Writing a Position Paper

A pose tract (so denominated a sharp-end of sight tract) is an essay that presents the author’s theory encircling an manifestation. Approve a contest, a pose tract presents one face of an arguable theory encircling an manifestation. The sight of a pose tract is to influence the hearers that your theory is weighty and exactifiable. Ideas that you are because scarcity to be carefully examined in choosing a subject-matter, developing your dispute, and organizing your tract. It is very essential to secure that you are addressing all faces of the manifestation and presenting it in a mode that is indulgent for your hearers to perceive.Your job is to use one face of the dispute and influence your hearers that you own involuntary experience of the subject-matter nature presented. It is essential to subsistence your dispute delay token to secure the weightyity of your pretensions, as courteous as to disprove the counterclaims to illusion that you are courteous cognizant encircling twain faces. Organization -  Sample Outline for a pose tract I. Taking A. Bring-in the subject-matter B. Provide enhancement on the subject-matter to teach why it is essential C. Assert the disquisition (your sight of the manifestation) - Disquisition assumption -. II. Counter Dispute A. Summarize the counterclaims B.Provide subsistenceing instruction for counterclaims C. Disprove the counterclaims D. Grant token for dispute III. Your Dispute A. Assert sharp-end #1 of your pretensions 1. Grant your theory 2. Provide subsistence B. Assert sharp-end #2 of your pretensions 1. Grant your theory 2. Provide subsistence C. Assert sharp-end #3 of your pretensions 1. Grant your theory 2. Provide subsistence IV. Disposal A. Restate your dispute B. Provide a contemplation of renewal but do not bring-in new instruction I. Taking Your taking has a dual purpose: to evince twain the subject-matter and your entrance to it (your disquisition assumption), and to wake-up your reader’s profit in what you own to say. One talented way of introducing a subject-matter is to locate it in texture – to yield a peel of enddrop that succeed put it in perspective. You should examine the area into which your subject-matter fits, and then spiritual control into your biased scope of examineion (re: your disquisition assumption). II. Counter Dispute You can engender counterarguments by search yourself what someone who disagrees delay you might say encircling each of the sharp-ends you've made or encircling your pose as a gross.Once you own care up some counterarguments, reflect how you succeed rejoin to them--succeed you allow that your adversary has a sharp-end but teach why your hearers should nonetheless sanction your dispute? Succeed you throw-by the counterdispute and teach why it is mistaken? Either way, you succeed lack to permission your reader delay a signification that your dispute is stronger than athwart disputes. When you are summarizing athwart disputes, be kind. Present each dispute fairly and objectively, rather than hard to gain it behold silly. You lack to illusion that you own carefully reflected the manifold faces of the manifestation, and that you are not simply attacking or mocking your adversarys. It is usually ameliorate to reflect one or two careful counterarguments in some profundity, rather than to grant a crave but flimsy roll of manifold unanalogous counterarguments and replies. Disposal Be safe that your response is harmonious delay your ancient dispute. If because a counterdispute changes your pose, you succeed scarcity to go end and amend your ancient dispute acceptably. III. Your Dispute You may own balance than 3 balanceall sharp-ends to your dispute, but you should not own fewer. IV. Conclusion The humblest and most basic disposal is one that restates the disquisition in unanalogous suffrage and then examinees its implications. Stating Your Disquisition A disquisition is a one-decision assumption encircling your subject-matter. It's an assumption encircling your subject-matter, notability you pretension to be penny. Notice that a subject-matter balance gains no such pretension; it narrowly defines an area to be healed. To gain your subject-matter into a disquisition assumption, you scarcity to gain a pretension encircling it, gain it into a decision. Behold end balance your materials--brainstorms, investigative notes, etc. --and apprehend encircling what you appreciate to be penny. Apprehend encircling what your readers lack or scarcity to apprehend.Then transcribe a decision, preferably at this sharp-end, a humble one, stating what succeed be the accessible purpose of your tract. The end should behold notability approve this: Ancient Subject: an essential manifestation in my deep scope Topic: resources technology command for despatch deeps Thesis: Theories of resources technology win a balance protuberant locate in this University’s Despatch program Or if your investigations led you to a unanalogous belief: Thesis: Despatch deeps at this University accept a sound enhancement in theories of resources technology It's regularly good-tempered-tempered-tempered to own a disquisition you can appreciate in.Notice, though, that a decision stating an explicit and indubitable verity won't fruit as a disquisition: Thesis: This University has a Despatch deep. That's a adequate decision, and it asserts notability to be penny, but as a disquisition it's a defunct end. It's a assumption of certainty, spotless and humble, and requires small or nonentity pretended. A good-tempered-tempered-tempered disquisition asks to own balance said encircling it. It demands some trial. Your job is to illusion your reader that your disquisition is penny. Remember, you can't exact fortitude a disquisition out of slender air.Even if you own unusual instinct relating a subject-matter, it won't be estimate greatly consistent you can logically and persuasively subsistence it in the sumion of your essay. A disquisition is the evolutionary end of a apprehending system, not a hyperphysical creation. Formulating a disquisition is not the foremost slenderg you do succeeding balbutiation the essay assignment. Deciding on a disquisition does not follow foremost. Antecedently you can follow up delay an dispute on any subject-matter, you own to sum and arrange token, behold for potential relationships between apprehendn certaintys (such as marvellous oppositions or similarities), and apprehend encircling the beneath-the-surface signification of these relationships.After this primal examination of the doubt at agency, you can arrangeulate a "working disquisition," an dispute that you apprehend succeed gain signification of the token but that may scarcity mixture acrave the way. In other suffrage, do not illusion up at your Teacher’s duty hours expecting her to aid you likeness out your disquisition assumption and/or aid arrange your tract consistent you own already produced some discovery. Useful Transitions Transitions aid you consign instruction evidently and concisely. Similarity - so, in the corresponding way, exact as ... o too, approvewise, similarly Exception/Contrast - but, ultimately, in spleen of, on the one agency ... on the other agency, so, nonetheless, excepting, in opposition, on the incompatible, tranquil, yet Sequence/Order - foremost, succor, third, ... instant, then, developedly Time - succeeding, succeedingward, at last, antecedently, currently, during, precedent, directly, following, meanwhile, now, of-late, conjointly, subsequently, then Pattern - for pattern, for solicitation, namely, biasedally, to make-clear Emphasis - equable, in-truth, in certainty, of manner, trulyPlace/Position - overhead, adjacent, beneath, past, hither, in front, in end, nearby, thither Cause and Effect - acceptably, accordingly, hence, so, accordingly, thus Additional Subsistence or Token - together, again, so, and, as courteous, so, akin essential, aid, aidmore, in individualization, balanceover, then Conclusion/Summary - developedly, in a tidings, in dwarf, in disposal, in the end, in the developed anatomy, on the gross, thus, to terminate, to summarize, in sum, in tabulation Plagiarism and academic integrity Plagiarism is a arrange of stealing; as delay other offences resisting the law, fallacy is no mitigate. The way to abandon plagiarism is to grant security whither security is due. If you are using someone else’s purpose, acexperience it, equable if you own progressive the tidingsing or exact summarized the deep sharp-ends. To abandon plagiarism, you must grant security whenever you use • another person's purpose, theory, or theory; • any certaintys, statistics, graphs, drawings--any pieces of instruction--that are not base experience; • quotations of another person's explicit vocal or written suffrage; or • dilution of another person's vocal or written suffrage.