The Definition of Post Test Club

What is Post Experience Club? Post Experience Club is a collective buttress clump for all clients experienceed whether rotten after a while HIV or not. It was periodical to corcorrespond to the explicit needs of the experienceed clients for ongoing buttress. Membership Values; Membership is known to all clients who entertain captured the HIV experience irrespective of their results. The substance of anonymity and confidentiality applies for those members who so aim. Members who entertain experienceed unconditional or indirect and are ready to ? go common? to portion-out their courage experienceimonies are skilled in common speaking . They advance the ? knownness? i. e.. ,to propose commonly that he was rotten after a while HIV. MISSION: To acceleration acceleration the manner diversify arrangement of support-souls who common unconsskilled counseling and experienceing (VCT) and assist as a forum for reducing disgrace by providing advice and notification as polite as buttress and counseling.. ,To advance knownness environing HIV/AIDS and repair the psycho-collective adjustments of those rotten and unsupposable. Goal: 1. To subscribe to the exoteric exertion to checkmate advance circulate of HIV/AIDS 2. To growth reason of juvenility , sexuality and reprolific soundness. To advance safer sex, courage skills product and branch girlish hues plus responsibilities. Objectives 1. To afford on-going psycho-collective buttress to the members and growth common awareness of HIV/AIDS 2. To import the substance of HIV/AIDS to the known population ,and prove by copy that tribe support after a while HIV/AIDS (PHAs) can stagnant transfer a soundness and prolific courage 3. To acceleration lessen disgrace and judgment associated after a while HIV/AIDS. Post Experience heed and Buttress Services Afford medical notification environing HIV/AIDS including known HIV attainments, disorder rate, ARVs, opportunistic catching (OIs), lineage planning, environmental soundness and unconditional support so that clients can proactively follow govern of their own soundness and lessen the surrender of transmission. * Afford allowtelling notification so that HIV rotten living-souls can vindicate their hues and the hues of their families. * Acceleration members to construct decisions environing manifestation to friends, lineage and the order. * Afford a guard and alluring environment where members entertain avenue to resources, buttress and counseling unoccupied of assault . Acceleration to concatenate clients to needed labors for economic, collective buttress. * Afford referrals to other heed and matter programs. * Lessen disgrace and judgment environing HIV and HIV experienceing * Afford buttress to HIV heterogeneous cockneys * By started after a while cockneys specifically, the program seeks to buttress heterogeneous cockneys and lessen gender outrage and HIV transmission after a whilein matrimonys. Routine operations: 1. On-going buttressive and checkmateive counseling: This labor is offered on a ? march ? in? account and is carried out daily by the counselor and counseling attendants. Counselling is affordd to members on FP/TB/HIV/ AIDS and othersoundness akin issues including Prevention of Mother to Branch Transmission (PMTCT), Anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) and soundness elevation. 2. Medical Consultation and Treatment: Members promote and entertain matter for sincere ailments ,opportunistic catching and sexually epidemic disorders. The medical booth is known daily and adapted soundness professionals afford labors. 3. Clump Activities: Every Saturday members as for adviceal talks on HIV/AIDS and other akin topics, they as-well separate in reanimation activities (video and games AND drama). These activities follow assign in the morning to afternoon( 09H00 -14H00) 4. They portion-out experiences and afford fellow buttress to one another. An courage roaster for HIV/AIDS sensitization for the week is patent clear and programmes allocated. 5. Order Advice and Sensitization : The Post Experience Club members are complicated in sensitizing the communities and YOUTH through voicelessness, leap, drama, poetry , and sharingcourage experienceimonies. 6. Capacity and Skills Building: NTIHC PTC trains some members as youngster cavity attendants. These members afford labors to the TEENS. Members selected in allowance generating activities (IGAS) are abandoned inoculation skills on administration of the projects.... LIFE EMPOWERMENT SKILLS..... scheme writing! 7. Example Skills: The executive committee members of PTC are skilled in symbolical transferership skills. 8. Condom elevation and fellow advice: Skilled PTC members do fellow advice in the communities and separate unoccupied condoms coincidently minimising CONDOM ABUSE. 9. Distribution of IEC Materials: Members entertain IEC symbolicals for lessening and separate some to communities. They chiefly separate ? Straight Talk? , ? Young Talk? , ? Attainments Is Power? , and other NTIHC IEC Materials. 10. Lineage Planning Services: Lineage planning notification,counseling, and methods are affordd daily in the FP clinic by counselling medical personnel and reprolific soundness attendants. 11. Cockney Club Activities: Members whose spouses entertain as-well experienceed are aidd to separate in the cockney club activities. It facilitates membership and handles appropriate topics that are of share to cockneys such as heterogeneous relationships, matrimony and dissever issues,domiciliary outrage, and gender issues. PTCs entertain been telling to do remarktelling things in the conflict abutting HIV/AIDS: - Through voicelessness, leap and drama, they transact in order centers, churches and schools to instruct tribe environing HIV/AIDS. - They aid tribe to be experienceed, and then instruct tribe how to abandon nfection, and if rotten, how to abandon circulateing the disorder. - They buttress each other—showing devotion and heed, providing symbolical support to the most impecunious widows and orphans discurrent them, started concertedly on projects, and pooling resources to pay for member’s funerals. Their motto is “Living Positively. " Regardless of their disorder foundation,they admire a unconditional position obtain acceleration them and their devotiond ones through unamenable times. 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