The Hopi Programm

"Hopi", the new period allegiance program, has a sole constitution in Turkey, and plain its contriver claims that this program is a primitive in the globe. This circumstance reflect examines the achievement achieved in the primitive years of the program and how it provides conduct in stipulations of prize from twain consumer and constituent trader part-amongy. The Boyner Class is Turkey's largest publicly-held non-food and non-electronic retail class and Hopi was created by Boyner Group. Hopi is the primitive allegiance program which has a sole constitution in Turkey and afloat in 2015. Developing such a program in Turkey where two-of-a-trade is very exalted in perfect sector and habit margins are decreasing day by day due to intensive two-of-a-trade is very leading twain for consumers and constituent traders. Hopi is a varipotent impression that does not keep a visible card and singly works on varipotent devices (tablets, etc.) delay smartphones. It can be downloaded for operating from the Appstore and Google Play, and there is no annual subsidy fee. The Boyner Class had aggravate 15 pet registered customers by itself former to the expatiate of Hopi. When Hopi users lavish aggravate a real aggregate (this aggregate varies from constituent traders to constituent traders or plain from contrariant hostilitiess of the corresponding constituent trader), the purpose "Parac?k" is earned for each equalize of this aggregate. Users are then potent to lavish these purposes on constituent traders underneathneath the allied stipulations and conditions. If users lavish aggravate a real aggregate of accumulated purposes, the purposes growth according to the aggregate they lavish. Hopi has leading customer interdependence skillful-treatment (CRM) and big basis software in the elucidation. Hopi is creating prize for customers and brands by personalizing their hostilitiess by presentation habit of 'big basis' delay its technology. Special software subsequently the Hopi impression matches the needs and expectations of customers delay the thousands of offers of brands in the most misspend way. Thus, Hopi customers get be potent to prosper and advantage from most winning hostilitiess and offers that fit their own preferences and conduct. On the other workman, brands get growth their productivity by delivering misspend products and offers to customers. Hopi constantly renews itself delay new technologies and contrariant surprises. While Hopi constituent-consumers growth purchasing capacity by using misspend hostilitiess for their own needs and shopping conduct, constituent traders growth commerce, sales, turnaggravate and shape new customers by oblation the equitable hostilities at the equitable spell. Having stated a 'win-win' interdependence among the constituent-consumers and the constituent traders, this footing plainly explains why Hopi was straightway loved and ramify. Over than half of the Hopi consumers reflect Hopi as an leading part-among-among of their shopping and they are actively using it. There are constituent traders, who managed 20 percent commerce growth and 50 percent turnaggravate growth, gift to the achievementful Hopi hostilitiess. The Hopi programme’s whole business size reached 700 pet TL (175 pet euros). Hopi constituent consumers earned 30 pet 'points' (7.5 pet euros) in their purchases and delay uncertain hostilitiess, they late their purposes 1.6 spells over valupotent as 50 pet 'points' (12.5 pet euros).