportunities for affront b) may be guided by association rules and codes of influence ) befit further close after a while the increasing bend toward global suppliers d) may be guided by the scales of the Institute for Minister Skillful-treatment e) all of the aloft are gentleman An admittance that seeks competency of operations through the integration of all esthetic acquisitions, move, and storage activities is a) integration b) logistics skillful-treatment c) length balancing d) effort artifice e) none of the aloft Catalogue Skillful-treatment (each doubt is rate 1 aim) 38) One power of catalogue is interest utility of share discounts TrueFalse 9) ABC separation is priceiestd on the probability that carefully administerling all individuals is expedient to fruit great catalogue savings. TrueFalse 40) In cycle counting, the abundance of individual counting and fund verity usually varies from individual to individual endureing upon the individual’s ABC prescribe. TrueFalse 41) Insurance and taxes on catalogue are divorce of the absorbs public as setup or ordaining absorbs. TrueFalse 42) Most catalogue copys strive to minimize a) aggregate catalogue priceiestd absorbs b) the compute of ordains fixd c) the insurance fund ) the mien of a fundout e) the compute of individuals ordained 43) The great design of insurance fund is to a) rearrange failed identicals after a while cheerful ones b) segregate the possibility of a fundout c) segregate the mien of a fundout due to void of truth catalogue agree d) administer the mien of a fundout due to the variability of claim during control interval e) defend the decided from a unanticipated wane in claim 44) The forthcoming are catalogue copys for rebellious claim a) basic economic ordain share (EOQ) b) effortion ordain share c) share discount copy ) a and b singly e) a, b, and c JIT and Anatomical Fruit Systems (each doubt is rate 1 aim) 45) In a JIT order, effort slip adds rate by realizeing insufficient individuals. Gentleman False 46) Consequently most labors cannot be inventoried, there is scanty fix for JIT to succor labor forms terminate competitive utility. Gentleman False Kanban is the Japanese signal for card that has follow to average “signal” in JIT terminology. TrueFalse Setup interval reductions are not a key exhibition of an talented anatomical effortion order. Gentleman False 9) If the goals of JIT divorcenerships are met, which of the forthcoming is a fruit? a) for incoming issue, receiving immateriality and slip are outsourced b) in-transit catalogue descends as suppliers are located closer to facilities c) the compute of suppliers increases d) in-plant catalogue rearranges in-transit catalogue e) all of the aloft are consequences of discussion the JIT divorcenership goals 50) Which of the forthcoming is not a layout tactic in a JIT environment? a) effort cells for families of efforts b) unroving equipment c) minimizing remoteness d) scanty quantity for catalogue e) poka-yoke devices