The Verger

What is a “verger”? 1. Wclose does he feed? 2. What does he do? The Imperfect Narrative A new substitute has been appointed at St Peter's Church, Neville Clear in London. Accompanied by two marked habitationwardens2, a mistress and a unconcealed, he has succeed to see Albert Edward Foreman, the verger. 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 The substitute began. "Foreman, we've got star rather dull to say to you. You've been close a grand sundry years and I opine his mistressship and the unconcealed consort delay me that you've fulfilled your duties to the compensation of foreverybody disturbed. The two habitationwardens nodded. "But, the other day, I discovered to my stupefaction that you could neither recognize nor transcribe. " The verger's visage surrendered no indication of calamity. "The latest substitute knew that, sir", he replied. "He said it didn't execute any dissimilitude.He constantly said that tclose was too plenteous command in the globe for his sapidity. " "It's the most astonishing monstrosity I've forforeternally heard", cried the unconcealed. "Do you average that you've been verger of this habitation for sixteen years and nforeternally decipher to recognize or transcribe? " "I nforeternally answered to possess the space. I opine a lot of adolescent companions consume lot of space recognizeing when they government be doing star profitable. " "But don't you absence to perceive the intelligence? " said the other habitationwarden. "Don't you forforeternally absence to transcribe a note? " "No, my mistress, I answer to frequented very polite delayout. Now they've got all those pictures in the papers, I get to perceive what's going on tolerably polite. My spouse's perfectly a linguist and if I absence to transcribe a note, she transcribes it for me. " The two habitationwardens gave the substitute a cheerless scan and then looked down at the consideration. "Well, Foreman, these gentlemen consort delay me that the aspect is impracticable.At a habitation enjoy St. Peter's, Neville Square, we cannot possess a verger who can neither recognize nor transcribe. " Albert Edward's slim visage reddened, but he made no response. "Understand me, Foreman, I possess no repining to execute opposing you. You do your effect perfectly satisfactorily; I possess the primary subject of your portio and of your capacity; but we possessn't the equitefficient to admit the occasion of some property that government betide attributefficient to your lamenconsideration sciolism. " "But couldn't you imbibe, Foreman? " asked the unconcealed. "No, sir, I'm apprehensive I couldn't, not now.You see, I'm not as adolescent as I was and if I couldn't get the notes in my gathering when I was a nipper3, I don't opine there's plenteous hazard of it now. " "We don't absence to be rough4 delay you, Foreman", said the substitute. "But the habitationwardens and I possess made up our minds. We'll yield you three months, and if at the end of that space you cannot recognize and transcribe, I'm apprehensive you'll possess to go. " Albert Edward had nforeternally enjoyd the new substitute. He'd said from the commencement that they'd made a misadmit when they gave him St. Peter's. "I'm very afflicted, sir, I'm apprehensive it's no cheerful. I'm too old a dog to imbibe new tricks.And if I could imbibe now, I don't perceive if I'd absence to. " "In that fact, Foreman, I'm apprehensive you must go. " "Yes, Sir, I perfectly interpret. I shall be joyous to agency in my resignation5 as early as you've institute somesubject to admit my establish. " 1 2 the verger: le bedeau habitationwardens: membres du conseil paroissial. 3 nipper: gamin 4 rough: clearsighted 5 resignation: a stately proresidence of your artifice to license a job, residence or structure. The Verger Albert Edward locked the habitation door rearwards him. Deep in his sad thoughts, he trudgeed unwillingly parallel. His affection was depressed. He did not perceive what he should do delay himself.He sighed deeply. Albert Edward was a non-smoker, but delay a infallible latitude; that is to say, when he was worn-out he enjoyed a cigarette. It occurred to him now that one would self-satisfaction him and, gone he did not convey them, he looked environing for a treasure wclose he could buy a packet. He did not see one and trudgeed on a brief. It was a crave street, delay all sorts of treasures in it, but tclose was not a one one wclose you could buy cigarettes. "That's wonderful", said Albert Edward. "I can't be the barely man who trudges parallel this street and absences a fag. A companion government do very polite delay a brief treasure close.Tobacco and beautifuls .. . That's an subject. " He considered the stuff from forentire sharp-end of vision and bestow day he went parallel the street and by cheerful luck institute a brief treasure to let6 that looked as though it would accurately aid him. Twenty-four hours subjoined he had admitn it and when, a month behind, he left St. Peter's, Neville Square, for forever, Albert Edward Foreman set up in share as a tobacconist and intelligenceagent. His spouse said it was a terrible succeeddown7 behind affection verger of St. Peter's, but he answered that you had to change delay the spaces, the habitation wasn't what it was. Albert Edward did so polite that in a year or so it struck him that he government admit a succor treasure and put a frequentedr in. He looked for another crave street that hadn't got a tobacconist in it and when he institute it, and a treasure to let, took it. This was a consummation too. Then it occurred to him that if he could run8 two, he could run half a dozen, so he began trudgeing environing London and, whenforeternally he institute a crave street that had no tobacconist and a treasure to let, he took it. In ten years he had adscititious ten treasures. Entire Monday, he went globular to all of them, calm the week's takings and took them to the bank.One dawning, when he was there, the disarraign told him that the frequentedr would enjoy to see him. He was shown into an duty and the frequentedr shook agencys delay him. "Mr. Foreman, I absenceed to conference to you environing the currency you've got on assurance delay us. Do you perceive accurately how plenteous it is? " "I've got a shaggy subject. " "It's a brief aggravate thirty thousand pounds. That's a very ample sum to possess on assurance and you'd do rectify to endow it. " "I wouldn't absence to admit a occasion, sir. I perceive it's certain in the bank. " "You needn't possess the lowest circumspectness. We'll execute you a register of securities.They'll convey you a rectify trounce of share than we can perhaps grant to yield you. We'll do foreverything. All you'll possess to do bestow space you succeed in is proper to indication the transfers. " "I could do that", said Albert uncertainly. "But how would I perceive what I was indicationing? " "I imply you can recognize", said the frequentedr sharply. "Well, sir, that's proper it. I can't. I perceive it sounds jocose, but tclose it is, I can't recognize or transcribe, barely my call, and I barely imbibet to do that when I went into share. " The frequentedr was so surprised he jumped up from his chair. "That's the most preposterous monstrosity I've forforeternally heard. He stared at him as though he were a prehistoric monstrosity. "Do you average to say that you've built up this ocean share and amassed a clothing of thirty thousand pounds delayout affection efficient to recognize or transcribe? Cheerful God, man, what would you be now if you had been efficient to? " "I can narrate you that, sir", said Mr. Foreman, a brief countenance on his grand components. "I'd be verger of St. Peter's, Neville Square. " W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 let: ici, louer (un magasin) succeeddown: You say that star is a succeeddown if you opine it is not as cheerful as star else that you possess proper executed or had. run: If you run star as a treasure, share, structure, etc. , you are in arraign of it. -27 6 The Verger Watch & READ 1. Sum up: Where? Who? What? … 2. Compare the TV course and the imperfect narrative. Find at lowest two senior dissimilitudes. Utterance 1. Match these utterance from the narrative delay the translations below: habitationwardens, nipper, rough, fag, takings, securities. titres, clearsighted, recette, membres du conseil paroissial, gamin, cigarette (fam. ). 2. a) Two of the utterance are rather household. Who uses them? b) The indication “attributefficient to your lamenconsideration sciolism” is of a higher raze of talk.Who says it? Can you specific it over barely? c) Find other examples of contrariant razes of talk. What does this narrate us environing the contrariant portios? 3. Find notorious sayings in the route which answer to the follattributefficient in French: a) On n'apprend pas a un vieux singe a faire la grimace. b) Il faut vivre avec son temps. Explain what they average in the conroute of the imperfect narrative. ANALYSIS 1. The imperfect narrative admits establish in divers contrariant establishs. Choose the equitefficient ones in the reform prescribe: a) b) c) d) e) f) a bank a treasure the streets of London a village clear below production trees a habitation. . Eight portios are mentioned in the narrative. Call them, specifying which ones substantially admit portio and in which of the over establishs they answer. 3. Which of the portios possess the follattributefficient sharp-ends of vision? Be circumspect, one is not held by any of them: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Lection and congeniality are not proficonsideration occupations for the adolescent. Affection illitetrounce can be hazardous. Afloat in a habitation is far upper to effecting in a treasure. Learning is approximately impracticefficient for the old. Illiteracy and share consummation are entirely incongruous. Habitation is the subjectl establish to imbibe how to recognize.You can get by in new-fashioned society delayout recognizeing skills. -3- The Verger 4. Pick out three gestures or facial indications that substantiate that the habitationwardens are over disarranged than Foreman. Explain why this is so. 5. The follattributefficient chart sums up the ocean events of the narrative. Say in what prescribe they admit establish. The earliest one is executed for you: a bequitefficient subject a dismissal exposition an ironic disposal a sole trudge an extend to endow a latest opening to imsubstantiate a discountenance to imbibe an astonishing thread a natty discourse 1 6. What two reasons are yieldn for Foreman's dismissal? In your subject, are they properified? 7.Only two of the follattributefficient indications could be used to draw Foreman in the imperfect narrative. Which ones? Justify by quoting the route. gentlemanly • feeble • brutal • a depressed smoker • noble-looking • clearsighted to imbibe. 8. “Antonyms” are utterance that possess antagonistic averageings. Find a couple in lines 36-38. What do they narrate us environing the verger's portio? 9. Which one of the follattributefficient plays a key role in the outgrowth of the devise? Explain how. a note • a intelligencepaper • a dog • a cigarette • a beautiful • a pen • a prehistoric monstrosity. 10. In your subject, why is it that the TV course doesn’t component the cigarette as the key part of the devise? 1. “Funny” has two averageings in English: wonderful and amusing. Which two portios of Foreman's conference delay the bank frequentedr illusttrounce each of the averageings?12. What “moral” could you transcribe at the end of the narrative? WRITTING Essay (environing 300 utterance) 1. “There's too plenteous command in the globe. ” Explain what this observe averages in the conroute of the imperfect narrative. Which skills are not plain by a stately commandal classification? Do you opine that an command can sometimes be a agencyicap? 2. A father tries to enlighten his son that command is the barely public-way to consummation. His son disagrees. Imagine the conversation. 150 utterance, bac ES juin 2002) SOME / ANY / NO 1. “Foreman, we've got star rather dull to say to you. ” (l. 2). “... as early as you've institute notability. ” (l. 36-37). Decomposez star et notability. S'agit-il d'une chose et d'une personne determinees, encore indeterminees pour l'instant ? 2. The verger's visage surrendered no indication of calamity. (l. 7). He made no response. (l. 22). “I possess no repining to execute. ” (l. 23). Quel est le quantifieur utilise ? Le verbe se bestowe-t-il alors sous la forme plain, ou sous la forme denying ? -4- The Verger Qu'affirme-t-on lorsqu'on emploie no ? 3.He said it didn't execute any dissimilitude (l. 8). A quelle forme est le verbe ? Quel est le quantifieur utilise ensuite ? 4. “We possessn't the equitefficient to admit the occasion of some property that government betide... ” (l. 24-25) Property est-il un denombrefficient ou un indenombrefficient ? Singulier ou pluriel ? Some renseigne-t-il ici sur une quantite? Pourquoi ? De quel ordre est l'indetermination apportee par some ici ? 5. I'm apprehensive it's no cheerful. (l. 33). Quelle est la affection du mot sur lequel porte l'judgment no ? S'agit-il d'une judgment portant sur la quantite ou sur la qualite ? CAN / MAY aux dictions DIRECT/ INDIRECT 1.Tclose was not a one one wclose he could buy cigarettes. (l. 43) Transformez l'enonce au bestow. A quoi etait du le preterit de can ? Can indique-t-il : une propriete du sujet he, une possibilite materielle liee a la aspect ? 2. "I could do that", said Albert uncertainly (l. 70) L’enonce est-il au diction frequented ou infrequented ? Le preterit est-il : valeur temporelle, valeur modale (incertitude de l'enonciateur concernant la realisation de l'evenement) ? Quel mot du extracturee vous le prouve ? 3. "I can't be the barely man who... " (l. 45). Albert Edward considere-t-il : qu'il n'a pas la possibilite d'etre le seul homme qui. ... u'il est impracticefficient / impensefficient qu'il soit le seul homme qui... ? 4. “A companion government do very polite delay a brief treasure close. ” (l. 45-46). Cet enonce est-il au diction frequented ou infrequented ? Le preterit de may indique-t-il : que do very polite etait eventuellement potential a un weight du timeworn, une hypothese (do very polite) dont la realisation est envisagee comme non-impracticefficient ? 5. It occurred to him that if he could run two, he could run half a dozen. (l. 55-56). Reformulez au diction frequented ce que Albert Edward s'est dit. Quel temps avez-vous utilise? A quoi etait du le preterit de can ?Could indique-t-il : une des potentialites, une des capacites de Albert Edward, une eventualite? Observe traduisez-vous cet enonce? 6. It struck him that he government admit a succor treasure. (l. 53). L’enonce est-il au diction frequented ou infrequented ? On a vu a la ligne 48 que government est aussi potential au diction frequented. Repensez au extracturee d'emploi de government dans ce cas avant de repondre a la scrutiny suivante. Albert Edward s'est-il dit “I may admit a succor treasure”? “I government admit a succor treasure”? La regle dite de concordance des temps due au route au diction infrequented est-elle valefficient ici? -5-